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Early Voting Trends Not Looking Good for McCain

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I say this not to demoralize you, but hopefully to inspire you to action.

Things are not looking good for McCain.

Debate has flowed back and forth about whether the polls are trustworthy. Some say Big Media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) are pushing the theory that it’s all a done deal, as part of a strategy to demoralize conservatives and suppress turnout.

But I say: don’t look at the polls. Look at the voting.

People are already voting across the country, and early indications are that turnout is tremendously high for Democrats:

Democrats are voting early in greater numbers than their Republican counterparts in several closely contested states, reversing a pattern that favored the GOP in past elections.

The trend is evident in Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico, state and county figures show. In Georgia, blacks are voting in greater numbers than they did in 2004.

You can keep up with statistics on the early vote here. This is all consistent with earlier reports of huge voter registration among Democrats. Also, Obama has been setting fund-raising records, and the same people who donated are working to get out the vote.

Don’t blame me for injecting a shot of realism here. You can’t fight the disease until you’ve diagnosed it, and you don’t know how hard to fight until you’ve been told how bad it is.

So now you know: it’s bad. We’re going to have to fight really, really hard.

160 Responses to “Early Voting Trends Not Looking Good for McCain”

  1. Exit polls, schmexit polls. You remember when Kerry was elected in the exit polls, right?

    That said, by all means vote, and get out the vote and educate everyone you meet. Just two short weeks folks, and at least 2 SCOTUS appointments are riding on this. This couldn’t be more important.

    Pablo (99243e)

  2. The early voting is part of their machine strategy and the question is whether the total vote is higher. If they can discourage Republican turnout, the strategy will be successful. Remember, the reason for registration fraud is the absentee ballot.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  3. I guess Ace’s “insurgency” isn’t working afterall.

    Winger (b8c7e2)

  4. Just how much of the Democrat vote is provisional ballots from fraudulent registrations?

    PCD (7fe637)

  5. Respectfully, you’re making the same assumption as the media I’ve seen who’ve been reporting these results, which is that people who are registered as Democrats and Republicans are necessarily voting in conformity with that registration at least for the top of the ticket.

    PUMAs, for example, are still going to be registered as Democrats. They may well have turned out early to vote for JOHN McCAIN and against Barack Obama.

    At a minimum, you need to note that these are guesses based on pre-existing party registrations that may or may not correspond to how people are actually voting. We won’t know how they actually voted, of course, until after the polls close on election day.

    Beldar (415068)

  6. This isn’t based on exit polling. It’s much LESS ACCURATE than that.

    Beldar (415068)

  7. From your USA Today source (mid-way down, emphasis mine):

    Election records in many states show whether voters are affiliated with a political party or are independent. States that must comply with the federal Voting Rights Act, such as Georgia and North Carolina, also show racial breakdowns. No votes will be counted until Nov. 4.

    Other media are reporting these numbers without even that explanation, e.g., ABC News’ Political Radar blog, which reports this exactly as if the actual votes have been counted: Democrats Lead in Early Battleground Voting.

    Gee, wonder if they’re trying to discourage people?

    Wonder how many people they’ll fool? Fewer, I hope, if responsible commentators point this out.

    Beldar (415068)

  8. Yes, pablo, early voting = exit polls. Hint: the numbers are coming from the local election boards reporting on the party affiliations of people who have showed up…this isn’t a poll, it’s a statistic. You are, as always, on top of it.

    Gonna be a short night for you folks on November 4. But, that’s cool, you’ll apparently need the rest to spend the next two years talking about how the election was stolen and somehow Obama still won 300+ electoral votes.

    You guys keep at it and this can be the start of a new Clinton Chronicles and black helicopters sort of thing. That stuff was hysterical. Can I request a re-birth of the militia movement? Those fat guys running around the woods! Classic comedy. Pablo, you could start one in the Boston area! Then, the ladies would have another reason to refer to you as a Minuteman!

    timb (a83d56)

  9. Hey, Beldar, the latest polling shows Dems and Reps will voting 85 to 15 for their party’s nominee. If you think, there are millions of PUMA’s clogging early voting, then maybe there are millions of Barr voters too?

    I do like your spin, however. It’s creative and I like creativity

    timb (a83d56)

  10. The election is all but over already…. or so the MSM would like evereyone to believe. The problem is, they forgot to ask the American People! I won’t believe any pre-election polls, or “exit polling” because remember last time around, 2004, John Kerry was the winner right??? At least according to exit polling right??? Hoepfully this MSM BS will backfire and more Dems will figure that Obama has it wrapped up so there is no need for them to vote. The Mainstream Media is Dead, long live the blogosphere!

    J. Raymond Wright (d83ab3)

  11. I like creativity

    Comment by timb — 10/23/2008 @ 7:36 am

    Your posting indicates otherwise.

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  12. Perhaps it’s time to unseal the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape that you guys have been pretending to have for several months now.

    Winger (b8c7e2)

  13. If it’s predominantly Democrats who are voting early and Democrat — and, hopefully, once– then can one infer that there will be proportionately more Republicans voting Republican on Election Day?

    They volley first, we volley next…furious

    furious (56af6d)

  14. What’s Sarah Palin’s secret?

    Is it the $150,000 Neiman-Marcus wardrobe?

    Just regular mavericks, folks!

    Winger (b8c7e2)

  15. This isn’t based on exit polling. It’s much LESS ACCURATE than that.

    True. This is pure conjecture.

    Timmah!, one thing is for sure. On November 5th, you’ll still be an idiot battling strawmen. Enjoy.

    Pablo (99243e)

  16. Perhaps it’s time to unseal the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape that you guys have been pretending to have for several months now.

    You must be lost, Winger. You’re looking for the blog belonging to one Larry Johnson (D-Looneyville). Click here, but not here, genius.

    Pablo (99243e)

  17. timb, I tried to vote early yesterday in Houston. There was an hour-long line on the third day of early voting in this reddest of red states. Some very substantial number of those folks were, I’ll wager, Republicans who voted this year in the Democratic Primary to cast votes for Hillary. They’ll show up in these reports as Democratic votes because of that. That’s not just one mark in the Democratic column that ought not be there, it’s one fewer mark in the Republican column that should be (and ultimately will be) there. In a state the size of Texas, could that turn out to be a million? Naw, probably not. Several hundred thousand, and more than enough to skew the impressions one would get from these early voting reports? Oh yeah, easy. But if you’d like to place a bet on who gets Texas’ electoral votes this year, drop me a line and we’ll find an independent stakeholder to hold the cash, mm-kay?

