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A Part of John Edwards’ Story that Doesn’t Help Obama-Biden

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[Guest post by DRJ]

It looks to me as if the Obama-Biden campaign may have made the John Edwards’ story a campaign issue:

“Even though [John] Edwards is not coming to the Democratic National Convention here in Denver, it’s not like he’s been completely forgotten. His closest associate from his campaign, Sam Myers Sr., is now said to be working with the Biden for Vice President campaign. Myers, they say, has been assigned to handle press traveling with Biden on his campaign plane.

“If anyone knows what happened with John Edwards, it’s Sam Myers,” says an insider. “He never left John’s side during the campaign.” The source continues: “I’m amazed he’s with Biden. Sam is a mean guy, real pit bull, very unlike the Obama people.”

If this claim regarding Myers’ relationship to Edwards is true, I can’t imagine why he was made a part of the Obama-Biden campaign.


Boy Sampson vs The Principled Principal: First Day of School

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[Guest post by DRJ]

In a follow-up to this Patterico post from mid-July, the Houston Chronicle reports a 5-year-old Indian boy in rural South Texas will be allowed to attend public school without cutting his hair but it will be braided. The mother declined to discuss why the school waived its hair length rule.

There’s a photo at the link. He’s a cute boy but he’d be a cute girl, too, which means he may be in for some teasing.


Why You Should Watch MSNBC

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Better than reality TV could ever hope to be.


Jon Stewart Covers the Democratic Convention

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is covering – or is that lampooning? – the Democratic National Convention in Denver and he was the subject of a New York Times The Caucus article. The article covered several topics, including which candidate Stewart thought would be a better President:

“Which of the two would make a better president? “I think actually they would both be pretty decent presidents,” he said. “I think they are both decent men and I think they both approach things with a certain sense of honor.”

Even though his show is a fixture on cable TV, Stewart doesn’t like cable news but he likes newspapers:

“Mr. Stewart was critical of 24-hour cable news (he said he keeps Fox News on his desk all the time), saying cable was contributing to a decline in news coverage. He had a different opinion about newspapers, when asked his view of their future.

“I hope it’s strong because I love newspapers,” he said.”

I wonder how he feels about LA Times’ book reviews?

UPDATE 8/26/2008: I doubt I need to point this out but Stewart doesn’t watch Fox News because he likes it.


National Journal Poll of Bloggers

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The National Journal has been conducting a poll of leading political bloggers, and me. Here are some recent questions and results.

You can view quotes by passing your mouse over the pie charts. My answers, you may have guessed, are listed under the “Right of Center” tab. But the quotes aren’t attributed, so you get to guess who gave each one.

What portion — if any — of the Democratic convention program should be devoted to tearing down John McCain and the Republican brand? Answers here.

Pick the demographic group that Obama most needs to sway during the convention. Answers here.

Do you think Michelle Obama will help or hurt her husband’s candidacy in the general election? Answers here.

What do you expect Hillary Clinton will focus more on in her convention speech? Answers here.

Let’s see how well you know me. Try to guess what my answers were. For a bonus, try to figure out which of the quotes are mine.

Day 2 at the Democratic National Convention

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Consider this an open thread on Day 2 of the Convention.

As reported by the Denver Post, the roll call vote of the delegates may be moved to the delegates’ hotels tonight with an early Wednesday morning vote. Some Hillary Clinton supporters oppose this plan:

“Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton furiously circulated petitions on the floor of the Democratic National Convention last night, hoping to stave off a plan to hold the convention’s roll call at breakfast Wednesday — out of the public eye — sources inside the delegations said.

The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton’s suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said.”

It seems the Obama campaign doesn’t want a prime-time floor vote. (Why won’t these Hillary people just go away?) Perhaps it hopes today’s events that are largely focused on Hillary Clinton and women will satisfy Hillary’s supporters.

Tonight’s main speakers include Hillary Clinton, who will be among the last to speak, as well as Governors Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, Deval Patrick of Massachusets, and Brian Schweitzer of Montana. Here’s a link to Tuesday’s full schedule.


Goofy Guys and Awesome Wives

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Jake Tapper at ABC News reports on a People Magazine interview the Obamas and the Bidens did last Saturday. Tapper sees parallels between Obama-Biden and modern “goofy-guy/awesome-wife sitcom” families:

“The interview kind of reads like it could be one of those goofy-guy/awesome-wife sitcoms slated for ABC’s Fall Line-up. (Is “According to Jim” still on the air?)

Some excerpts:

PEOPLE: This is the first mate you’ve chosen since Michelle.

Barack Obama: That’s a good point.

Michelle Obama: Barack is looking for people who will challenge him, who will tell him no.

Barack: That’s exactly what you need [in a vice president].

Michelle: That’s why he married me. (Laughs.) So I’d tell Sen. Biden, don’t pull any punches.

PEOPLE: Now, if Sen. Biden starts yelling at you about picking up your socks…

Barack: Then we’re in trouble. Don’t do that, Joe.

Joe Biden: Don’t worry…

PEOPLE: Sen. Biden, are you ready to hit the basketball court with him?

Joe: Hell yeah, man.

Jill: He plays with the grandkids; we have a basketball hoop. He can train with [8-year-old granddaughter] Maisy.

Joe: I can’t keep up with Maisy! The one thing I want my kids to remember about me is that I was an athlete. The hell with the rest of this stuff.”

More hugs and kisses at the link.


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