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“You seem to know a lot about boxes of dope.”

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  1. I had a similar experience with a “fix it” ticket where the guy pulled me over for a tail light and the old cop trick of looking around to see if I’m riding dirty.

    I knew what was up, so I acted oblivious to the lights and noise until I pulled over at the NAPA auto parts.
    Which pissed him off, but not as much as when I put my license under the windshield wiper and went toward the store to buy a light bulb. I’m in a tee shirt, shorts, barefoot 7AM.
    He’d said I couldn’t just walk away and so over my shoulder I said “there’s my license, the truck is open, knock yourself out”
    he says “do not walk away” and I said “tell you what, (I had about a ten yard lead on him) I’m gonna go into that coffee place next door and get coffee, then I’m gonna buy a light bulb at NAPA and fix it… so can I get you a coffee or something while you are writing that ticket or what?”
    The cop just gave this huge sigh and says “go get your coffee and come back here” so I bring out two cups, put them on the hood away from him and ask him if it is OK if I drink some more of mine… he says “look, that was no way to handle this situation” I agreed.
    He said “go into Napa, bring out a bulb while I have some coffee and I’ll sign this off right here”
    I came out with the bulb and I told him I’d need to use a screw driver from my box and for safety he probably ought to step back a few in case I lose the rest of my mind and the guy just laughs and moves to the other side of his trunk and drinks his coffee and watches me and we chat about if he’s busy and why I look like a meth mule to him even though my record is completely clean.
    Now when I see him I wave… using all my fingers… and if I’m sitting at the coffee place reading the paper he stops and we talk.

    He should have tased me

    SteveG (71dc6f)

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