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Chris Matthews in Pennsylvania

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[Guest post by DRJ]

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is (or was) reportedly traveling with Obama in Pennsylvania, giving rise to a Politico post that suggests MSNBC and Matthews are blurring the line between reporting and becoming part of elections:

“According to Politico’s Ken Vogel, the MSNBC host [Chris Matthews] not only schmoozed the crowds but gave a couple bear hugs to Gov. Ed Rendell and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter outside a diner in the northeastern part of the city.

Such glad-handing begs the question: Is Matthews doing work this weekend for MSNBC or laying the groundwork for that much-rumored 2010 Senate run?

Here’s what the Politico means by a “much-rumored 2010 Senate run”:

“MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sat front and center as an attendee at the Pennsylvania delegation’s breakfast this morning [August 26, 2008, during the Democratic Convention], fueling speculation that the cable talk show host is seriously considering a Senate race against Republican Sen. Arlen Specter in 2010.
Dan Wofford, a former congressional nominee whose father, Harris, served in the Senate, said that he thought Matthews, a Philadelphia native, was giving serious considerations to entering the political arena.

“I think he’s seriously looking at it based on the limited conversations I’ve had with him,” said Wofford.”

Chalk this up as one more reason Chris Matthews wants Obama to win.


6 Responses to “Chris Matthews in Pennsylvania”

  1. The only trouble with Matthews’ plan is that in 2010 voters will be streaming for the exits from the Democratic party. Of course, elections may be passe’ by then, too. If we are still allowed to vote in 2010, Matthews will think better of it. The Obama National Emergency Authority may be appointing Senators by then, though.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  2. The Obama National Emergency Authority may be appointing Senators by then, though.

    That’s actually an excellent prediction, one we should ‘earmark’ and hang in the virtual Internet ‘lobby.’

    Until then, vero possumus affirmatus….

    Vermont Neighbor (c91cfe)

  3. Of course we will have elections then. In fact ACORN will provide a majority of votes for the Democratic candidate by advanced voting or absentee ballots before the polls even open.

    Machinist (c6ce7d)

  4. Guys like Matthews and Limbaugh can’t win elections unless they run in districts that are at least 2/3 in their favor, but districts like that are owned by incumbents that are near impossible to dislodge. I live and a bluer than blue state and district, one where almost no ads for the candidates appear so I don’t see the hate first hand and I doubt that anyone around here is aware of any. Media people are never the cinch to be elected many of us assume them to be. We here in SoCal have seen a literal ton of them over the years that have failed no matter how much money and attention they got. Reagan and Murphy are the only two success stories that I know of. I think Sonny Bono won because he was Sonny Bono, a very likable and down to earth guy and not a rock and roll weirdo geek. He just connected with people. I’d just note parenthetically that both Murphy and Reagan had union connections, and Murphy in particular had served FDR for years in visible executive capacities. Matthews has only visible media exposure as a propagandist.

    howard432 (cc8b85)

  5. 4. Yes, but Chrissie “I squat to pee” Matthews would be after an iuncumbent, the RINO Specter, whose been on the national scene since Watergate.

    And it now seems that incumbent Norm Coleman might well lose to a corrupt liberal jackass in Minn. Ditto for Libby Dole in NC.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  6. Comment by howard432 — 10/13/2008 @ 7:10 am

    You forget about Baxter Ward, who parleyed his name and face ID from his job as a newscaster, to a seat on the Board of Supervisors for L.A.Co.
    There was the guy from Love Boat that ran in his home-town District, and won a seat in Congress (IA, IIRC).
    A case of the exceptions prove the rule?

    Comment by madmax333 — 10/13/2008 @ 7:24 am

    Hate to lose the seat in NC, but Libby’s loss will be well deserved. Her performance in office has been less-than-stellar.
    A loss by Coleman would say a great deal about the political maturity of MN voters, nothing good.

    Another Drew (1d7115)

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