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Pellicano Convicted

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He was found guilty of 76 of 77 counts.

I received an interesting statement purporting to be from someone close to the case. I am working on confirming its authenticity.

UPDATE: Yup, it’s authentic. Read the statement — and much more — here.

10 Responses to “Pellicano Convicted”

  1. The suspense is killing me.

    Jem (4cdfb7)

  2. Pellicano represented himself? I had not been following the case so that was a surprise. What the heck was he thinking?

    SPQR (26be8b)

  3. Retry him on the one count he was acquitted on!

    Missed It By THAT Much (f4a81f)

  4. “purporting to be from someone close to the case.”

    Was it Mario G. Nitrini 111?

    LYT (b67340)

  5. LYT,


    I have to admit, I have a new interest in Mario’s theories, and I am not kidding.

    Does that make me crazy?

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  6. does that make me crazy?

    i had to search on mario nitrini to figure out who he was, and this insanity was link one. i don’t think you’re crazy so far, but you can see crazy from where you’re standing. is o.j. simpson involved in this somehow? sure i’d like to see you get the scoop of the new century out of this, but all too many blogscoops come out of the litter box instead of the gelato.

    assistant devil's advocate (e63173)

  7. Let’s put it this way. I’m not saying Mario Nitrini is right — because I don’t really understand what the hell he’s talking about.

    But he suggests some weird relationship between Chuck Philips and Suge Knight and Anthony Pellicano — and I’m wondering whether there might not be something there.

    One thing seems clear: Chuck Philips seems to have funny relationships with Pellicano and Knight.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  8. For example, this post, while rather paranoid in style, actually makes a good point.

    How did Chuck Philips have an unmonitored phone call with Pellicano while Pellicano was locked up?

    I think Mario has a pretty damn good theory on that.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  9. Man, with pictures of these sleazeballs, it’s like something out of a Lethal Weapon movie.

    Nitrini doesn’t want you to know exactly what he’s asserting, because he’s not sure what to assert. He’s clearly aware of a lot of stuff, and is able to point out problems and hint at many others.

    I’m sure most ADAs realize that you will have a hard time unraveling any complex crime without some help from a criminal.

    Jem (4cdfb7)

  10. Hello Patrick,

    Between me and you Dude, the past is the past. Let’s leave it there. Thank you for giving me credit.

    ME AND YOU NEED TO TO TALK. No Sabatoge, Please.

    OK, Good………………..

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    I will come talk to you Patrick about The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case, Pellicano, OJ Simpson, and a whole more…………..

    I am still in Reseda. I am pretty busy playing Music for the elderly.

    I will be in touch Patrick. PLEASE, leave the PAST IN THE PAST.


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