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Man sues for libel after being labeled a douchebag

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Justin Levine @ 4:24 pm

[by Justin Levine]

The creator of one of my all-time favorite web sites has been sued for libel. [No nudity, but sorta-kinda-maybe not safe-ish for work if you have an uptight work environment. PG-13 stuff.]

Details here.

PDF copy of the lawsuit complaint here.

The book in question sold here.

– Justin Levine

2 Responses to “Man sues for libel after being labeled a douchebag”

  1. […] without proper consent, and that he is not, in fact, a you-know-what. (Courthouse News, Nov. 18 via Justin Levine, Patterico; The Smoking Gun). Earlier here (different suit) and, relatedly, here. More: On Point News […]

    “Man sues for libel after being called a D-bag” (1562ea)

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