    Beldar (415068)

  18. Beldar,

    It’s true that they aren’t counting votes, but I don’t believe a significant percentage of people registered to vote Democrat but voted for McCain.

    Patterico (8a29bf)

  19. Texas is hardly the “reddest of red states” Beldar.

    That “honor” goes to Utah.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  20. Timmah!, one thing is for sure. On November 5th, you’ll still be an idiot battling strawmen

    And, you’ll still be ugly and wrong.

    Don’t you have a youtube controversy to solve?

    timb (a83d56)

  21. Tim B…..

    Always toilet paper on your shoe. You’re an embarrassment. And smug, even for a loon.

    If you’ve shared the elements of your true personality here, your friends must consider you a total burden.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  22. Beldar’s point is this…you can believe whatever you want. Just don’t present those beliefs as unassailable truth when you don’t know.

    Corvan (3ace58)

  23. I see the stalker has returned.

    JD (6248dc)

  24. The people who are voting don’t care about Ayers, Wright, foreign policy weakness, lack of experience, etc. They WANT free health care, from what I gather, and that’s it. Anything else is a Republican lie or irrelevant.


    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  25. Is it the $150,000 Neiman-Marcus wardrobe?

    That’s roughly the amount Joe Biden spent, adjusted for inflation, on his hair plugs. And he’s not going to auction them off nor give them to charity after the election.

    Official Internet Data Office (e53e3b)

  26. Bald people are socialists now, OIDO.

    Maybe the Republicans are losing so badly is they’ve made so many enemies over the past 8 years?

    No way to fix that in 11 days(and counting, fast).

    snuffles (677ec2)

  27. And, you’ll still be ugly and wrong.

    Well it looks like we lost The Eloquent One.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  28. Is sniffles alphie?

    JD (6248dc)

  29. There is no doubt that Texas is a bell-weather for this cycle….

    I should interpret the results of Georgia’s early voting, ohio’s, Indiana’s, Florida’s, etc through the peculiar lens of the “reddest of red states” and the millions of PUMA’s running to vote for McCain.

    Although, I can applaud the moving of the goalposts, Beldar. Another example of the creative process at work!

    timb (a83d56)

  30. And, you’ll still be ugly and wrong.

    Maybe tim b. was a speechwriter at one time. Sheer brilliance there.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  31. One thing I do like about Obama is, when there’s a problem he disappears. Maybe a beach house in Hawaii or off to a sick relative. It’s reassuring that the press can handle things while he’s gone.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  32. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! This election isn’t over until Chief Justice John Roberts says it’s over!

    Official Internet Data Office (e53e3b)

  33. Obama’s post-election plans may include a screaming Michelle and a team of high-priced attorneys. Half the country doesn’t know yet. The other half has never read a book.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  34. I tried to take my daughter to see Baracky speak here in Indy this morning. By 8:00 traffic was horrible, and we would have had to stand in Greenwood.

    JD (6248dc)

  35. Vermont, are you and JD twins? All one gets from your quarter are petty attempts at insults and inane humor. If you have something to add to the thread besides ad hominems and pithy observations about the character of other posters, then I’d love to see it.

    What, pray tell, Vermont, as a careful observer of politics, do you think of early voting (see: that’s the topic of the thread).

    If Patterico does one about how you dislike me, then you can make your “witticisms” there, otherwise, try to be topical. We already have one guy whose sole joy in life is to call people liars and other names. That role is taken.

    timb (a83d56)

  36. ^ He said he wants to talk about family right now. (No Biden questions.) And don’t get too close, anyone. He is The Messiah.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  37. timb #9 likes creativity.
    Hence, his support for Obama is perfectly logical.
    Never in U.S. history has a more creative deception been performed by a presidential candidate.

    bob (919e95)

  38. Thanks for the advice but you write like a fool.

    And, you’ll still be ugly and wrong.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  39. C’mon, you don’t need to rally. Just let it go.

    It’s like freezing to death. At first it’s biting, but then you almost feel warm and comfortable and you just go to sleep. A

    Doesn’t sleep sound nice right now?

    alchemist (a849bd)

  40. Early voting….
    I’m agin’ it.
    If you want to vote early, vote absentee (and we really need to think about tightening-up the standards here too).
    Otherwise, show up on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November like everyone else…
    Or stay home.

    and another thing…

    Participating, in any way, in voter fraud should be a Federal felony, five-years, $500K, mandatory.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  41. Your last chance to change minds is now. Go get out the vote. Call a friend. Donate to a local chapter in a swing state. Whatever it takes, make a difference!

    Then come back and tell us stories of how much of your life and money you wasted on a loser so I can get a good hearty laugh out of it.

    i like america (d2f951)

  42. Democrats are only following the chosen one’s Socialist doctrine, vote early and vote often. What democrat controlled city will be first to have more votes for Hussein than they have citizens?

    Scrapiron (d4a22f)

  43. Theres a terrific story here that talks about how even though there is an increase, it is only amounting to about a one point lead for Obama:

    Nancy (fc83d1)

  44. De Toqueville wrote that “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    I think that day may be coming soon.

    And for the socialists here:

    “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude. “

    Mike K (2cf494)

  45. This article reminds me of Operation Chaos!

    When republicans registered democrat to vote for Hillary. This was done to prolong the Dem’s primary season and plant the seeds for PUMA.

    My theory is that lots of people switched from Repub to Dem to keep Hillary in the battle. When the battle was over the Repubs didnt switch back. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that most of those who didn’t switch back are still registered Dem today. And it could be those who are voting today. But as someone pointed out here, just because Dems have high turnout today, doesn’t mean it is an automatic vote for The One.

    While it is nice to see Dems out early, if anyone is like me and don’t trust the early voting process and rather watch your ballot get scanned with your own eyes, don’t fret.

    Rndguy (3b8223)

  46. “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    That point will be reached when less than 50% of the population actually pays taxes.

