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Illegal Immigration is in the News in Idaho

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A 10-year-old Idaho girl has given birth after being raped, allegedly by a 37-year-old illegal immigrant.

The accused is in the Fremont County, Idaho, Jail on other rape charges.


34 Responses to “Illegal Immigration is in the News in Idaho”

  1. Do you really think that little fact will change the minds of Sanchez, Boxer, Feinstein or Bush that perhaps, maybe, in certain circumstances millions upon millions of illegal immigrants just might hurt some Americans, in some way?


    To voice any opposition to out of control illegal immigration it to voice nothing but racism, according to the biased among us.

    tyree (38e5ba)

  2. “millions upon millions of illegal immigrants just might hurt some Americans, in some way?”

    “Millions upon millions” of just about anyone “just might hurt some Americans, in some way.”

    stef (3cd17c)

  3. Yeah, but THESE millions and millions shouldn’t be here in the first place..

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  4. I love DNA cases.

    Alta Bob (934c6d)

  5. And in 10 years she’ll be a grandmother. A grandmother who’s not old enough to drink.

    Vermont Neighbor (747787)

  6. They own guns in Idaho.

    stef, get a clue and stop being a donkey. It will be your first step to being a mature adult.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  7. Illegal immigration leads to murder, rape, bad driving, hit and run accidents, drunk driving, gangs, gang warfare, the prerequisite innocent bystanders killed during gang warfare, press one for English, over crowded jails, over crowded schools, overcrowded hospitals, over crowded hospital emergency rooms, over crowded freeways and streets, identity theft, trashing of the desert ecosystem, voter fraud and increased illicit drug trafficking. Remember that the next time McCain, Peolsi, Obama or Clinton tell you that “no person is illegal”. The biggest heroin bust in the state of California’s history happened less than two miles from my home. Captured along with the drugs were members of the Mexican gang that runs the operation and some additional illegal immigrants, from Mexico. This is in an area that for 70 years enjoyed a reputation of being relatively crime free.

    Illegal immigration hurts millions of people daily, but no one cares about those people.

    On the most elementary level illegal immigration represents government intentionally creating a problem that only government can fix. Illegal immigration is the most obvious symptom of the “culture of corruption” that exists.

    tyree (38e5ba)

  8. “press one for English”

    oh. the humanity!

    stef (688568)

  9. “If convicted the illegal immigrant could face life in prison, a $50,000 fine ,or both……”

    Uhh uhh OK someone explain the above sentence to me. The fine is for um… commiting a felony as an illegal immigrant???? Isn’t there some sort of mandatory minimum for raping a child?

    “…could deport him.”
    Ohhh if the guy is convicted let’s keep him… forever….. Someone needs to. We can call up Mexico and tell them that this one is on us. Seriously.

    EdWood (06cafa)

  10. EdWood –
    I suggest we relocate him to 9 feet under.

    Poor kid.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  11. Foxfier- yeah. Not a big death penalty fan but if the guy is guilty then yeah. Why is there a custody battle for the 10 year old girl? Sounds like she already isn’t living on easy street before this latest kick in the teeth.

    EdWood (06cafa)

  12. I say give that illegal alein and rapist a new life in america the rest of his life in prison

    krazy kagu (2b0aea)

  13. Apparently, “Stefs” like “change” especially when it is forced upon us by illegal activity.

    tyree (32022e)

  14. EdWood – I’d guessed that by the fact that she’s pregnant.

    Violent rape doesn’t result in pregnancy very often, which would either mean systematic abuse or a position of authority while unsupervised. That means that a ten year old was left alone with a criminal and didn’t tell anyone for a while, meaning that something was bad. (If he was already in jail for other rapes at the time means there was a delay between rape and action.)

    My guess is divorced couple, and mom was dating the illegal or one of his relatives.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  15. Of course our own RINO’s support illegal aliens. BTW, he is an illegal ALIEN not immigrant.

    And according to Ruth Bader Ginzberg, this child was only 2 years under what should have been the age of consent anyway.

    martin (cd5d90)

  16. martin,

    Eisenhower managed to chase out the illegals, and he was no raving conservative. Why can’t any administration now?

    PCD (5c49b0)

  17. Because the conservatives are more afraid of being called racist than they are of having our country over run with mexicans.

    Fear if being called names by the liberal groups seems to be a driving factor for RINO’s.

    martin (cd5d90)

  18. “My guess is divorced couple, and mom was dating the illegal or one of his relatives.”


    stef (688568)

  19. I think Foxfier’s point is that the alleged rapist must have been known to the mother or part of the household because the article also states that the 10-year-old has been put in state custody.

    DRJ (8b9d41)

  20. DRJ – Yep.

    The guy had to have access, without other adults being around, for a fairly solid amount of time.

    That means he had to be trusted. Family is usually trusted. If he were biologically related, then it would’ve been mentioned.
    Thus, it’s probable that he isn’t related.
    Thus, a boyfriend/girlfriend enters the picture on behalf of the biological parents.
    Mothers usually get custody.
    Little girl gets raped, probably repeatedly since she conceived.
    Biological father gets PISSED and sues, or the state takes the kid.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  21. Thus, it’s probable that he isn’t related.

    No, it’s probable he and the girl’s mother are legally married and are on the outs.

    Her mother, 27-year-old Isabel Chasarez, was charged with felony “child endangerment.”

    If the couple have valid green cards, deportation could even be less complicated.

    steve (2fd3f6)

  22. Steve-
    the link you provide has a different last name for mother and rapist, and also does not state that the mother was married to the illegal; that is something that WOULD be mentioned.

    The charge of child endangerment could mean many things– renting out the child, leaving the child with a known rapist, leaving the child in a gang or drug den.

    Thank you for the additional information, though.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  23. Being that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story, why not find out the other side, rather than sit around guessing….
    you people must be bored….get a real life…!!!

    jer (e809f5)

  24. Jer-
    We are not “setting around guessing.”

    We are looking at the information to be had and seeing what would fit.

    Rather than complain at us, why don’t you go compile all the information, make a blog, post it and then say “I have more information! Don’t just set here, go read it!”

    As it stands…our time is more productive than yours.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  25. The link you provide has a different last name for mother and rapist, and also does not state that the mother was married to the illegal; that is something that WOULD be mentioned.

    Not really. The fact the mother and accused rapist have different last names doesn’t mean they weren’t parenting the child as an unmarried couple or as spouses. Does their being married make much difference?

    I’m happy they’re off the street and their immigration status is mildly interesting. The fascination with that status might excite a bigger following had the victim been abducted or attacked by a stranger. I’d be a little surprised if her age isn’t questioned at some point – although most kids know EXACTLY how old they are.

    Sad, sad case.

    steve (fcff0c)

  26. Steve:
    No, it’s probable he and the girl’s mother are legally married and are on the outs. =/= parenting the child as an unmarried couple
    Two different situations– please pick which one you’re espousing, and why?

    Does their being married make much difference?

    Only in the context that it would be mentioned in the news stories; the absence of such a mention in the media would be evidence against such a relationship.

    There’s no mention of the mother’s immigration status in either story.

    I’d be a little surprised if her age isn’t questioned at some point – although most kids know EXACTLY how old they are.

    Why are you assuming there isn’t a legal record of her birth and thus her age? