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Limbaugh was on fire today giving the Lefties Exactly What they Seemed to Be asking for.

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[Posted by WLS]

I caught just a little bit of Limbaugh on the way to work this morning. Normally I’m on the road earlier than the time he’s on, but I managed to listen briefly today.

He spent some time going over how various components of the MSNBC stable of programs yesterday were dealing with the New Yorker cover cartoon, and calling on Democrat operatives and lefty journalists to explain why The New Yorker had missed the mark with this particular piece of political satire. Limbaugh played soundbites from several of them commenting on the fact that the satire — with the right wing as its target, not the Obamas — would have been more clear and understood had the cartoonist made the caricature of the Obama’s a painting being done by Limbaugh, thereby making a claim that it was Limbaugh leading the parade to paint Obama as a Muslim and his wife as a left-wing revolutionary.

So, what does Limbaugh say — beyond soaking up all this adulation and attention from MSNBC?? — he mentions as an aside that the whole episode reminded him of the famous Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, an the outrage they engendered.

Outrage that came from …… MUSLIMS.

Obama and his campaign are complaining over this cartoon by the New Yorker just like the Muslims complained about the Danish cartoonist.

He left it to the audience to connect those two dots.

Brilliant and hysterical.


36 Responses to “Limbaugh was on fire today giving the Lefties Exactly What they Seemed to Be asking for.”

  1. Drug addicts are sometimes brilliant, and almost always hysterical.

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  2. Thank you for sharing this, WLS. I didn’t catch the show today. After the profile on Rush in the NYT, the left was beside themselves. Of course jealousy and envy is always a most unbecoming nasty green-eyed monster…

    But underneath the dot connecting truth, however, is the scary reality that Obama may actually get into the WH.

    Dana (f3e2a8)

  3. I said the same thing to my wife last night. Am I brilliant and hysterical, too?

    Brian (fcf819)

  4. Ask her and come back and tell us what she said.

    I’ll take her word for it.

    WLS (68fd1f)

  5. The point of the criticism is that it wasn’t clear, given the idiocy of the politics of this country these days, IF the cartoon was mocking the right or accusing the Obamas. The complaint was that if anything it was too subtle.

    As the cartoonist said himself

    I think the idea that the Obamas are branded as unpatriotic [let alone as terrorists] in certain sectors is preposterous. It seemed to me that depicting the concept would show it as the fear-mongering ridiculousness that it is.

    Your response misses the point entirely. Duncan Black put it well

    I certainly don’t think that the New Yorker cover is the biggest deal in the world, but the basic reason I find it problematic is that I look at it and I think, “Yes, well, that’s what the Right says about the Obamas pretty much daily.” It channels what they say, but they forgot to add the funny. Hamas loves Obama, he hates the flag and America, he’s a Muslim, Michelle Obama is a black militant, etc. It isn’t funny to me because I read this crap every day all day. This crap isn’t just on obscure wingnut blogs, it’s everywhere. G. Gordon Liddy is thrilled.

    Follow that last link. Liddy thinks the New Yorker got it right.

    You people are buffoons. If you really want to have a laugh, how about the kid who’s getting death threats for absconding with the eucharist. As the man says, “it’s a goddamn cracker”

    And by the way, if you want to copy links, just buy a two button mouse like the rest of us. It’s the easy way. And yes it works with macs.

    JAR (9c32c0)

  6. JAR – The great thing is that it confirms you fucking moonbats don’t have a sense of humor.

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  7. JAR:

    I’d love some links to those sites that are positing those things every day, all day.

    I’ll wait.

    ECM (de5660)

  8. Just google “Obama is a Muslim”
    or “terrorist fist jab?” Leave the question mark in.

    Or better, stop lying.

    JAR (9c32c0)

  9. JAR:

    The text you quoted said “all day, every day”.

    I’m still waiting.

    ECM (de5660)

  10. JAR #4 — I love all this nonsense about how these slanderous smears about Obama are allegedly “everywhere” on the right, even though you and your allies never once provide any evidence for this assertion. One thing that you never admit is that most of the blatant anti-Obama accusations were repeated during the primaries by Democrat voters, the very same ones that Obama is so furiously trying to win over by moving back to the center. It ain’t the GOP that is spreading all this noise.

    I won’t go into details since Mark Hemmingway in NRO has done such a great job, but suffice to say that you should be able to criticize Obama for his questionable associations without being accused of perpetuating obnoxious smears about him. The fact that he and his followers are so thin-skinned about all this goes to show that deep down inside maybe they too realize that their Messiah is an empty suit.

    JVW (6a7c34)

  11. Its been common practice for months for Democrats to blame Republicans for Hillary’s own sockpuppets attacks on Obama. As I recall, one of Hillary’s proxies was on TV blaming Republicans for an attack that was actually sourced to him.

    JAR’s done this before, and been caught at it, and still thinks he can get away with the exact same talking points that were past their expiration date half a year ago.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  12. Duncan Atrios Black is a really credible person to quote. Why not just quote Oliver Willis, or Soros?

    JAR is feces-flinging again today. It will be gone soon.

    JD (5f0e11)

  13. “Obama and his campaign are complaining over this cartoon by the New Yorker just like the Muslims complained about the Danish cartoonist.”