    JD (6248dc)

  47. Early voting is for those who have to work on the “regular” voting day, and in elections like this one where there are going to be record numbers of people voting, it will cut down on the time required to wait in line.

    In Houston the early voting lines are long, but from what I observed, the younger masses are patient and quite willing to let the blue-haired grandmas and their scant-haired husbands (most likely Rabid Republicans or Dogmatic Democrats) go to the head of the line. Whichever way they are voting, at least they are voting

    NellyB (5107d2)

  48. Thanks for the advice but you write like a fool.

    And, you’ll still be ugly and wrong.

    Sigh. I tried.

    In essence, Vermont, you are the Republican party this year:

    Dems: Hey, Republican guy, the economy’s falling apart. here’s what I would do. What do you think?

    Rep: Unrepentant TERRORIST!

    Dems: I think Pakistan is collapsing. Here’s my ten point plan

    Rep: Socialist!!

    Dems: The gap between the rich and the poor is the highest since 1928!

    Rep: Bill Ayers!!!!!

    Dems: business leaders and polls say something must be done about health insurance….I think everyone should have health insurance. What to do you think?

    Rep: Reverend Wright, elitist, Muslim, arrogant, arugula, ACORN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vermont neighbor = the Republican party = clueless

    The good news is that you have 4 years in the wilderness to re-shape the message: Good luck with Palin/Petraeus ’12!

    timb (a83d56)

  49. Actually, timmah, Republicans do have substantive answers to all those issues. That you refuse to pay any attention to them says more about you than it does about the Republican party.

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  50. Comment by NellyB — 10/23/2008 @ 10:03 am

    I (as an Italian-American) would be happy to give up Columbus Day as an annual, Federal, holiday to have Election Day as a Mandatory holiday, every-other year.
    That would obviate the need for early-voting.
    Plus, it’s a specious argument anyway, since the polls are open at least 12-hours in all states IIRC.
    And, would you really want to work for an employer who wouldn’t let you out early, or come in late, for voting?

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  51. I didn’t know one vote was they think we are dumb or what????????///

    Sarah B (53c3d6)

  52. Take a look at these articles:

    Kerry Takes Commanding Lead in Early Voting

    In Iowa, Kerry Leads in Early Voting

    This is par for the course. The media, of course, tries to use this as part of their campaign to “psych out” and depress Republican voters.

    Best wishes,

    Laura (1a2145)

  53. I am quite certain that the ACORN registrations will play no role whatsoever in this election.

    JD (6248dc)

  54. Comment by JD — 10/23/2008 @ 10:44 am

    Either excessive-optimism, or extreme-sarcasm!

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  55. Good one, timb

    i like america (d2f951)

  56. Both, AD. The media will not cover it, unless forced to. Hell, the Left is worried about 1 guy in California more than a systemic national effort to corrupt the system. If Baracky wins by a wide margin, the media will write it off as not possibly a factor. If it is close, they will just ignore it. If McCain wins, they will have no need to examine the actions of their side.

    JD (6248dc)

  57. Is someone sock-puppetting again?

    JD (6248dc)

  58. I didn’t know one vote was they think we are dumb or what????????///

    Yes, they do

    Horatio (783c7d)

  59. I am a Republican and I don’t see any point in voting early. The people who are voting early are probably one’s who are being encouraged by a campaign to vote early. So if the O’Bama campaign is pushing early voting and the McCain campaign is not, one would expect the results to be one-sided.

    PaulD (6fabca)

  60. timb is apparently not Tim Blair

    m (4afcc2)

  61. With the reports of ACORN and bogus registrations, the bus of 30 Hipsanics with no ID in Davidson county TN showing up for early voting, with the new reports of intential receipts of campaign contribitutions in excess of the $2,300 limit (see powerline blog post of 10/23/2008, and politics consistent with the politics of a certain city, my bet is that all the US attorneys will be terminated no later than Feb 1, 2009.

    Joe - Dallas (5e0a70)

  62. Joe, you’re off by about ten days.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  63. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Now just lay down and sleep. It will be alright in the morning. Obama for President. How do you like the sound of that? Nothing conceivable is impossible.

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  64. It’s really 11 days, Joe and Another Drew. That will be his second order of business, after nominating Bernadine Dohrn to the Supreme Court.

    bob (919e95)

  65. Nothing conceivable is impossible.


    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  66. Between ACORN registrations and illegal contributions it will be an uphill fight. I agree.

    We laughed at those 200,000 Germans cheering Obama last summer. Little did we know they’d be sending millions of dollars to him. The joke is on us.

    Mike K (f89cb3)

  67. My wife and I are both registered D in Florida and we’ve already pulled the lever for McCain. There are lots of us out there, too.

    Henry Grady (7f1b3f)

  68. Comment by love2008 — 10/23/2008 @ 11:33 am

    Found a suitable donor for a brain-transplant yet?
    I would doubt that they could find anyone with that level of stupidity.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  69. Poor Republicans. Things are not going your way. Despite all efforts. Now Obama is going to take a break to go see his ailing grandmother. Let’s hope John McCain can turn things around before Obama returns. Yes. Let him say Obama is trying to shift the attention away from the economy to fix it on his sick grandma! Yes, that will be a big scandal. “Obama puts family first. While McCain puts country first. Who do you want as President? One who runs home to see grandma during tough times or one who sticks around to fight for you.” That will be a great line. It will turn the polls around because Americans will finally see Obama for who he really is. A familist!

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  70. Comment by Another Drew — 10/23/2008 @ 11:54 am
    Good afternoon sir. Glad to meet you again, sir.

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  71. Nothing conceivable is impossible.


    Comment by Rob Crawford — 10/23/2008 @ 11:45 am
    Come on Rob. You do believe in the power of positive thinking and faith, don’t you?

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  72. Come on Rob. You do believe in the power of positive thinking and faith, don’t you?

    There are many conceivable things which are flatly impossible. Those of us who live in the real world (as opposed to the “reality-based community”, which does not) know that.

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  73. Rob and love, once you ‘conceive’ something you can just stab scissors in its head till it stops wiggling on the shelf. That’s what Obama voted for. And that’s the type of governance we might enjoy for a brief period of time, potentially America’s darkest journey. (Did we remind you, whatever you do today: do not. mention. Joe. Biden.)

