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Let’s Play “Name That Democrat” — A Party Game Based On Daniel Henninger’s Column Today

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Posted by WLS:

Henniger has a great column up today, especially this passage:

[Palin] got into politics in Wasilla with zero connections — no famous father, no financing husband, no mentor, nothing. She got elected mayor. She got into politics to improve her community, not to launch herself on some career path she had figured out while in college.

So, name those Democrats.

My guesses:

No Famous Father — Nancy Pelosi, daughter of Baltimore mayor and Dem power broker Thomas D’Alesandro

Financier Husband — Diane Feinstein, married to billionaire investment banker Richard Blum.

Another great line from Henniger about Palin:

Many younger women [Palin is 44] didn’t learn what it means to be an achieving woman from dormitory feminism.

12 Responses to “Let’s Play “Name That Democrat” — A Party Game Based On Daniel Henninger’s Column Today”

  1. Mentor: Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    Al (b624ac)

  2. God Bless the Child that’s got his/her own.

    atmom (56a0a8)

  3. Mentor – Bill Clinton had Senator J. William Fulbright.

    Paul (ac3cf3)

  4. #1

    No, Hillary had Bill.

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  5. Claire Booth Luce had her husband even though she had her own attainments. Even Amelia Earhart was promoted by her husband. It’s difficult to think of a woman in public life making it on her own. Sarah is a rare exception although, I’m sure, Todd is supportive.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  6. I’m going to guess Democratic Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (?).

    Dmac (874677)

  7. I think Ann Richards of Texas made it on her own. That may be one reason someone yesterday (I forget who) compared Palin to Richards. They both are blunt but in a folksy, friendly way. They both are hunters, too.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  8. I like that description – dormitory feminism.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  9. I do, too. It differentiates the Ivy League feminists from women who work 9-to-5 (or longer). I was the former in college and the latter once I started working, and my views changed on a lot of things 180 degrees.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  10. Famous father? Al Gore, Jr.

    JayC (a7279d)

  11. I imagine that former great orator/Texas’ rep. Barbara Jordan made it on her own.

    McCain is talking about judges. I don’t think his gang of 14 was good for single mom jurist Janice Rogers Brown’s prospects.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  12. Dormitory Feminists? See Gloria Steinam in today’s LAT op-ed…one of the original Dormitory Feminist who is still telling us women are owed…a bit bohemian and naive when one is cocooned in college. When one is in her 60’s, not so much.,0,7541303.story

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

    Dana (084de8)

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