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That Was Unexpected

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So I was driving home along the 110 Freeway tonight and, all of a sudden, I heard L.A. Observed’s Kevin Roderick talking about my blog on KCRW.

He even seemed to be saying nice things.

You can listen here. I can’t recreate the feeling of surprise, though.

9 Responses to “That Was Unexpected”

  1. Thumbs up, mein Host.

    Bravo Zulu.

    Drumwaster (d67aaf)

  2. The 110? You mean the Harbor Fwy, right?

    steve miller (e5eca4)

  3. Dang, Steve beat me to it.

    XBradTC (8ac238)

  4. Congratulation on the KCRW mention. I’m sorry for those who haven’t found your blog…yet, but that group should diminish in size over time. Many thanks for saving me from having to read the LA Times.

    Does the fact that you were listening to NPR on the 110 (I, too, formerly called it the “Harbor Freeway”)… does your listening mean we won’t have listen to NPR any longer?

    By the way the freeway semantics was a fun idea. I think one obscure freeway — close to my Long Beach office — is never “the 47″ (that’s odd, I’m fact checking right now at Google Maps and it’s been renumbered “the 103″ in part.. yikes!!) … it’s never “the 47/103″ but always the “Terminal Island Freeway” Perhaps it’s “the” numbers for familiar freeways and geography names for obscure ones.

    bill lever (a16f35)

  5. There is a reason why Patterico is the best. Perhaps he will care to share with some of us his secrets. (with a deep italian accent. And in the background, rich italian godfatherish classics playing.) Eh, Patterico?

    love2008 (1b037c)

  6. And in the background,

    Patterico likes classical music. And classic rock. He likes computers. He doesn’t like cats. But no violins or late night pasta. That’s the blogger I see.

    Vermont Neighbor (31ccb6)

  7. This is both cool and well-deserved, but it has to be weird to have people talk about you on the radio when you don’t expect it.

    DRJ (865fdd)

  8. why would you listen to KCRW when there’s Indie 103.1?

    (and it’s a total bummer KMET is gone dude…. %-)

    except for Jim Ladd, LA radio pretty much sucks.

    redc1c4 (5c9f54)

  9. As a follow-on to the ‘the’ road names and numbers thread, I’ve been paying attention to this in my conversations with fellow San Diegans. Scorecard: just as many use no ‘the’ as use ‘the’. And a surprising number of folks used both versions in the same conversations, myself included which surprised me. Now I did instigate some of this with innocent sounding questions involving freeways and highways.

    Side note: when I revealed my little research ploy, and related the SoCal-NoCal distinctions as revealed in comments I read here, the common responses were “what’s the big deal?” Or, as one girl put it… “Why are NoCals such haters?” She was a mixed ‘the’-er.

    My conclusion: Take I-15 south, then 163 to the 8, head west to OB and have a cold beer at the jetty while waiting for the green flash at sunset.

    allan (5259c1)

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