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Pfather Pfleger Put on Leave

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The Catholic Cardinal for Chicago has put Father Pfleger on leave for a few weeks, over his objections.

P.S. From the article:

On Monday, Pfleger went on the defensive again, issuing a statement saying that his tongue slipped when he said in the May 25 sermon that “America is the greatest sin against God.” The activist and priest said he meant to say racism was the greatest sin.


Tongue slippage. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

38 Responses to “Pfather Pfleger Put on Leave”

  1. “he meant to say racism was the greatest sin.”

    Hmm…Ameracismica…erica…cism…America..ouch my tongue.

    “his tongue slipped”

    Oh! Father!

    Jack Klompus (b796b4)

  2. This is a disgrace. Father Pfleger needs to keep spreading his message so people can continue associating him with the Obama campaign. The catholics are in the tank for Obama!!!!

    daleyrocks (ae5951)

  3. The Cardinal may order but I don’t know that Pfleger will obey. Pfleger is very difficult to discipline. He is St. Sabina. The Cardinal has the nuclear option, shutting down the parish, but he will not take it. He will not lose a congregation.

    Yes, Pfleger is an asshole. But he is a good pastor to his parishioners. And being an asshole and a good pastor are not mutually inconsistent.

    nk (be56c0)

  4. Tongue slipping…
    Have to remember to wear sandals.
    Problem solved.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  5. Yeah I want more Pfleger! I want him in the pulpit in every era’s classic black fashion from Superfly bell bottoms and platforms to Run DMC adidas warmups and shell-tops. He’s great. His shuck-n-jive routine is hilarious.

    Jack Klompus (b796b4)

  6. Oh, I want all of Baracky’s gang to remain just where they are. Even have more microphones put in front of them.

    JD (5f0e11)

  7. Youse neocons are about to get payback; at least from some of the other blogs I read. America wants hope! and Change! The European blogs are sooooo proud that Americans are about to choose a historic black presidency. Forget being qualified or in the pockets of the radical far left..time for Bushitler to leave.
    So let’s not be obstructionists and all gather around Barack Hussein, because anything would be racist. Imagine all the money we’ll save by no longer buying weapons or military upgrades or fighting imperialistic wars. I’m hoping that America will generously agree to pay its fair share of a UN global tax. 25% of their budgetary needs should be about right. All Hail Urkel! Peace in our Time! Levi for information minister/ press spokesperson.

    madmax333 (a3b746)

  8. Just in case the Pope is reading this, isn’t there a leper colony somewhere that needs a priest?

    Glen Wishard (02562c)

  9. Tongue slip my sweet Aunt Fanny.

    He believes it. I’ve met people who say and believe the same thing. Michell O believes it.

    They are so motivated to change us that they don’t take the easy way out and move to someplace better, which, given their views, is any place.

    You have to be grateful.

    Richard Aubrey (5c6a78)

  10. I used to be Christian, and I seem to recall that in one of the Gospels someone asked Jesus which of the Ten Commandments was the most important one. His answer was “Thou shalt have no God before me.”

    Wouldn’t violating that commandment thus be the greatest sin against God? That’s what Father Pfleger’s Messiah said, after all.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  11. The European blogs are sooooo proud that Americans are about to choose a historic black presidency.

    So, when are the enlightened Euros gonna do it? They’re proud that we might beat then to that too?

    Pablo (99243e)

  12. The exit polls for the two democrat races tonight both showed that around 60% of the voters polled said the Trinity Church was a non issue.

    Now both states are essentially totally white since the voter stats show no percentage for black voters there and 1% Hispanic.

    So by that yardstick any whitey tape out there would most likely be a major dud.

    SlimGuy (ea6549)

  13. SlimGuy, where you are falling short in your analysis is this: if 60% of the voters are saying that Trinity Church is a “non issue” then that should be taken to mean that 60% of Democrat voters say it is a non issue. In other words, up to 40% of Sen. Obama’s own party thinks that his church affiliation is an issue. Now extrapolate those numbers for the independents and (maybe) moderate Republicans that Obama would hope to win. I think by that measure this is a real issue for him.

    JVW (78155f)

  14. Patterico: this “slip of the tongue” reminds me of a joke I heard from an AI professor in grad school. A man walked into his doctor’s office with a black eye and other injuries to his face. The doctor asked him what had happened. He said “Doctor, I’ve had a terrible Freudian slip. We were sitting at the dinner table, and I meant to say ‘Honey, would you please pass the salt?’ but it came out as ‘F*** you b***h, you ruined my life!'”

    SlimGuy: If “only” 40% of Democrats (and 0% of non-Democrats) thought Trinity was an issue, that would still be a big enough chunk of the electorate to turn the election several times over. Anything affecting that many voters is, by a long shot, the opposite of a dud.

