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Rohter-Rooting at the New York Times

Filed under: 2008 Election,Media Bias — DRJ @ 3:32 pm

[Guest post by DRJ]

Jim Treacher goes fisking at the New York Times and discovers Rohter-rooting.


5 Responses to “Rohter-Rooting at the New York Times”

  1. I’m waiting for someone to point out all of these unlicensed journalists and bloggers that are working on this story.

    Hoystory (b9390a)

  2. So, if you happen to be standing in front of Obama when he publicly reveals his socialism, what does the media do? Demands to see your papers. That’s just delicious, is what that is.
    The media has done a better job vetting Joe in 48 hours than they have vetting Obama in 20 months!!! Media Bias, there’s no stinkin media bias! This election is just simply the funniest thing going right now. Way better than Letterman or Leno, the MSM and Dems are just killing me with their stupidity. Had they, the MSM and Dems (which are really one in the same) just left this poor guy alone, he would have quickly faded into the Ohio sunset. But NOOOOOOOOO! They have to dumpster dive the guy and take a microscope to his A-Hole and plaster the poor guy cover to cover to help protect their “Chosen One.” Does the term “backfire in your friggin face” mean anything to those idiots in the MSM? You idiots just sent another 2-3% of “regular Joes” over to McCain’s side. Keep it up MSM please keep it up, you’re giving McPalin a fighting chance!

    J. Raymond Wright (0440ef)

  3. Do you know that Larry isn’t Mr. Rohter’s REAL name? He is really William Lawrence Rohter. Why doesn’t he use his real name? This calls for an investigation! Any reporter who doesn’t use his real name obviously has something to hide!

    tmac (f9e092)

  4. A mini-Pulitzer for this man. ASAP!

    Andrew (8a94e5)

  5. And now some moron at CBS news is vetting guys holding up “I am Joe the Plumber” signs at Obama events.

    I am Spartacus!!!!!!

    kaf (510b86)

  6. Surely if that brilliant NY Times columnist Kaul Prugman can win a Nobel Prize for Economics, the bossman here deserves a Pulitzer for exposing the LA Times for the doggy trainer it is.

    One recalls when Eminem won a Grammy for Slim Shady and marched at the head of hundreds of clones while singing the song. Picture masses of plumbers protesting at Obama rallies. Can you imagine an Obama Justice Dept. ? I thought Bill and Hillary Clinton were bad enough using FBI files and such.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  7. Comment by madmax333 — 10/18/2008 @ 7:46 pm


    Go to an Obama rally near you with a sign that says:
    I Am JOE the Plumber!

    We need a hundred Joe’s at every ObamabinBiden rally.

    Another Drew (703fa8)

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