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Chuck Philips Post: Short Version

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The short version of the Chuck Philips post below.

  • Chuck Philips learns facts that contradict convicted murderer’s alibi.
  • Philips then writes front-page story that omits those facts, and makes the alibi sound solid.
  • Now a judge rejects the convict’s alibi, based on the facts Philips had omitted.

By the way, the new L.A. Times story reporting these facts? Yeah, it’s not on the front page.

Now go read my post. It’s only 687 words — less than a standard op-ed. You can handle this one.

2 Responses to “Chuck Philips Post: Short Version”

  1. If Philips had told readers in the first couple of paragraphs that Anderson was an admitted drug dealer, that would have given readers a more balanced view of the merits of his claim of innocence.

    I have to believe the editor simply did not care about the the truth. He was willing to go along with Phillips’ incredible “innocent man” theory only because it fits the liberal narrative. What a great twist that Big Bwana White Journalist Hero turns out to be a (completely willing) dupe–and Anderson knew it all along.

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  2. Philips puts the “PU” in Pulitzer.

    DCSCA (d8da01)

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