    Xrlq (62cad4)

    Yeah…get a real clue…change is gonna come…

    TimE (dbcc61)

  16. i really do not like all caps

    JD (75f5c3)

  17. Hold on. Catholic Priests who sexually abused little boys were NOT disciplined. They got moved from parish to parish. But this man is suspended? How crazy is that?

    Reg (ed35ca)

  18. Capslock: Cruise-control to “cool”…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)


    krazy kagu (4e60be)

  20. Reg – This was not Fr. Phlegler first foray into teh krazy.

    JD (75f5c3)

  21. More detailed story here. Pfleger’s politics are execrable but he is a hero, justifiably so in many respects, to that community. If he goes on leave it will be voluntarily. He can choose to defy the cardinal and the cardinal will back down. It’s actually a test of Pfleger’s Catholicism.

    nk (be56c0)

  22. Put on Leave? He should have been fired!! The Obama camp and his supporters are the most racist we have seen in years. Their tactics are to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them “racist” while ignoring the fact that they are the racists themselves.
    Employing the guilt trip of those who call out Obama on his past record, his wife’ and his pastors comments, his ideas on how he
    will acheive “change”,and his record on embracing illegals and how he will handle the countries many problems–and calling them racist, is despicable.

    Cheryl (bceb54)

  23. You don’t really FIRE a priest… You defrock him, and that’s a BIG deal…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  24. Yup. And it is not at all called for in Pfleger’s case. He might have violated the tax laws a little bit but that’s about all. And there’s biblical precedent for that. As well as for mocking the rulers, although One Guy got beheaded and Another crucified for it.

    I do wonder, though, why the Cardinal had to get involved. Who is Pfleger’s bishop and why didn’t he have a good talking to with him?

    nk (be56c0)

  25. Though the Pope did suggest that priests not get involved in politics, and there’s Fr. Pfleger’s stance on abortion…

    There’s grounds for a defrocking, but the church won’t do it…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  26. And it was the Cardinal because the diocies needed to make a big show of slapping that wrist.

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  27. Defrocking is witchcraft anyway, in my opinion. As is ex-communication. Yeah, yeah, the Apostolic tradition, but it’s not the bishops’s Church or the Pope’s Church. It’s Christ’s Church. I’m out of His Church only when I deny Him or He denies me.

    nk (be56c0)

  28. Defrocking is witchcraft anyway, in my opinion.

    Well, no. Excommunication, maybe. But defrocking a priest deprives him of his pulpit and his authority within the Church.

    Pablo (99243e)

  29. I was thinking that The Calling comes from God and not his Apostles.

    Good thing we don’t have trials for heresy here. 😉

    nk (be56c0)

  30. It is disgusting what both those men of the cloth have said in public and they should both be fired. Godly people do not behave like that!!!

    pwhitten (5f1e40)

  31. Yes, but the Pope is God’s Messanger of sorts…

    The supreme authority over God’s church on Earth. Man’s word is – pardon the pun – gospel…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  32. Yeah, that’s a very troublesome question of Faith. It caused Schisms among Christians.

    I just avoid it by reading the Gospels and hoping to say “I am only what You made me” when I stand for Judgment.

    Do you think God will buy it? 😉

    nk (be56c0)

  33. No, but my only hope at this point is approval of a waiver, allowing me entry. Otherwise, I’m boned…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  34. I’m a former Catholic who was brainwashed by them.
    I agree with the person who suggested there must be a leper colony somewhere that NEEDS Fr. (former?) Phleger? Or perhaps a third world country where Fr. Phleger could learn humility and compassion from the poor he would be helping?
    Just an idea!

    Barbara (ff094d)

  35. There could be an opening in Darfur.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  36. Infanticide is an Obamanation

    Obama played a central role in orchestrating the defeat of Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act , which would have required care and medical attention for third-trimester fetuses that survived an abortion procedure. The central issue here is that what happens to the fetus after the abortion is totally irrelevent to the woman’s right to control her body. She has already exercised her choice and control, and she is free of the unwanted pregnancy. Obama and his supporters therefore cannot call upon the defense of “a woman’s right to control her body,” and they must instead defend a totally indefensible position: the deliberate killing by neglect of what are effectively premature babies, a practice that under ordinary circumstances would be considered felony child abuse or worse. We don’t know any pro-choice people or entities who are willing, figuratively speaking, to die on that hill, which means the phony smile on the empty suit will find himself pretty much alone when the issue comes up.

    WingedHussar1683 (49cf93)

  37. Mr. Handel On the Law, Bill Handel himself, ignorantly said that the good Father’s sermon at Trinity was “illegal,” this morning. No, it was not “illegal.”

    He was not speaking in HIS church, for which he is responsible and enjoys a tax exemption. He was NOT an official of Trinity, whose tax-exemption would be in question. To have a GUEST speaker come in is NEVER to risk IRS exemption.

    Ed (532eeb)

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