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Novak: Michelle Obama Vetoes Hillary for VP

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Robert Novak claims Obama supporters are convinced Hillary Clinton is not in the running for Obama’s Vice President because she’s been vetoed by Michelle Obama. If that’s true, does that mean the Obamas will be co-Presidents?

Novak also suggests growing support for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to be picked as Obama’s running mate:

“A footnote: Support is growing in Democratic ranks for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland as vice president. He would bring to the ticket maturity (66 years old), experience (six terms in Congress) and moderation (rated “A” by the National Rifle Association). He is very popular in Ohio, a state Republicans must carry to elect a president.”

Novak also remarks on the disorganized McCain campaign and notes McCain’s surprising selection of a campaign chairman with a dismal record.


21 Responses to “Novak: Michelle Obama Vetoes Hillary for VP”

  1. Any candidate is going to want a vice-presidential running mate who has less substance and thus can’t upstage him.
    That means Obama is gonna have to look pretty far down the ladder. Maybe the mayor of a mid-sized city?

    GeorgeH (8c15e5)

  2. Heh.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  3. Strickland? The guy whose administration made it illegal for me to grill?

    Yeah, ya’ll have fun with that.

    Rob Crawford (daaed2)

  4. Ray Nagin?

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  5. Agnew’s dead so that’s out.

    vnjagvet (d3d48a)

  6. Micheal Bloomberg would be his best pick.

    zong qua (9e989b)

  7. Obama’s best choice would probably be a woman, to suck up to all those women who voted for Hillary because she was a woman. Hillary is out, obviously, and so is Geraldine Ferraro. But I don’t keep up with Democratic politicians, especially from the Midwest, so I don’t know who is actually available.

    kishnevi (202292)

  8. Maybe the mayor of a mid-sized city?


    Any mayor would upstage Obama in governing experience.

    Paul (cf2458)

  9. Obama’s best choice would probably be a woman

    First two lines of the post:

    Robert Novak claims Obama supporters are convinced Hillary Clinton is not in the running for Obama’s Vice President because she’s been vetoed by Michelle Obama. If that’s true, does that mean the Obamas will be co-Presidents?

    DRJ, you called it first.

    Paul (cf2458)

  10. Obama would pick DRJ for vp. Question is would he oblige?

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  11. Cindy Sheehan?

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  12. Read elsewhere that 66 year old governor of Ohio is possible choice. Supposed to be very popular in state.

    Wondering about McCain’s potential running mate. His campaign chairman is said to be quite lame.
    Would a JC Watts or Steele take away considerable black voters from Obama or are those potential candidates considered Uncle Toms? Lynn Swann couldn’t beat fast Edie Rndell in Penn.

    madmax333 (4c4906)

  13. Although Gov. Ted Strickland could offer a lot to Obama it is very unlikely that he will run with Obama.
    1-The Gov is pretty well entrenched in trying to fix Ohio’s problems.
    2- He is very pro Hillary
    3- He has made a committment to the voters of his state and would be hard pressed to get out of that committment.

    edward cropper (faad5f)

  14. Listen I dont think obama should pick Hillary as a vice. Hillary’s negatives will overshadow her positives, whatever they are. Secondly it gives the reps a field day to hack away at these two. This will put them in a defensive position, with each one trying to damage control over every new scandal. These two will simply bring Rev. wright and Bosnia back into the mix. With two deeply flawed candidates running for office, one can only sit back and enjoy the spectacle. With all the swift boating that will be going on, Mccain wont need to campaign, he might just travel to Hawaii and sun tan under the summer sun. Its a bad a idea, but then the democrats are capable of making such blunders. Another reason this idea is stupid is (a) Hillary hates Obama’s guts and even as president she will continue to undermine his authority. She will never be loyal to him nor subject to him. How can she? (b) Her quest to be president will never change. Have you watched “Prison Break”, I think the second season. In that movie, the Vp was a cruel, ambitous and wicked woman. When she could not control the president, she did what she had to do, she had him killed. Well you would say oh that was a movie, fiction…” Oh yeah? What about 24? Season one. The President was a black. Sometimes movies have a prophetic undertone. Watching the vicious way hillary has run her campaign so far and her willingness to do whatever is necessary to win. It would be foolish to think that VP would be okay for her. That will just be naive and stupid. Yes keep your enemies closer but not hillary clinton! This VP issue and who Obama picks remains to me the greatest test of his claim to superior “judgement”. This choice will make or destroy what is left of his tottering candidacy. On this matter I agree with Michelle’s woman’s instinct. Women have the uncanny ability to pick those hidden underlying details of human relations. Listening to a good wife, mother, girlfriend can save lives. Sometimes you need them to tell your friends from your foes. HAppy Mother’s sunday y’all!

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  15. A woman for Veep? Won’t be Hillary, that’s for sure. Tea parties, funerals, and cutting ribbons at bridge openings for the next four years ain’t for her. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” so, if the Hildabeast doesn’t get the nomination, she’ll go back to the Senate and be a thoroughgoing pain-in-the-ass for “President Obama” 24/7/52/365.

    “Gee, Mr. President, I’d love to help you with your agenda, but I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and those pesky Republicans are filibustering everything in sight. Fax your stuff to me and I’ll get back with you in 6 months or so.”

    MarkJ (7fa185)

  16. Don’t forget the pile of Dirty the Clinton Camp is working on… I bet some of it find’s it’s way to the McCain camp…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  17. Maybe the mayor of a mid-sized city?

    How about Howard Dean. I know Vermont is smaller than most mid-sized cities, but Dean has been on the national scene for some years now. He is also among the best weapons the Republicans have in the Democrat stable. We need to get Howard Dean out there talking more often to cement an Obama loss.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  18. Congresswoman and professional crazy person Cynthia McKinnon. She’d make a good addition to the Obama super roster.

    Vermont Neighbor (747787)

  19. Cynthia McKinney is on some ticket already… maybe the Green Party or the Peace and Freedom party.
    I haven’t got my bumpersticker yet

    SteveG (71dc6f)

  20. I think Flava Flav would fit for either party.

    the struggler (80b589)

  21. If Michelle told Barack she was going to be his VP, he’d put her on the ticket. You know who wears the pants in that family.

    drugalongkickingandscreaming (81cfa9)

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