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Doctor “Worried” Palin’s Example Will Mean Fewer Abortions

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A Canadian doctor is worried that Sarah Palin’s decision to have a Down’s Syndrome child will lower Canada’s abortion rate:

[O]hers fear Ms. Palin’s emergence as a parental role model sends a different message. As a vocal opponent of abortion, Ms. Palin’s widely discussed decision to keep her baby, knowing he would be born with the condition, may inadvertently influence other women who may lack the necessary emotional and financial support to do the same, according to André Lalonde, executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Dr. Lalonde said that above all else, women must be free to choose, and that popular messages to the contrary could have detrimental effects on women and their families.

“The worry is that this will have an implication for abortion issues in Canada,” he said..

This guy is actually worried that women will have fewer abortions because of Sarah Palin.

Abortion: safe, legal, and (far too) rare. Now there’s a great slogan, doc.

I’m sure this guy would be just thrilled if Palin had proudly proclaimed that she had had an abortion.


Quote of the Day

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Yeah, the day’s just beginning. I still like it:

The lesson of the last eight years is that we had a president who was not that well versed on foreign affairs coming into office and we had a vice president who was supposed to make up for that deficiency. It seems to me the Obama campaign is trying to establish the Bush model.

More of the same.

(Via Hot Air Headlines, an increasingly valuable resource.)

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