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  74. Beldar, Patterico: one of you lives in Texas, the other in California. Neither is particularly useful as a bellweather for the states that are in play.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  75. If the rule of Bill Clinton is a guide, Obama’s presidency will be a new golden age for America after 8 very dark years.

    At least, that’s how a large majority of Americans see it.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  76. Things To Do Today:

    _ Do not mention Joe Biden.
    _ Or ‘Spread The Wealth.’
    _ Pick up arugula.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  77. Between ACORN registrations and illegal contributions it will be an uphill fight.

    We laughed at those 200,000 Germans cheering Obama last summer. Little did we know they’d be sending millions of dollars to him. The joke is on us.

    This is sad and depressing and a likely scenario. A stolen American election, paid for by foreigners bent on weakening our country. With a stellar cast of Dopes & Dupes heading the Dem ballot. Mike may be right. (This blog needs to start an I-told-you-so category. Just in case.)

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  78. Get ready for the best of times yet. Americans will prosper under the leadership of Obama. You need to be a chronic cynic not to see that. But, of course you are!

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  79. Can’t wait for the mob to break out into a rousing version of
    Happy Days Are Here Again“.

    Need to look for a good corner to sell pencils at.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  80. Americans will prosper

    Wow. That’s convincing. Well, almost. Chicago’s schools didn’t prosper under Obama’s managerial touch.

    How can Obama do that? Does Obama know? (Can you tell him to tell us?) Do you even know? Please explain.

    Obamarx ’08

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  81. Duh, Vermont Neighbor, it’s obvious — the press will tell us it’s a new golden age!

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  82. The MSM-idiots are already, we’ll see if it works. Otherwise, yeah. I’m all tingly. Tingly, I tell ya.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  83. Well, right wing bloggers were saying America’s economy was booming just a few months ago:

    Here’s Beldar:

    Did anyone believe them?

    snuffles (677ec2)

  84. Well, right wing bloggers were saying America’s economy was booming just a few months ago:

    Here’s Beldar:

    Did anyone believe them?

    Comment by snuffles — 10/23/2008 @ 1:09 pm

    Two guesses:

    1. You didn’t read the link.

    2. You didn’t understand it.

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  85. Seriously. The tentacles of Socialism are all we know about this guy (and that’s enough). People voting for a talking puppet.. Mr. Kool with a cigarette.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  86. Comment by love2008 @ 12:49 pm

    “Americans will prosper”

    How? Still waiting for an answer. You don’t even know. Conservatives and Indies know what’s around the corner with this cretin and his fake columns…

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  87. How? Still waiting for an answer. You don’t even know. Conservatives and Indies know what’s around the corner with this cretin and his fake columns…

    Comment by Vermont Neighbor — 10/23/2008 @ 1:18 pm

    Maybe he/she meant “live long and prosper.”

    It’s a Vulcan thing.

    You just wouldn’t understand.

    CW Desiato (614aa7)

  88. One who runs home to see grandma during tough times or one who sticks around to fight for you.

    The Bobo, not being of sound mind nor anything else of measurable cognitive function, can only mouth the platitudes it heard from the mommies at the local daycare center, where The Bobo is currently esconsed. But when the volume of toddler sweat overwhelms it’s rubberized core, The Bobo becomes even more coherent and unsteady.

    Dmac (e30284)

  89. Maybe he/she meant “live long and prosper.”

    For further clarification, since ^The Bobo is an inert object composed of rubberized Vulcan, the correct classification is “it.”

    Dmac (e30284)

  90. I understand just fine, C.W.

    As the Titanic that was the American economy was going down, right wing bloggers disparately tried to convince us that right wing economic policies were working just fine.

    When it was obvious nobody believed them, they tried to blame their mess on the Democrats…which again, nobody but the True Believers are buying.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  91. Maybe he/she meant “live long and prosper.”

    Regarding healthcare. If Barry and George (Soros, not Clooney) turn our doctors offices into a version of the DMV, I don’t think any of us will live longer. The rest of his sham, of course, is smoke and mirrors. Vulcans I don’t know… dat true.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  92. I understand just fine, C.W.

    As far as comprehending both other poster’s and your own links, not so much.

    Dmac (e30284)

  93. Look snuffles. There are something like 40% Independent voters now. It’s more about keeping Socialism out with this con job from Chicago. Some issues, we lean left of center. Others, right. You’ll find hundreds of blogs and debates arguing about Bush, both his failures and accomplishments (even right here).

    Outside of the blonde Dem pundit who just wrote a piece about the Biden-Palin media bias, there’s just no one calling Obama out on the bullsh*t. I happened to catch a GMA profile on the 2 candidates and nearly laughed in Diane Sawyer’s pixeled face. Just the writing, editing and omissions were so obscene, it was like watching hardcore propaganda. I presume the morning news shows are living up to this style, which seems to be their general political presentation. (Barack = white knight / McCain = black sheep). Unreal.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  94. The story of the illegal contributions to Obama is getting more coverage on blogs but nothing in the MSM that I see. Amazing. Ace has good links. They may be stealing the election as we watch and can do nothing about it.

    Mike K (531ff4)

  95. Comment by Mike K — 10/23/2008 @ 1:52 pm

    When it comes to hard news, the MSM is a trailing indicator.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  96. Well, since some Hopenchange scum just attacked a 20-yr old McCain worker back east, I guess we’re going to see all the real love behind U N I T Y. They carved a B in her face. Guess Barry’s running short on cash for billboards.

    The dirtiest campaign of our lifetime. God Damn Obama.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  97. Who do you think would win in a “Perfect Knowledge” election, Vermont.

    Every single voter knows the truth about everything concerning Obama and McCain.

    Odds are, Obama would win in an even bigger landslide than he’s going to win in 11 days.

    snuffles (677ec2)

  98. Hey I cant help it if you guys are cynics.
    Hoo-yah! Great days are just around the corner. America is back, folks! Mind you. You represent a dwindling number of losing, angry and rabid Bush supporters. Your breed is fast going into extinction. Now breath in and say with me: President Barack Obama! Let the world be ready: the United States of America is back!

