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Palin Meltdown Watch

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The media is melting-down over Sarah Palin. Michelle Cottle at The New Republic must need a shower after writing a screed called Biden’s Girl Trouble that includes this gem:

“Let’s traffic in some gender/political stereotypes for a moment: Obviously, Palin is a risky pick for McCain because she is approximately as qualified to serve as commander-in-chief as my Great Aunt Ruby (who has, full disclosure, been dead for several years now.)”

And this one:

“In head-to-head match ups, [Biden] will need to dismantle Palin completely, yet avoid triggering all those stupid, gut-level, subconscious, knee-jerk instincts that would lead voters to feel protective of her. This is particularly important in light of the remaining Hillary Issue. God forbid a meaningful chunk of Hillary dead-enders got it into their heads that, not only had Obama disrepected their gal, but now his number-two was dissing another sister.”

With any luck, Michelle Cottle will be required reading for every Hillary supporter and woman in America.


19 Responses to “Palin Meltdown Watch”

  1. re Great Aunt Ruby: at this very moment, she is capable of writing a more ethical and intelligent column than her great niece.

    great unknown (b751d2)

  2. Well, proof positive that women can indeed be sexist toward other women!

    I think that this kind of approach helps McCain-Palin.

    It all depends on how Governor Palin does in debates with Senator Biden. Given his history, I’m hopeful there will be a “Lazio Moment.”

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  3. Aunt Ruby– really a nobody, plain pure and simple.

    Anyone with a brain that compares Sarah Palin’s resume against that of Barack Obama can only come away with the conclusion that Palin’s resume is a Guttenberg Bible compared to the blank piece of paper offered by the so-called Obamessiah! As for slow-Joe Biden, forget that line of nonsense — he has problems adding two and two and coming up with four!!

    Mescalero (6b61fa)

  4. Actually, Mescalero, Senator Biden has come up with the answer “five,” repeatedly. And his IQ is higher than yours and mine. And he double majored, graduated first in his class, and had a full scholarship. Not to mention that Kinnock thesis of his.

    Senator Biden is a mental giant. Don’t forget it! But don’t worry. If you do, he will remind you that he is a mental giant.

    Except when he said that Senator Obama didn’t have enough experience to be President, and that Senator McCain would be a fine President.

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  5. Oh, and not to worry, Left of center friends. Andrea Mitchell has opined that only uneducated Hillary supporters would consider voting for a ticket that includes Sarah Palin.

    Nice. I wonder of those are some more “bitter” voters.

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  6. To Eric Blair–

    Five what, Eric?? And his IQ is higher than yours and mine, think again friend, and when you do, take the time to check your references. Double major, graduated first in his class, full scholarship, all easily debunked myths that even first graders understand, except those who associate themselves with the Demo-dumbass intellectual elite, including the overwhelming majority of the American mainstream media.

    Slow Joe is a mental giant — oh really — show me the overwhelming proof, like his assinine call for cutting up Iraq into three pieces (Sunni, Kurd, and Shiite) — not to mention his other Carterite calls for American self assassination in the Middle East.

    Mescalero (6b61fa)

  7. #6 Mescalero:

    Slow Joe is a mental giant —

    Well, for what is currently passing as intellectual rigor on the left…yeah.

    EW1(SG) (625c58)

  8. We are seeing a psychotic breakdown on the left.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  9. Dear Mescalero:

    I was joking and wasn’t clear enough in my sarcasm. I’m with you: Biden is a massive tool, and has been forever.

    I think he can’t help but puff himself up. When tagged for his exaggerations about his college career, he actually said something like “…I exaggerate when I get angry…” which is reassuring in someone who would like to be VP.

    Honestly, I think that Biden was BO’s second or third choice. He has too much of a record, I think.

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  10. uhhh, Mescalero . . . .

    You’re shooting at your own pointman, I’m thinkin . . .

    bobby b (4baf73)

  11. Sarah is governor of a state, and nominated for VP. Michelle writes screeds for a has-been magazine in the dying print industry. Guess which one has a career as dead as Great Aunt Ruby.