    I wasn’t aware of any ensuing mass riots, or death threats to the New Yorker cartoonist, to the degree that other outlets are afraid to reprint them even as commentary.

    Until such things happen, it sounds like a silly analogy, though I don’t know the exact way Rush phrased it.

    LYT (b67340)

  14. Rush was being sarcastic and laughing the entire time.

    He turned the satire back on Obama? “You think I’m spreading these smears about you??? Well I hate to be blamed for something I’m not doing, so here you go.”

    WLS (68fd1f)

  15. I think the photo at Ace’s blog would have made a better cover for the New Yorker.

    william (93636f)

  16. I must have been on vacation. When did Rupert Murdoch buy the New Yorker magazine?

    Dr. Ted Baehr (0f0978)

  17. Satire is wasted on the semi-literate, NASCAR watching Ditto head guerillas anyway! If they are smart enough to understand subtle humor instead of taking things literally why would they listen to a drug addict day in and day out? 12 years of fooling well meaning idiots and running away with lots of cash from no-bid contracts is coming to an end. Only the guerillas don’t even know that it’s their pockets that have been picked!!

    Sandybutt (1d04c1)

  18. Sandybutt, seems satire is wasted on you as well.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  19. Limbaugh is a cruel, hypocritical, gaseous coward and drug addict who trolls the Dominican Republic for young boys.

    Other than that, he’s a model citizen who’s obscenely rich.

    ProudLiberal (ac8aad)

  20. ProudLib-Marxist — ain’t capitalism swell?

    wls (02df99)

  21. Yet another example of the fact that the loons have nothing but slanders to offer.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  22. Anybody seen my marbles?

    Libertard (cc1676)

  23. Limbaugh is a cruel, hypocritical, gaseous coward and drug addict who trolls the Dominican Republic for young boys.

    Complete childishness — what else do we expect from foolish leftists?

    Richard Romano (3df804)

  24. You silly fools — can you dispute any of that about Limbaugh?

    Busted for sending his maid out to score Oxycontin?

    Making fun of Parkinson’s sufferers? Impugning our soldiers? Bragging about disrupting primaries? Telling a caller to “take the bone out of his nose”? Being a full-time racist, sexist demagogue?

    Going on gay sex trips to Central America?

    He’s a lout and a disgrace, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for being fans and apologists.

    Maybe a boil on your sorry chickenhawk asses is what kept you out of your beloved Iraq invasion/occupation. It’s what kept the bilious gasbag from serving in Nam.

    Gawd, you people are pitiful.

    Back to the reality-based community — and, no, I won’t let the proverbial door hit me on the backside.

    ProudLiberal (ac8aad)

  25. Back to the reality-based community

    You mean the one that hates Jews, believes Bush engineered 9/11, and can’t wait to abandon the Iraqis to maniacal Islamonazi dictators?

    Good riddance, turdball.

    Generic Moonbat Troll at Patterico's (cd214a)

  26. Oops… I’ve been outed. :-)

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  27. BigIslandDave/ProudLiberal:

    Please maintain a consistent identity.

    Patterico (0330b5)

  28. Surely who can belive what rush limbaugh says! these guy has big body and less brains. He is a disgrace to the Americam society period!

    braggingrights (571814)

  29. Yes, lying dumbass Dave, we can dispute all the crap you claim about Limbaugh and others, which you heard from some other lying moonbat and figured was too good to check. It’s not like you’re providing links to any credible sources purporting to corroborate any of your libel.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

  30. The left always sounds loony. It has to make a person mental trying to constantly defend a position that they themselves know is always wrong. It’s like Cub fans always saying, “wait til next year”.

    Mr.Debater (d7cbbd)

  31. Patterico,

    How about putting this changling’s IP on vacation for a couple of weeks until he/she can start competant psychiatric treatment to meld their multiple personalities into one. I have no hope of sanity from Liberals to begin with. Therefore, just having one devil to listen to rather than “Legion” is something I’ll settle for.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  32. #24 Reality based community? Which one? DU, Huff, Kos Diary,, codepinko?
    To quote the censored version of The Exorcist,” Your mother still rots in hell.” The uncensored version applies better to deranged left wing loons though, especially those prone to dangling at barry dingleberry’s nether regions.

    madmax333 (60c7fe)

  33. Satire is wasted on the semi-literate, NASCAR watching Ditto head guerillas anyway! If they are smart enough to understand subtle humor instead of taking things literally why would they listen to a drug addict day in and day out?

    You’re going to vote for the cokehead, right Sandy?

    Pablo (99243e)

  34. America may be ready for a black president, but does that mean we are obligated to elect someone president, just because they are black? Obama has extremely minimal experience and minimal credentials, not to mention his 20 years joined at the hip with anti-American racists. Also, about 15% of our population is black, so in a democracy, why are the other 85% of us made to feel obligated to elect a black man? I think the problems confronting America today are too dire and too complex to elect someone who is less qualified, just because it is politically correct.

    Gina (6261e4)

  35. You’re going to vote for the cokehead, right Sandy?

    Bush is running AGAIN?

    seamus (551f8e)

  36. #35

    How is it that Clinton’s brother is a convicted coke dealer, caught in a sting saying “This is for my brother, he has a nose like a vacuum cleaner”, and yet we have hysterical liberals transferring their guilt and their problems on to Republicans?

    martin (0bd3dd)

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