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  99. ^ Hon, you don’t speak for me. You just don’t get it.

    Your projections and propaganda have a home here, and for that you should be grateful. Not common … at all.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  100. Is Gramma Obama suffering a relapse of injuries inflicted when her grandson threw her under the bus? (“typical white person”)?

    Get well soon, Mrs. Dunham. Remember to keep your grandson between you and the curb.

    Apropos of nothing, how many of these early-voting Democrats are Republicans who registered (D) during ‘Operation Chaos’?

    furious (56af6d)

  101. Every single voter knows the truth about everything concerning Obama and McCain.

    No, what they no is what they have been told by the media.
    Exagerations and distortions about McCain/Palin.
    Glossing over, and obfuscating of complete blanks of time-line in the case of Obama.
    But, at least they’re being even-handed.
    They’re lying about both sides; Negative lies about McCain/Palin, Positive lies about Obama, and Ignoring Biden.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  102. Memory Hole Being Filled by CNN
    Sorry, I don’t know where to put this.
    There I was writing an email to a friend about CNN’s Drew Griffin’s sandbagging Sarah Palin about Byron York’s New Republic article.

    The original transcript of that event WAS here:

    However: CNN, while I was drafting that email, REPLACED the full transcript with mere excerpts, deleting Griffin’s sandbagging of Palin. Interesting REWRITING of history!! At least for now, you can still see the full transcript at

    Here is the relevant part:

    “CNN [Drew Griffin]: Yeah. Governor, you’ve been mocked in the press. The press has been pretty hard on you, the Democrats have been pretty hard on you, but also some conservatives have been pretty hard on you as well. The National Review had a story saying that, you know, I can’t tell if Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt or all of the above.
    “Palin: Who wrote that one?
    “CNN: That was in the National Review, I don’t, have the author.
    “Palin: I’d like to talk to that person.”

    By the way, here is what Byron York actually wrote:

    “Watching press coverage of the Republican candidate for vice president, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or — or, well, all of the above.”

    These were the FIRST words of the article! Pretty tough to have missed what York actually meant!

    Ira (28a423)

  103. “No, what they no know is what they have been told by the media.’

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  104. Your breed is fast going into extinction.

    More projection from The Bobo – since it cannot procreate, it must create a fantasy life for itself.

    Dmac (e30284)

  105. I’ve seen mold with a more vibrant life.

    Another Drew (b4e6e5)

  106. She’s sorta dumb in that we know the world wants Obama in, for all the reasons Joe Biden said. (Great press conference, by the way.)

    So it’s foreigners pouring money into the anti-American candidate. Not hard to imagine a President Obama at all. We do fear what the dollar can still buy. . . along with the yuan, the euro, the rial. . .

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  107. Your breed is fast going into extinction.

    Not if the Palin Family has anything to do with it.

    Judging from fertility trends among The One’s European base, I’d say it’s the Metrosexuals on the Endangered list.

    furious (56af6d)

  108. Don’t worry, snuffles and love – Dmac only has one response when people confuse him: “you’re projecting!!!”

    You’ll notice he says this a lot.

    i like america (d2f951)

  109. This thread has pretty much descended into oblivion…but I must put in my two cents. I have been a Republican poll watcher in the last two Presidential election cycles in Florida. There maybe some increase in turn out due to early voting but I am skeptical. What I have witnessed is that early voters were November 4th evening voters. Early voters get the election out of the way on a weekend so it does not impact their workday/family life. As I said, I witnessed this at the precinct level during Bush/Kerry and compared it to my previous experience as a Poll watcher with Bush/Gore (same precinct). After 12 noon the steady flow trickled out to near nothing. There were maybe 200 voters from 3 pm to 8 pm in my precinct. A precinct that was 95% african-american with ~8300 registered voters. The precinct had ~ 70% total turnout with ~ 1500 early voters. BTW..I just don’t see the lines at the early voting sites like Bush-Kerry. Right now I would say McCain carries Florida.

    Budahmon (f852b0)

  110. And so begins in earnest PHASE 2 of the Patterico plaint: VICTIMHOOD.

    Larry Reilly (d11f9a)

  111. You’ll notice he says this a lot.

    Particularly to sockpuppets. You’ve been outed, oh clever one.

    Dmac (e30284)

  112. Larry – Are you drunk yet?

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  113. Mawy, have you finished your new copy of Highlights for Children yet?

    Dmac (e30284)

  114. Comment by i like america — 10/23/2008 @ 3:10 pm
    I call him “Doofus”. He’s such an embarrassment to everyone in his family. Actually “bobo” is the name of his doll. He also abuses it late at night. Didn’t want to say this…..

    love2008 (1b037c)

  115. Comment by Vermont Neighbor — 10/23/2008 @ 1:57 pm
    God Damn Obama.</i>

    There you go again, VN. Cursing your next president. May God forgive your blasphemy. I would advise you see a shrink for about that anger and hate.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  116. Blasphemy only applies to God or something considered sacrosanct, but I assume that was your point. Do you really view Obama as sacred, love2008?

    DRJ (c953ab)

  117. Love. Our resident court jester and fun punching bag. Why not God Damn? God Damn America. God Damn a country I wasn’t proud of until my spouse was successful at greasing his way up the ladder. God Damn the earmarks he provided for my fat hospital raise!! God Damn my $6,000 earrings when, unlike the party of achievement, I tell supporters that greed is wrong and must be eradicated. Just God Damn. God Damn it all with these people and their double standards.

    I pity you for embracing it. They have nothing for you.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  118. It is okay to say God Damn America, the US KKK of American. It is blasphemous to say God Damn Obama.

    JD (6248dc)

  119. He also abuses it late at night. Didn’t want to say this…..

    The Bobo has a habit of making sexual comments when it becomes quite frustrated, which is another critical part of it’s mating ritual. Once again, The Bobo’s coming on to me.

    Dmac (e30284)

  120. Comment by DRJ — 10/23/2008 @ 4:49 pm

    We are not to curse authority. Romans 13:1-5. Blasphemy also applies to the king. But I meant it in a funny kind of way.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  121. It is wrong to say “God damn America!” It is neither just to say “God damn Obama or McCain..” Seeing either could become your leader. Instead say ” God save the President!” and “God save America!” Bless, curse ye not.

    love2008 (1b037c)

  122. Blasphemy also applies to the king. But I meant it in a funny kind of way.

    You must first establish that you have a sense of humor, and the ability to make a joke.

