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Poll: Obama = Panderer

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Allah has the latest polling numbers, with a majority saying they think Obama is telling them what they want to hear.

5 Responses to “Poll: Obama = Panderer”

  1. well, duh?

    /what do you want? i live in the Valley %-)

    redc1c4 (5c9f54)

  2. Do these poll results send a quiver up Chris Matthew’s leg?

    Perfect Sense (23c691)

  3. Perhaps the Dems should consider changing their donkey to the Giant Panda to reflect the “change” their new candidate has brought them?

    proof (4721a6)

  4. When I go to the movies or re-read a book I love I enjoy hearing what I want to hear. Otherwise I want the truth, neat, in a clean glass. I don’t need it to be pretty or dressed up in satin, I want truth.

    Hopey-Changiness is nice when I’m rooting for the Orioles. Not so much in a President.

    Vivian Louise (eeeb3a)

  5. The Panderer is not the Panderer he thought he knew.

    Dmac (416471)

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