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Political Family Matters

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[Guest post by DRJ]

There was family news from both campaigns today.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham died today in Hawaii of complications from cancer. She was 86. There’s no good time for a death but the day before the election seems especially poignant. I’m glad Obama was able to visit her last week and that her mental health was such that they could have a meaningful visit. My condolences to Barack Obama and his sister.

On the GOP side, the McCain-Palin campaign released a statement from Sarah Palin’s personal family physician who confirmed that she is in “very good health” and is the mother of 5 children, including Trig born last Spring.

Life and death trump politics, even the day before an election. Please remember that if you decide to comment.


23 Responses to “Political Family Matters”

  1. I believe she was a great woman. [****]

    Alta Bob (408027)

  2. DRJ – When reached for comment, Andrew Sullivan muttered about eskimos, Tazers, and unfit mothers.

    JD (5b4781)

  3. Sad thing about Obama is, as complicated as his whole family has been, all of his parents, step-parents, guardians, grandparents, elders etc. are now dead. He’s quite young to find himself in that situation.

    W still has both parents living, heck even McCain’s mother is still living, just to put that in perspective.

    Not that this is an either/or or here/there observation, just commenting. Losing the grandmother who seems to have been the one single person most responsible for raising him would be especially hard but understanding she was the last of those who did in fact raise him must be like a sledgehammer blow to Obama.

    Aplomb (b6fba6)

  4. I am sure that there are many areas of her child-rearing re her daughter that would be an endless source of anthropological study.

    Another Drew (7e15a8)

  5. The jokes are about Obama, not his grandmother. It is difficult to understand how a woman who worked as a bank vice president for so many years didn’t have a more moderating force on his politics.

    I mean no disrespect toward her.

    Alta Bob (408027)

  6. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. On this thread, I will delete and/or edit material that in my judgment is not appropriate. I don’t think anyone thinks ill of the candidates’ families but let’s save the jokes for another thread.

    DRJ (cb68f2)

  7. It is sad that Obama’s grandmother died today.

    Should we imagine she would have been more proud of him than McCain’s mother will be of her boy?
    McCain was a scamp. He was lost to her for 5 years. He came home with broken bones and a rickety body, and she had a husband that presided over the military bombing her son’s captors, and who developed and alcoholism problem. Imagine her pride if her boy wins.

    How about Sarah Palin’s parents, who were teachers and never dreamed of such a thing for the daughter they raised? They’ve seen her challenged with an early pregnancy, a difficult pregnancy, and her daughter’s pregnancy. They’ve seen their son in law work hard to build a home for his family.

    Would they not be thrilled to see their children be President? Obama lost his grandmother, but they do all have families that love them and very much want them to succeed.

    MayBee (37070f)

  8. When you see the guy on TV everyday for a year or so you get a feel for the inner workings of the man.
    In the last campaign stop (Virginia I believe) Obama looked affected. His face wore the countenance disjointed from his words.
    It reminded me of the before and after pictures of past presidents, where they show how the burden of office prematurely ages the man.

    Obama looks older then he did last week.

    papertiger (6b3828)

  9. “Life and death trump politics,” blah, blah, blah.

    That’s a trite statement, and it’s false. Politics these days involves matters such as the fact that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and what we should do about it, which is a matter of life and death on grand scale.

    Brian (b4ed74)

  10. Yeah, Obama is a good man. Lots of good men attend a racist church for twenty years.

    Mike Jackson (a7da41)

  11. Thanks, Brian, for bringing the POS point of view to the argument.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  12. Whoops, lets not forget the child molester. Why can’t you just sing a bar of ‘Dirty Diana’ then ‘Beat it’?

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  13. One more… and Brian, your comment suggests that you think this neo-con foreign policy experiment enacted by our Fuhrer has been a success. I heartily disagree.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  14. As I said on another thread: Sad for Him, but not for me. Most people would agree that when a relative dies, it is always far too soon.

    My mother died young. My maternal grandfather died young. My paternal grandparents both died young. Life sucks. End of story.

    I never met the woman. She was important to Obama and his family. But that is where the concern ends. I do not mourn Obama’s loss, and I do not celebrate it. I am indifferent. As I said: Sad for Him.

    I feel nothing.

    Dr. K (f196bc)

  15. Dr. K: “I feel nothing.”


    Well, happy voting everyone, however it ends up. Make sure you vote!

    Aplomb (b6fba6)

  16. Thanks, Brian, for bringing the POS point of view to the argument.

    …said the commenter who previously has called the entire readership here “homoerotic assclowns.” Not exactly a sterling example of one who sees fit to call others on their morality.

    Dmac (e30284)

  17. Do as I say, not as I do!

    Another Drew (184a22)

  18. Dmac. If you’re going to quote me get it right… otherwise you’re no better than Hannity. I said homoerotic clowns.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  19. tmj – No need for you to confirm what we already know to be true about you.

    JD (5b4781)

  20. I’m the one who calls you guys assclowns. As evidenced by the behavior on this thread.

    But I guess we should be glad TNJ that at least these guys aren’t calling her death suspicious and demanding an autopsy, like their retarded inbred cousins on Free Republic.

    Peter (e70d1c)

  21. Junior Detective- I was just about ready to promote you to Assistant Detective, but I guess you’re going to have to wait another election cycle or two for that distinction. I have no idea what you are talking about with that last post. Stunningly stupid…. were you actually justifying a misrepresentation of what I said?

    Peter. Yes I guess I should be looking on the positive side of things. Plus, I think we’re looking pretty good so far today. :-)

    truthnjustice (d99227)

  22. tnj – We know you are a mendoucheous twatwaffle. We do not need you to continually prove it.

    I said homoerotic clowns.

    That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo substantially different than what AD wrote. And so much less offensive. Now, STFU. Run along and frolic with Peter. I see you found a kindred spirit.

    JD (5b4781)

  23. Aww, that is cute…. someone found a dictionary. Kids are so adorable.

    It isn’t substantially different, but it is incorrect. I guess careful attention to detail isn’t something that is coveted around here.

    truthnjustice (d99227)

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