    JD (6248dc)

  123. love2008,

    I don’t want to make too much of a joke but I’m leery when people want God to take sides in a debate.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  124. The One
    The Messiah
    I am the one we have been waiting for.

    Some people are not at all leery about God taking sides, DRJ. In fact, their God is winning in the polls.

    JD (6248dc)

  125. Comment by JD — 10/23/2008 @ 5:23 pm
    I am the one we have been waiting for.
    Wrong JD. He did not say that. He said “We are the people we have been waiting for!” Stop with the distortions!

    love2008 (1b037c)

  126. My mistake. He refers to himself in the plural sense? Like he is the embodiment of the Holy Trinity?

    JD (6248dc)

  127. Is Tokyo Rose even an eligible US voter? We know Obama wants to legalize the 12 million illegals.
    How come we don’t allow the Germans, Fwench and other Euroweenies to vote in our elections? WE do allow those US citizens who are the product of generational welfare since the Great Society to vote and have not the Europeans gotten huge subsidies from the US taxpayer over the past 63 years? I mean, who paid for the Marshall Plan and all those intervening when Europe has been defended by American troops?

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  128. Correct yourself, JD. It shows humility.

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  129. I will do so about the time that you admit that myself and Stashiu are not racists.

    JD (6248dc)

  130. Comment by JD — 10/23/2008 @ 6:27 pm
    I have settled with Stashiu, JD. It’s on record. You know why? I don’t have trouble admitting when I know I am wrong. And you saying someone called you a racist is utterly laughable. Talk of kettle calling pot black! Now back to the issue, still waiting for that retraction.

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  131. AFter 8 years of Bush hatred, I almost can’t wait to see Obama in power, Mr. Cool Guy Smug Leftist, just so I can say for four years I TOLD YOU SO to my liberal friends and family.

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  132. Patricia – and when that doesn’t happen, you’ll change political parties?

    Ah nevermind .. you’ll behave just like you did with Clinton: cling to your vitriol while the rest of the country prospers. Have fun with that.

    PS: JD – the backbone store called, said your layaway payment is late

    i like america (d2f951)

  133. So true, Mike K, about de T’s prediction. Bribing=campaigning.

    Two biggest indicators of the demise of the true US:
    People think the media are unbiased, and people want the government to take care of them. Demand it, even.

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  134. #132…

    Only a liberal would have access to a backbone store. With layaway credit. Can you say Obama voter?

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  135. Americans will prosper under the leadership of Obama. You need to be a chronic cynic not to see that. But, of course you are!

    Comment by love2008 @ 12:49 pm


    Chicago’s schools did not do well under Barack Obama’s managerial touch. Please describe how Obama will bring prosperity. You have a fairly sizable audience here. Please tell undecideds (and inform McCainiacs) why America will prosper with the Soros plan. Looking cool with a microphone gets votes, not results. And PLEASE RESPOND this time. Otherwise you show you don’t really know, there are really no answers, and that your vote for Obama is for an entirely different reason.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  136. I am not obligated to say anything to a close-minded person like you. Nothing I say here will change your mind about Obama. If you really want to know about Obama’s plans to improve the economy, why don’t you ask him. Go to his web-site. Ask those increasing number of Americans who are switching from McCain to Obama. Because they see him as a better, more stable hand on economic issues. You have demonstrated an unbridled hatred towards Obama on this blog. You have called him all sorts of names. Why would anyone be convinced that you would suddenly have a change of mind. I don’t. Obama, as President will do very well. America will come out of this financial mess under his leadership and enter into another golden era of prosperity. Our standing in the world will be greatly improved. Jobs will be created. Prosperity will “spread” to all. Not just to some privileged few. That is the future I see. If Obama runs the economy the way he has run his flawless campaign, we will be okay. But since you are lazy to actually search for yourself, you can start here.

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  137. ila says,”JD – the backbone store called, said your layaway payment is late”.

    Why is it the the trolls always try to talk tough, when they would never say something like that to your face?

    JD (a9d6c5)

  138. Comment by love2008 @ 11:16 am

    Way to campaign. A link to the Obama website.

    You have no articulate points to sway the undecideds. Or the people like Stashiu3 who (IIRC) had no interest in either candidate.

    You, the Obamaniac, are unable to speak with passion and persuade people as to why this candidate has the answers. Me? I’ve already done plenty of reading: from Illinois papers to his far-left voting records; Obama’s political allies and his personal associates; his elusive present votes; and liberal blogs along with international news and conservative sites.

    And how unexpected that any criticism of this phoney is met with attack labels. Racist, close-minded, or the word of the day. I’m not running for office. And neither are you.

    What you term unbridled hate is a ruthless criticism of the b.s. and shenanigans he’s trying to sell voters. With ACORN and the shady donations, you have a good chance of getting him in now and worrying about the clean-up later.

    Truthfully, current events is not your thing. Don’t think you can fake it and not get called to the mat. Linking the Obama website is a terrible disservice to your leader, especially when this site provides a golden opportunity to speak from the heart. Not from way deep up inside you… which is pretty much why you’re voting for this empty suit anyway. So sad. But you do pay taxes and as long as you’re legal – – all of our votes are equal.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  139. Comment by Vermont Neighbor — 10/24/2008 @ 12:02 pm

    So we agree on one thing. Your mind is already made up. Why ask when you have already decided on what is the answer? Stop wasting my time!

    love2008 (0c8c2c)

  140. Everyone in the US should take a few minutes (11 minutes) to look at this video and pass it along to everyone you know, as best you can. I am not a big fan of UTube and often question the validity of information being spewed out on the internet. But many of the “facts” reported in this video are, indeed, true.

    Glynn (50d9b5)

  141. I find this post somewhat disturbing. I get the feeling you don’t want people to vote if they don’t agree with you. I implore you to think about that before you automatically say “exactly, that is what politics are about”.