    I hope all the Democrats tune in to watch Joe Biden “demolish” poor Sarah Barracuda.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  12. Do you think the editors at TNR hesitated for even one second over allowing that title, “Biden’s Girl Trouble”, to go through? Let alone the text of the piece. OTOH, those snippets (“In head-to-head match ups, [Biden] will need to dismantle Palin completely”) are clear indicators that they are slipping into full-out panic mode. He can’t just achieve an undisputed victory when they debate? He ‘needs to’ dismantle her completely? That’s panic, folks.

    Icy Truth (5bcf70)

  13. Eric–

    I apologize for being no-holds barred combative. Sarcasm can be interpreted in many ways, and I make no bones over the fact that I deal only with verifiable information and counter attack as required. Add to that situation that I am a defector from the Obama camp, a defector who saw Obama’s calls for restraint against railroading the Duke LaCross 3 and urging restraint in the Jena, LA case a welcome light at the end of a very long tunnel in this country’s history. A counter case in point, Hillary Clinton, when she considered the likes of racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as overseers on the Clinton plantation, couldn’t say a word in defense of one of the Duke LaCross 3 defendents who just happened to be a New York resident. I think I have a God-given right to be pissed at the so-called party of change, the party that gives us nothing more than what we’ve seen before only worse.!

    Mescalero (6b61fa)

  14. David Bowie had the city wrong. It’s Chicago.

    Apogee (186a12)

  15. Hey, Mescalero: it’s okay. You weren’t rude to me or anything.

    I do think that Democrats ought to be angry about Obama’s candidacy. Lots of folks on the right side of the aisle—like myself—are not terribly pleased about McCain.

    It’s encouraging to hear that some Democrats feel the same way about their own DNC appointed candidate.

    I appreciate the civility. I have a feeling that there will be a short supply of that emotion in the political discourse of this election!

    Eric Blair (642d37)

  16. To those pushing the meme that Governor Palin is woefully unprepared to be President:

    I propose that we add two debates to the lineup. After the traditional three, have McCain debate what’s left of Joe Biden after Palin is done with him, then let Obama and Palin go head to head.

    Sure, it’s a little different. But, Biden is meant to offset Obama’s perceived weaknesses vis a vis McCain, while Palin apparently must be as prepared as Obama to lead on day one, should the guy the North Vietnamese, cancer, three wrecked planes and the Forrestal fire couldn’t kill suddenly keel over. So, let’s test whole tickets in all possible combos.

    It’s reasonable to have concerns about her qualifications, but those of you who have already decided against her on the basis of 24 hours of oppo research ought to be first in line to support my suggestion. Assuming you don’t find the same concerns about qualifications relevant to the top of your ticket, that is.

    I plan to contact the McCain camp re. this idea. They may as well float it, even though it will never go anywhere, if only to score some low hanging fruit.

    fat tony (9e1dca)

  17. Protective instinct? Buddy, you should beg us to protect you from Gov. Palin… :)

    But seriously… Don’t fuck with “our girl”…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  18. “…[Biden] will need to dismantle Palin completely, yet avoid triggering all those stupid, gut-level, subconscious, knee-jerk instincts that would lead voters to feel protective of her.”

    LMAO! You are suggesting an act of political subtlety that, throughout his career, Biden has has proven himself totally incapable of performing.

    Thus far, the left has managed to locate most of the explosives that lay in the Palin minefield. Too bad they are rapidly running out of legs and feet. Reconnaissance by BOOM!

    belloscm (36d6f2)

  19. “… she is approximately as qualified to serve as commander-in-chief as my Great Aunt Ruby.”

    We don’t know your great aunt, who may or may not have been qualified when she was alive. But we do know that Sarah Palin is approximately as qualified to serve as commander-in-chief RIGHT NOW as Barack Obama. In addition to her EXECUTIVE experience, the big difference is that before she will be CIC, she will also have been Vice President of the United States. That makes her pre-CIC resume a hell of a lot stronger than Mr. Obama’s.

    Mike S (d3f5fd)

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