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Treacher Reports on Palin Misspelling

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(No, there’s no actual misspelling. For those of you who don’t know, Treacher is a satirist — and a darn good one, as you’re about to see.)


Media Bubble, Sept. 20 — John McCain’s presidential campaign is reeling this morning upon allegations that his running mate, Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, is a poor speller. The charge stems from a passage found in her personal journal, which was obtained by the New York Times via an anonymous source.

. . . .

“I am gobsmacked,” said the NYT’s source. “Little did I realize when I bought a plane ticket to Alaska, broke into the governor’s house, and vetted through her personal belongings that I would find such a startling, stunning bombshell. My heartache at John McCain’s blunder is without limit. Would you like to know where I take loads?”

It’s very funny, and you should read it all.

However, the part about Sullivan is unrealistic — because the joke hinges on the conceit that Sullivan would bother to do all that work. Yeah, he’s unhinged . . . but as between his laziness and his obsession with Palin, his laziness will win out every time. As long as he can draw a full-time salary sitting on his Power Glutes and blockquoting material, adding one line of dishonest analysis here and there, he’ll do it.

6 Responses to “Treacher Reports on Palin Misspelling”

  1. Bwahahaaaa….
    Thank you, Sir. I almost missed this.

    sillyblindharper (0fa077)

  2. Well, were it not for the spelcheker, my stuf would look pretty bad, tooo.

    The Dana who got "Ds" in speling (556f76)

  3. Yes, David, I agree. You are unhinged.

    The Times has checked into the “lies” theme concerning the campaign ads and found it was right all along.

    Besides, Zapatero is no ally of ours.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  4. Dr. K., I cannot wait to see what the usual suspects have to say!

    Eric Blair (2708f4)

  5. You know you’re onto something when Ehrenstein can’t wait to change the subject.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

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