    You need to slow down because that is not what democracy is about. All votes are important, regardless of when or how they are cast. Of for that matter, who they are cast for. Our country is based on a government that is “for and by the people”. Don’t let party politics trump the idea our government represents all people and all votes count. Without that principle of democracy you and your party (either party)is meaningless.

    Karen (bc45d6)

  142. 142 I think the concern is that legitimate only voters should vote and not dead people, otherwise fake people, people voting in several jurisdictions or multiple times. Nor should the goons from ACORN be filling out ballots for baracky. Why should some acorn mutant decide who an otherwise oblivious and out of it Alzheimer
    patients in a nursing home vote for? Yes, I know libs consider it racist if asked to prove someone is a legitimate voters with voter ID cards or such, but why should that be?
    Funny how algore wanted to recount votes in Fla. counties he knew were strongly in his column and ignore others or strive mightily to disenfranchise military votes? Don’t you see the hypocrisy? We are told that the fake registrations mean nothing because they don’t count as votes, but some areas have same day voting and those “people” manage to cast ballots.
    Is no one upset that the thugs in King county, Washington managed to “discover” boxes of ballots later to change the actual winner? Is there any doubt that those areas closest to Cook county, but in Indiana, will deliver oodles of fake votes for the dems? And we’re not even talking about Chicago proper. Ditto for Philly and loads of other urban areas. Seems to me 80% of us will be stuck with what a 20% minority wishes for this country because the media will fool or convince enough voters to give the feds MORE control over our lives..MORE taxes and REGULATION, MOE kissing up to despots, the thieving and child rape enabling UN and the socialist euroweenies. Look at what country has succeeded the most economically- it ain’t the likes of the cheese eating surrender monkeys or sharia enabling/dental challenged-despite-their-“free” health care Brits

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  143. If Tokyo Rose replicant thinks her time is wasted here, why then do she and her PP bashing ilk remain? Why doesn’t she start her own blog or worry about the leadership of her own country? or donate time and money to those who have less? If a Warren Buffet, Nurse Bloomberg, overpaid media slugs like Olberdouche, I squat to pee Matthews or Baba Streisand think they don’t pay enough in taxes, they can donate to the IRS or give the money away, hire people to repair infrastructure, etc.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  144. Oh I’d say it to your face and laugh, laugh, laugh.

    And I’d get the crowd laughing at you, too.

    Only difference is I’d buy you a beer when you started crying if this were in-person.

    i like america (d2f951)

  145. Karen-

    We are strongly against voter disenfranchisement here. It is just that we include both:
    1) setting up unnecessary difficulties for legal voters to vote
    2) making it easy for voter fraud to occur, which interferes with the election process and potentially disenfranchises all legal voters who cast ballots.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  146. Comment by i like america @ 9:34 am

    Right. Your ass you’d buy JD a beer. You’d get kicked out of a comedy club with lines like ‘shop at the backbone store…on layaway!!!” Then you’d be out on the street, living on a dirty mattress, not looking for work, but waiting for a ‘spread the wealth’ check from the Soros puppet. Mr. Kool with a cigarette.

    Enjoy your destruction AND clean-up, i lyke Amerikka. You ‘bots can all hunker down together and hand Amerika over to the UN or Iran. What does it mean to you anyway?

    Oh, yeah. Clue. You aren’t the ones we’ve been waiting for. Why not go to North Korea or Venezuela if you can’t stand the freedoms here?

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  147. VT- exactly…the Frogs were polled and want Obama 64-4 over McCain. The socialists want us to share their miseries. Using the freedom loving french as an example, look at how they enable destruction by disenchanted muslim yoots, who had cars burning in hundreds of cities, not to mention all the other property damage and injuries/deaths. Looks like we may see that on Nov. 5 regardless of whether or not the anointed minus 1 wins or loses. Yeah, I have zero respect for the kool obamanus. The arrogant prick has a sense of entitlement and have “earned” so much from affirmative action and a worshipping- sexually aroused media. Palin and Plumber Joe get rectal exams and Biden/Obama a pass.
    Yes, I know many of us are partisans, but where is the least media objectivity if the overwhelming meme is praise of the Neophyte BO and constant litany of negativity toward McCain and Palin. not to mention all the lies?
    Also I look on aghast at all the so-called conservatives who have their heads up their bung holes hoping that Obama will govern from the center. Look at how Pelosi and Reid legislate now. AS IF they will compromise in the least if they get a filibuster-proof Senate. McCain/Lindsey Graham’s pussified gang of 14 can’t-we-all-get-along camel dung won’t mean diddly squat. …”Fairness Doctrine” ?…union card checkoff? ACORN getting bigger federal funding? Yes, those are expansion of our rights and free speeches?
    Look at site like Rightwingnuthouse. That “conservative” is spending his time bashing Palin and giving Obama and Biden a pass. Where’s the logic? How is veep candidate Palin less experienced that Soros-hack Obama? Tokyo Rose insists that Obama and his Congressional lackeys will make America better. Why would they change anything that they’ve already strived to destroy? Higher taxes will make us better? A 25% Barney Fag encouraged reduction in military spending? More money to bail out people who couldn’t afford house payments to begin with or reward Wall St. hotshots who failed with lavish bonuses? More money for the UN and the poor of the world (despots’ Swiss bank accounts)?

    When, not if the country goes down the hopper will all the assclowns who are praising the Great Zero apologize or even be held accountable?

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  148. Woah woah Vermont Neighbor. You’re not good at this trolling stuff. Too irrational and dumb .. try another tack next time

    i like america (d2f951)

  149. Max, I think people just don’t read or care. They watch and gaze. Like the Olbermann- Andrea Mitchell style of ‘reporting.’ Very bizarre.

    Obama does not, by any standards, pass the clean candidate test. His actions and resume are loaded with dangerous red flags. Socialism isn’t his hobby – – it’s his end game. The fraudulent campaign donations don’t even bother the die-hards.

    In case the ‘Bots need proof: it’s the media… the manic obsession with the lady VP… the obvious backflips 24/7 just to cover for this guy and his past regarding the most factual things. So, yes… what Obama and Soros are cooking up in the lab without supervision really boggles the mind, considering what blogs and conservative media have already uncovered.

