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Democratic Convention Schedule

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Democratic Convention 2008 has announced its headline speakers:

“Monday August 25th’s headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who is a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today, will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday August 26th.

The headline prime-time speaker on Wednesday August 27th will be Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential nominee.

On Thursday, August 28th, the DNCC will throw open the doors of the Convention and move to INVESCO Field at Mile High so that more Americans can take part in the fourth night of the Convention as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.”

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet notes that former President Bill Clinton is scheduled but not confirmed for Wednesday night.

The New York Daily News adds that Hillary Clinton wants to be introduced by her daughter Chelsea. An unnamed official said that having Chelsea and Hillary speak would help Obama placate “Hillary’s more fanatical women supporters.”


63 Responses to “Democratic Convention Schedule”

  1. Michelle Obama…great for the GOP. I think both she and Elizabeth Edwards should not be speaking, but for different reasons.

    Patricia (f56a97)

  2. We can always hope the schedule falls apart at the first ballot. Not holding my breath though.

    Soronel Haetir (ce5eda)

  3. Patricia, specifically why don’t you think either woman should be speaking?

    Dana (254946)

  4. How tightly do you think the DNC will control what appears on her teleprompter? No references to “America is downright mean” or “For the first time in my adult life I’m really proud of my country” on that night.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  5. It doesn’t matter what Michelle Obama says. About seventeen million voters will like her and eighty-three million won’t.

    nk (e38352)

  6. Dana, Elizabeth Edwards, as sorry as I’m supposed to feel for her (and I do.. a bit), is a villian who lied to the American people about her marriage and her husband and slandered scores of people who were telling the truth about a scandal with serious financial implications. She’s dying. Otherwise, she’s part of the coverup she directly benefited from.

    Michelle Obama is just an unappealing woman who hates her country, or at least is easily portrayed that way. She’s a bit of a liability, however if her kids are there she comes across 10000X better. She tens to over-inflate her husband to where a lot of the criticisms leveled at him for being the messiah become a lot easier to understand.

    But Obama’s campaign isn’t stupid. They know they goofed up, and this convention is where they can turn it around. They may keep Michelle from saying anything bad… we know it will be teleprompted, so it’s not as though we’re hearing Michelle… just some nameless writer (same for Mccain, of course).

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  7. Actually, it doesn’t even matter what she says, as far as the early returns go — Michelle could go up on the stage and make armpit noises while talking like Donald Duck about how the workers should control the means of production, and the immediate reaction by the big media outlets that night and on Tuesday will be her speech was an inspiration to all Americans.

    John (4ad429)

  8. I understand what Patricia’s saying. Michelle Obama shouldn’t be on the speakers list. She’s merely a spouse, with no connection to politics unless you count her endearing radical fist bump.

    I believe Obama’s handlers may be hoisting her up because it’s time for Ho’ to flip on the issues and once again embrace the far left. After all, his supporters have had to endure countless weeks of his faking it for Middle America. Campaign finance (flip; selfish sellout), an exit plan (flip), a Mideast plan (flip), guns and limitations (flip).

    She’s still seen as anti-American and ‘rebel,’ a viable symbol for the original hardcore base. One look at her mug and I see the whole message: We’re one big angry far-left family and we can’t be stopped. This may be why Michelle is launching the event. Otherwise, can’t figure it out. She should speak on his night, with an introduction, at the most. Also, expect him to pimp the daughters between now and then.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  9. VN, your tart observations always do my heart good! Mrs. Obama is all the things you mentioned – and that is precisely why she is headlining. Mutual anger and a collective sense of entitlement bonds like no other. Their cause is themselves and teaching the world how to sing. And she is the one to bring it all together.

    Juan, I don’t disagree with your assessment of either woman. However, it doesn’t matter if the reality is Mrs. Obama over inflates her husband, or plays into the messiah game because this is what the followers expect from her and need from her. And she will deliver, big time. With or without her daughters.

    Dana (254946)

  10. The conventions is going to have plenty of entertainment for popcorn enthusiasts. Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America is helping to kick off the convention as part of an interfaith service. Sports fans will remember that the ISNA was an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land trial. Mattson herself is also a particularly nasty piece of work.

