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Will Kurtz Slam the L.A. Times Over the Tony Snow Comments?

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Will Howard Kurtz slam the L.A. Times web site for approving comments that reveled in Tony Snow’s death? After all, he made a point of noting when a small percentage of Michelle Malkin’s commenters reveled in the news of Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor.

I explore this question at Hot Air, where I set forth the text of a question I submitted for Kurtz’s online chat tomorrow.

9 Responses to “Will Kurtz Slam the L.A. Times Over the Tony Snow Comments?”

  1. Good point. Kurtz should be challenged to see if he has a double standard on this.

    DRJ (ec597e)

  2. Yes, well, do bears defecate in the woods?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  3. If George Bush steps on a pot plant in the woods, will there be a Liberal to start a protest and smoke the plant to protest Bush?

    PCD (331662)

  4. The sun will rise in the west before Kurtz comments on the tasteless comments at the Los Angeles Times.

    Actually the commentary cited brings a qoutation to mind from an old Missouri Supreme Court case circa 1929. A young lady of shall we say flexible morals had had carnal knowledge of a young man, then cried “Rape!”

    The judge a crusty old decidedly non PC geezer reversed the rape conviction, declaring in words which could well describe the Los Angeles Times blog site, that the young lady was, “Nothing but a cistern for foul toads to squat and hunker in.” Thank goodness they don’t make judges like that anymore—but he was certainly prescient about the Daily Dog Trainer website/blog.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  5. Let’s see, Rush Limbaugh makes fun of MIchael J. Fox and calls some of our troops “phony soldiers.” Phil Gramm tells struggling Americans “to stop whining.” Ann Coulter wishes that Timothy McVeigh had blown up the New York Times building. Michelle Malkin imagines that Racheal Ray is wearing terrorist headgear. Michael Savage tells a gay caller to his radio show to “eat —- and die.” Laura Ingraham regularly insults listeners. Bill O’Reilly insults the son of a 9/11 victim. Faux News viewers and their execrable ilk revel in the news that the honorable Sen. Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor.

    No, you hypocritical reich-wingers would never stoop to making vile, crude, mean and vicious comments about liberals, progressives and Democrats.

    BigIslandDave (ac8aad)

  6. Liar. “Phony soldiers” was a reference to individuals who either falsely claimed to be soldiers or grossly misrepresented the extent of their service. All were phonies and most were not soldiers at all. And of course you have no link to a FoxNews article in which anyone on their staff gloated over Kennedy’s brain tumor. You simply made that crap up.

    Tu quoque arguments are bad enough. “Tu quoque, only I’m lying about tu quoque” is beyond despicable.

    Xrlq (b71926)

  7. This just in at Howie Kurtz’s Q&A:

    Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Mr. Kurtz, you were upset when bloggers said cruel things about Ted Kennedy’s cancer — rightly so. What do you have to say about those doing the same thing with Tony Snow? As Good as His Words: Spokesman Tony Snow Earned Press’s Respect (Post, July 14)

    Howard Kurtz: I would say it’s outrageous, but I haven’t personally seen any examples. I’m not saying that Snow’s life and career should be above criticism because of his death. We don’t need to sanitize the lives of those who pass away. But crude and hateful comments about someone who’s just died should be shunned.

    David Ehrenstein (85002c)

  8. I think that Kurtz will raise the subject, Patterico, because you are a fairly-important blogger e.g. one who gets space in the LAT every now and then and not just an ordinary blogger or commenter. With the LAT‘s own blog responding to your criticisms, it’ll be difficult for Kurtz to ignore it.

    andycanuck (3f2e1f)

  9. P.S. Mind you, I doubt he’ll “slam” the Times over it. More like mild rebuke and “bad comments slip through the editorial cracks”.

    andycanuck (3f2e1f)

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