    And what about the big speech a couple weeks ago?? How ” a President can do two things at once!” when he’s a PAID SENATOR needed back in DC. What’s with the convenient time-out now at Grandma’s. Two things at once? All of a sudden it’s out the window (flip-). Considering what he said weeks ago, it flies in the face of his commitment to lead.

    I believe he needs to talk about Joe Biden, Joe the Plumber, spreading the wealth around, the growing donation fraud… even if it’s from a phone next to a hospital bed.

    The SOB’s hiding out. Trying to clean up some docs or buy time till election day. I hope these stories explode in his face. Michelle can’t campaign forever. His bitter half is a more transparent version of who he is. You ‘bots know it’s not good to have her out there. (And by the way… anyone seen Joe BIDEN lately?)

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  150. That would be “No-Show” Joe!

    Another Drew (a9cfc2)

  151. Comment by Vermont Neighbor — 10/25/2008 @ 11:21 am

    If my grandmother were in grave condition and I had the opportunity to spend some time with her I would take advantage of that. Particularly if she had raised me as is the case with Obama.
    No point criticizing someone for being human is there?

    voiceofreason2 (10af7e)

  152. But it strikes many as odd that he didn’t take his wife and daughters with him if his Grandmother was so critical. Or, aren’t they related; or does Michelle have a problem relating to White-People?

    Another Drew (a9cfc2)

  153. Oh yeah, he needs to be with granny who worked to support his affirmative ass and pay for those elite private schools. No problem earlier throwing here under the bus as a racist, afraid of some threatening black bro at the bus stop.

    Funny how the Great Zero couldn’t find time to spend with his on-her-deathbed mommy, eh? Granny has been very ill for some time; what is the rush now and why didn’t he do it earlier? And, like Halle Berry, he praises black daddy dearest and had no appreciation for hippy/flower child mama. And you’ll recall he earlier said he could no more disavow the rev. wright than his own mama grande and a yet a few weeks later did just that.
    Dude is a complete phony whose puppet strings are pulled by Soros and Mayor Daley. How many legions of lawyers will he unleash for the elction? How many ACORN thugs will harass people? “Get in their faces”- Obama.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  154. Comment by Another Drew — 10/25/2008 @ 11:36 am

    Come on AD. Give the family the benefit of the doubt.I would imagine that if she is getting close to the end Michelle and the kids will visit.
    We criticize the left for finding a conspiracy in everything – why go down that path ourselves?

    voiceofreason2 (10af7e)

  155. I agree with VOR2, plus it’s been my experience that when someone is old and very sick, it’s difficult to receive a lot of visitors even from family. I’ve also seen cases where a form of dementia sets in that makes the patient regress to earlier times so she might not even remember Obama’s current family. Unlike the movies, end-of-life moments aren’t always ideal and often center on the original family. In Obama’s case, that would be him and his grandmother.

    DRJ (c953ab)

  156. Because I just don’t believe anything the man says, or does.
    Plus, there is the Berg (?) lawsuit that he is in default on, where he needs to come up with a VALID HI birth-cert that apparently has not been able to be found previously.
    I know damn well that when my Grandmother was dying, I would have been drug to the death-bed by my parents if I hadn’t been previously engaged with a much more prominant relative (an Uncle) at a garden spot 14K miles away.
    Obambi has no such excuse for not taking his kids with him; or, her illness is not that terminal, and is only the cover for his abrupt trip.

    Another Drew (a9cfc2)

  157. Unlike the movies, end-of-life moments aren’t always ideal and often center on the original family. In Obama’s case, that would be him and his grandmother.

    Very true. We went to see my mother-in-law in Japan earlier this year. She is in her nineties and in a nursing home. Our son is said to look a lot like one of her sons who died 17 years ago. Each day she saw him she would stare at him for the longest time and once in awhile start giggling. I was convinced she thought she was seeing her son she remembered in his youth.
    I can’t imagine the emotions Obama must be struggling with as the last of his living relatives reaches the end of her life’s journey.

    voiceofreason2 (10af7e)

  158. Must agree with Another Drew about the timing and the fact that he just lies and evades and disappears… and there actually are ways to maintain his campaign at this critical time with brief phone interviews. He spent a bit of time there. And as Max points out it’s an interesting family dynamic that he bailed on his mother’s terminal cancer.

    Regardless, I cobble together just what I know of his campaign tactics… his timing and explanations, evasions and a general pattern of behavior. He never answered for his ‘spread the wealth’ blunder or Joe Biden’s odd speech of a global test. (!) But at his return he wanted to talk about family. Flies in the face of when he doesn’t want to bring in the wife. Or when he does; same with the 2 kids.

    And now, Tony Rezko is the latest name to drop a fraudulent donation. Why liberals can’t understand the anti-Obama movement is odd. Let them vote for the guy, but the reasons that 1/2 the country is not behind him are very clear.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  159. 159 Vermont Neighbor-
    what do you think of this media malfeasance? LA Times won’t release video. They’ve been hiding incriminating video of Obama with a radical Palistinean. Littlegreenfootballs has a link as top story right now. Wondering if Patterico ius familiar with LA Times’ Peter Walls-something. I forgot the name, but I’m sure the Obama campaign has a ready explanation and will brush it all off. Apparently there was plenty of zionist/Joo bashing. Not that out liberal Hebrews are not enchanted with Obama regardless. Local rep. Wexler has promised that Obama is actually Hebrew and hates Arabs , but not much.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  160. Max,
    This latest home movie of Obama is not a surprise at all. It’s actually a relief that this stuff’s coming out now, so at least we can clarify why this man is wrong for America. Gaming the system may get him the job. But it will never be without the inconvenient truth of his carefully constructed life story. So many loopholes. Mountains of missing papers and information. Justifications and rationalizations and generalizations. This is a Socialist and one hell of a danger, should he successfully break into the Oval Office. It will be interesting to see if die hards finally acknowledge that there is a problem here; the problem is not skin color. His past, his money transfers, a very real lack of accomplishment and the company he keeps is nothing but red flags and warning signs.

    I can’t understand why the LAT has the tape, unless a Times employee was at the bash fest. It’s a cat and mouse game. Are we supposed to buy more papers to read their response? Newspapers are supposed to report the news, not smother it.

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

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