    Leah Daughtry, the CEO of the DNCC, is a pastor of church which roughly mirrors that of Rev. Wright – black liberation theology, reparations, the works. There hasn’t been much in the press about that. Go figure.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  11. I agree with the reasons others gave for these women not speaking. (I can’t stand Michelle, but I don’t think she’s a ho, either.)

    Elizabeth is being portrayed as a victim: of cancer, of infidelity, of being a woman in The Patriarchy. She was an active participant in John’se Big Lie. Michelle is being portrayed as a fashionable Angela Davis. They are spouses of candidates and icons of identity politics. IOW, they’re pandering to the base here by trotting non-entities as somebodies: the Harrison Bergeron principle. It will have the same effect as trotting out Kerry, an anti-military activist for 30 years, and having him say, “Reporting for duty!”

    Patricia (f56a97)

  12. Has anyone from the DNC explained why Michelle Obama is talking on Monday night?

    So much for the claim that it is unfair to target criticism at her.

    seaPea (1cfc37)

  13. Michelle speaking at all is not common. Hillary, as the incumbant First Lady (and Tipper as the incumbant First VP’s lady), spoke in 1996; I think Eleanor Roosevelt spoke for Harry Truman in 1948. Otherwise, not at all common.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  14. The next time we see Elizabeth Edwards speak, she will be sitting in a chair opposite Barbara Walters.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  15. Osama bin Laden was reportedly busy. Otherwise the democrats would have booked him as a speaker to dump all over Bush.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  16. They can play that tape released today by still-not-dead Zawahiri.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  17. this was the old schedule, but obviously it needs a few edits:

    Agenda for the 2008 Democrat National Convention (Just Released)

    7:00 PM Opening flag burning

    7:15 PM Pledge of Allegiance to the UN

    7:20 PM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    7:25 PM Nonreligious prayer & worship- Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton

    7:45 PM Ceremonial tree hugging

    7:55 PM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    8:00 PM How I Invented the Internet – Al Gore

    8:15 PM Gay Wedding – Barney Frank presiding

    8:35 PM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    8:40 PM Our Troops are War Criminals – John Kerry

    9:00 PM Free Saddam Rally – Cindy Sheehan & Susan Sarandon

    11:00 PM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    11:05 PM Collection for the Osama Bin Laden kidney transplant fund – Barbara Streisand

    11:15 PM Free the Freedom Fighters from Guantanamo Bay – Sean Penn

    11:30 PM Oval Office Affairs – William Jefferson Clinton

    11:45 PM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    11:50 PM How George Bush Brought Down the World Trade Towers – Howard Dean

    12:15 AM “Truth in Broadcasting Award” – Presented to Dan Rather by Michael Moore

    12:25 AM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    12:30 AM Satellite address by Mahmoud Ahmadin Nejad

    12:45 AM Nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Nancy Pelosi

    1:00 AM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    1:05 AM Coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton

    1:30 AM Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    1:35 AM Bill Clinton asks Ted to drive Hillary home

    redc1c4 (ae7a64)

  18. Isn’t the Monday night game that night scheduled for a very early start so as not to go up against the convention???

    reff (b68a4f)

  19. redc1c4,

    LMFAO! Gotta give ya one knock, though. Streisand’s first name is “Barbra” with 2 A’s, not 3. Woulda let it go but come on, she titled one of her early albums “My Name Is Barbra”.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  20. ^ Too funny. And Hillary’s escort at the end of the evening couldn’t be better.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  21. #9

    Thanks Dana. Michelle Obama is really annoying. We can only hope that her particular brand of militancy will backfire. But, since she’ll have Barry’s teleprompter, I expect her to keep up her new ‘suburban mom’ image with just a hint of Angela Davis.

    Just for the record, I generally shorten Hussein Obama down to ‘Ho’. It seems descriptive and also appropriate for the Obamanator.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  22. It was a great list. One other edit: I’ve read that Sean Penn is critical of Obama, and not a fan.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  23. What a recommendation: Obama isn’t far enough to the Left for Sean Penn.

