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Instapundit Adopts “Tasergate” Term

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Well, he’s in the transitional stage:

IS THERE A THERE THERE? CNN on Troopergate, or Tasergate, or whatever.

I like it!

Sure, he’s gotta use the “Troopergate” term because “Tasergate” hasn’t come into wide usage since I first suggested using the term (taking a cue from Teflon Dad).

But it’s a first step.

And I have a feeling the McCain camp might read it, if it’s on Instapundit.

Remember that Obama 50-State Strategy (57?) — NYT Says You Can Forget About All That

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[Posted by WLS]

From Sunday’s NYT:

Mr. Obama’s campaign … is banking on holding all the states Senator John Kerry won in 2004 and picking up the additional electoral votes it needs by flipping some combination of Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio or Virginia into the Democratic column.

The article notes that he has pulled back his advertising in Georgia, and he previously went off the air in North Carolina, Alaska, Montana, and South Dakota — all states that the Dems claimed they were going to compete in.

The fact is that just because some of those states have elected conservative Dems in statewide races does not mean they would favor a ultra-liberal Dem for President. The time and money the Obama campaign spent in those states is WASTED. It’s an electoral vote, not a popular vote.

This also is consistent with money worries.


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