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Yellowcake Uranium Moved Out Of Iraq

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[posted by Justin Levine]

[Note from Patterico: I haven’t followed this controversy other than to scan the recent news story about yellowcake being moved out of Iraq, which struck me as a nonstory because I thought we already knew about that, and it predated the Gulf war. Beyond that, I don’t have any opinion. But I would appreciate it if the left-wing morons who keep saying this post was written by “Patterico” take note: there are several hints that this post was written by Justin Levine — who is not me. Like, under the title, where it says “Justin Levine.” Or at the beginning of the post, where it says “Posted by Justin Levine.” Since that’s not enough for you chuckleheads, I am adding a signature line at the end: “– Justin Levine” This might get through to maybe half of you. Whatever.]

Nothing to see here. After all, we wouldn’t want to interfere with the speaking tours and book sales from Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson now, would we?

Yes, yes, I know. The diehards who want to defend Plame and Wilson will still say that there is nothing to suggest that this particular yellowcake came from Niger, and it doesn’t prove that that Saddam Hussein specifically tried to buy his yellowcake from that country as opposed to obtaining it elsewhere. But once they make that argument, they are resting on pure legalisms rather than addressing the underlying subtance of the debate over Saddam’s nuclear weapons program.

In case you need reminding that Joe Wilson was already proven to be a liar over his allegations over this matter, I would direct you here, here, and here for starters. You can also consult one of the original source documents here [PDF file – at pgs. 4 through 12, and 37 through 39 in the PDF file’s pagination].

But naturally none of this will matter to the Wilsonoid true believers. The Kool-Aid has already been ingested long ago.

[Update: Still need even more resources proving that Wilson and Plame are lying sacks? Check it out here.]

— Justin Levine

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