    Icy Truth (d05099)

  24. What a recommendation: Obama isn’t far enough to the Left for Sean Penn.

    I know. I never did boycott him fully (or Susan Sarandon for that matter, although she’s tiresome as all hell). But after Sean played Jeff Spicoli, I just can’t diss him for every weepy political opinion. It would be too much of a loss.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  25. it’s a copy & paste from an old email….. saving it “as is” is all the credit/blame i can take. it predates the primaries by a bit, hence the inaccuracies i hinted at. the typos are also someone else’s

    redc1c4 (ae7a64)

  26. Michelle speaking at all is not common. Hillary, as the incumbant First Lady (and Tipper as the incumbant First VP’s lady), spoke in 1996; I think Eleanor Roosevelt spoke for Harry Truman in 1948. Otherwise, not at all common.

    Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney both gave speeches in 2000 and 2004. And who can forget (I know I’d like to!) the Bush twins speaking at the 2004 convention?

    Nels (364116)

  27. I didn’t know that the Bush twins were married to their dad.

    Icy Truth (5db3e3)

  28. #24 – Vermont Neighbor

    — I will not boycott Susan Sarandon, but she does deserve a spanking, which I volunteer to administer . . . and videotape. One of you can kick Tim Robbins’s ass while I lay into her . . . with the spanking! with the spanking.

    Something like that. Take your time; I might be awhile. She’s been a ba-a-ad girl.

    Icy Truth (5db3e3)

  29. I didn’t know that the Bush twins were married to their dad.

    Hmmm… I think that was a joke, but not sure. If it’s not, it ignores Nels excellent observation that family members have been known to speak at the conventions. After you took love2008 out to the woodshed earlier (which was enjoyable), I wouldn’t have expected that from you Icy. Were you joking and forget to “wink”?

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  30. I’m pretty sure all I said was that it hasn’t been historically common. I wasn’t endeavoring to give a precise accounting of every time it has happened. And I wrote “I didn’t know that the Bush twins were married to their dad,” because the subject is the spouse of the candidate, not family members in general.

    Given her history of America-bashing collectivist rhetoric I think the Dems are taking a fairly big risk putting her on, especially on the first night when some people will actually be paying attention. If she comes off as angry and/or elitist it might be time to write off the “all-important white working class” vote.

    Icy Truth (5db3e3)

  31. Rev. Wright should do the invocation.

    JD (75f5c3)

  32. Rev. Wright should do the invocation.

    JD – They’ve already got a radical islamist participating in the interfaith service, and the equivalent of Rev. Wright is CEO of the whole affair.

    See my 10.

    They’ve got it covered.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  33. If she comes off as angry and/or elitist it might be time to write off the “all-important white working class” vote.

    I’m not sure she’s going to sway many of them to her husband anyway, given (as you say) her previous quotes. 😉

    For what it’s worth, here’s a partial list of recent speakers at conventions (1988 to present) who were family members:
    Vanessa Kerry (daughter), Alexandra Kerry (daughter), Elizabeth Edwards (spouse), Cate Edwards (daughter), Teresa Heinz Kerry (spouse), Chris Heinz (stepson), Hillary Clinton (as spouse, First Lady, and Senator), Nancy Reagan (former First Lady), Robin Dole (daughter), Laura Bush (as spouse and First Lady), Lynne Cheney (spouse), Elizabeth Dole (spouse), Barbara Bush (former First Lady), Michael Reagan (Son), Ron Reagan (Son), George P. Bush (nephew), Tipper Gore (spouse).

    That’s scanning through Wiki and other sites, so the accuracy and inclusiveness is not authoritative by any means.

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  34. I am glad they are having Michelle talk. She can teach us about how to keep fresh fruit in our house.

    JD (75f5c3)

  35. JD – Don’t forget she will tell us about how Barack will make us work so the government can take more money out of our pockets.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  36. This is heartening, I think. Very heartening. She is not such a great spokesperson.

    JD (75f5c3)

  37. Don’t forget about the Arugula! I mean, have you been in a Whole Foods lately? Eeek! Oh, and both me and my husband understand what po’ working folk are going through these days!

    Dmac (874677)

  38. It would be a damn shame if we get a torrential downpour here in Denver on the night of the messiah’s mile high sermon.

    Mark Belt (c6cfed)

  39. The nirvana of this campaign so far is the WSJ article that said Barry is so fit and handsome, he’s a potential threat to voters.

    Icy, you need to tell Ms. Sarandon you voted for McCain 4X. You’ll have a real wildcat on your hands.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  40. Racists! (yes I’m looking at you JD)

    Lord Nazh (899dce)

  41. JD wrote: I am glad they are having Michelle talk. She can teach us about how to keep fresh fruit in our house.

    If she’s unavailable, Barney Frank can pinch-hit.

