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Rush on Colbert: They Blow the Rock Band Test

Filed under: Humor,Music — Patterico @ 11:20 pm

Is this more of a comment on Rush (as they are nowadays), or Rock Band? (Via our pal Radley Balko.)

Via one of Radley’s commenters, here’s the entire Colbert episode.

P.S. No ragging on the boys allowed! This is my favorite band of all time.

14 Responses to “Rush on Colbert: They Blow the Rock Band Test”

  1. Maybe they were playing the American version of the game, instead of the Canadian?

    At least the drummer didn’t die.

    Ed (59b337)

  2. The game should be matching them, not the other way around. I just wished they would have smashed the crappy ‘instruments’ at the end.

    The rockband developer claims the drums are supposed to be close to real drumming on expert mode. Looked like he was bent over in an akward position trying to play them.

    liontooth (0edfdb)

  3. This is my favorite band of all time

    Rock on, Pat! These guys are amazing. My youngest daughter – a total Rush head – took me to see them when they played in Phoenix in May. It was, without a doubt, the best concert I’ve even been to. That they are not in the R&R Hall of Fame is a scandal.

    Horatio (55069c)

  4. That they are not in the R&R Hall of Fame is a scandal.

    Buhwuh?? They keep packing that place with non-rock performers and leave out one of the premiere power trios of all time? Must be political…

    rhodeymark (1aaf2a)

  5. The rockband developer claims the drums are supposed to be close to real drumming on expert mode.

    The problem here was that there was just the one set, not 20 surrounding the man. :)

    And while I’m not the biggest Rush fan (sorry, not old enough), Colbert pooches the performance just yanking the spotlight away at pretty much the climax of their performance…

    He’s a douche – but that’s hardly news…

    At least Stewart is funny.

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  6. Now I know why I feel so comfortable coming here. You’re cool, Patterico.

    — Signed, Rush concert-goer for the past 27 years

    Icy Truth (9cedd0)

  7. I got to see the Snakes and Arrows Tour when it came through Irvine. Jiminy Christmas, it’s a steep hike up to the “smoking” section…

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  8. rush is your favorite band of all time? that’s something i would have kept to myself.

    assistant devil's advocate (3e3f26)

  9. I saw Rush last week (sadly for the first time). Man what a show. Talk about some talented people… Spot on performance by them.

    G (722480)

  10. I know “Tom Sawyer” is more recognizable to the average Philistine out there (sorry, I meant non-Rush-fan). I still would have liked to see them take a crack at “The Trees”, assuming it was available on Rock Band…

    Judging by what I saw, probably not…

    The Other JD (35b222)

  11. people actually *like* Rush? i always had them pegged as the 80’s version of the BeeGees…..

    /white smoke %-)

    redc1c4 (ae7a64)

  12. To answer the question: it’s certainly a comment on the game, but also a question about the band. The matter of all that should be obvious. As for the band, I wondered why in the world they agreed to do that.

    It would just about take a gun at my head.

    Billy Beck (6abbb4)

  13. “The matter of the game should be obvious.”


    Billy Beck (6abbb4)

  14. That they are not in the R&R Hall of Fame is a scandal.

    Humph. I’m more and more viewing the “R&R Hall of Fame” in roughly the terms that the Sex Pistols described it in the note Lydon wrote to explain their absence from their own induction ceremony.

    The “Hall of Fame” is just a museum & tourist attraction, and who’s in it is a matter of the subjective value judgments of the same people who bring you the Top 100 lists in Rolling Stone magazine. Anyway, it’s supposed to be rock and roll — do you really need to rely on Jann Wenner, Dave “why does my breath smell like Bruce Springsteen’s rear end” Marsh, and their cronies to dictate to you who the all-time greats are?

    As for the clip — I only watched part of it, but I’m not surprised they would have not done so well. Playing a video game is a skill that is generally very little like the activity the game is trying to simulate. I can drive cars & ride motorcycles pretty well, for instance, but I screw the pooch pretty quickly on driving / riding games when I try them. I’m pretty close to competent on a real guitar, and do play with a band, but I would probably suck rocks at Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

    Alex (2edb43)

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