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Andrew Young’s Criminal Record

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[posted by Justin Levine]

Lee Stranahan does a bang-up job in researching the John Edwards scandal:

Andrew Aldridge Young is the former Edwards campaign worker and assistant who has claimed to be the father of John Edward’s mistress Rielle Hunter’s baby. Young has a wife and three children. Dallas attorney and John Edwards supporter Fred Baron recently confirmed that he financed Young, his family, and Hunter’s move to Santa Barbara, claiming to have financed the move and living expenses without the knowledge of Edwards. Young’s name does not appear on the Hunter baby’s birth certificate, which has kept open questions about whether Young is actually the father.

Now public records searches reveal a history of criminal charges and convictions that paint a potentially different picture of Young than that of a typical campaign worker. The records, published on the website, appear to list over twenty different criminal offenses and a tax lien.

– Justin Levine

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