    L.N. Smithee (0931d2)

  42. #33 – Stashiu3

    — Point taken. I confess to doing sketchy research before commenting (actually, I didn’t research the GOP side at all). I never claimed to be purfect.

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  43. No worries Icy, until I looked I couldn’t have named a single one. I don’t watch the conventions (or the Olympics, or much TV at all for that matter). Once I started looking it was interesting how many actually spoke.

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  44. #39 – Vermont Neighbor

    Icy, you need to tell Ms. Sarandon you voted for McCain 4X. You’ll have a real wildcat on your hands.

    — The P.C. term is “cougar”, although I prefer “hellcat”. As for getting her dander up . . . oh the stories I could tell of fiery redheads. Rowr!!! [Insert lyrics to the Rolling Stones song “Stray Cat Blues” here.]

    “So I think (Obama) definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”Susan Sarandon

    — The scary thing is, that is her being as coherent as she can be on the subject. Much clearer of course was the greatest comedy troupe of all time:

    Dingo: You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like… and then… spank me.
    All: And me. And me too. And me.
    Dingo: Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.
    All: [Giggling and nodding in agreement]
    Dingo: And after the spanking, the oral sex.
    All: The oral sex!
    Sir Galahad: Well, I could stay a bit longer…

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  45. Icy – I don’t monty or python, ever. Which leaves me comedy deficient or at least unaware of the team above. It is nice you can love Susan as much as Tim does! Every girl needs a fan. (She can’t be your cougar though. Because you have to be a lot younger. I think. You’re about 45 and she’s about 55… guessing each.)

    Guys who like redheads can tell stories. (Can and do).

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  46. Stashiu, those were all great examples. It still leads me to the same conclusion re Michelle Obama as opening act.

    A spouse or offspring is an odd choice for first night. She’s basically brain candy for far-left reactionary anti-American blamers and haters. Thus, Denver. Opening Night.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  47. Be funny if she was the closing speaker as well… she may not let Barack talk. Ok, wishful thinking… I like popcorn! 😉

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  48. she may not let Barack talk.

    Between the bosses in Chicago and Michelle at home, this poor guy needs to grow a pair.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  49. #45 – Vermont Neighbor

    She can’t be your cougar though. Because you have to be a lot younger. I think. You’re about 45 and she’s about 55… guessing each.

    — I’m 42 and she’s 61; she had just turned 19 when I was born. I think that qualifies.

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  50. The news that Michelle Obama will be the keynote speaker on Monday night is incomplete without the further information that that night’s official theme is “One Nation.”

    Yes, Michelle Obama: The Democratic Party’s emblem of national unity and pride. You can’t make stuff up that’s nearly as funny as this.

    Beldar (7a5c38)

  51. One Nation Under Barack,
    With Equality And Entitlements For All

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  52. ^ Expect her to throw a fist.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  53. Over 60? Susan Sarandon looks great. So do you, Icy. I mean for an old guy over 40.
    . )

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  54. If Michelle ‘throws a fist’ that echoes the black-power salute from the ’68 Olympics, expect major negative feedback; and, expect to see it covered by the MSM. As proven by the Edwards debacle, there are some stories that are just too big to bury on the back pages.

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  55. It may be subliminal, like a little coy half-throw. One for the homies.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  56. VN, I look exactly as good as your emoticon.

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  57. LN @ 41 – That was just so wrong.

    JD (5f0e11)

  58. Homoprotectionist!

    Icy Truth (9779ca)

  59. I hope Cindy McCain speaks at the RNC…she can teach American’s how to steal drugs or maybe the best prescription drugs for kids to steal from their parents.

    stu (1ed35a)

  60. Number 17: You probably don’t realize how stupid you are. But there is still time I hope for you to get an education.

    costa .christofides (e8aef2)

  61. Number 17: You probably don’t realize how stupid you are. I hope that you get an education.

    costa christofides (e8aef2)

  62. 61/62 wassamatter? He did have a disclaimer that it needed editing. Seems to me the dude portrays what is the gist of the various libs he lampoons.
    DNC leadership and many of the Super Delegates really are quite clueless, self-aggrandizing hypocritical career bloodsuckers.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

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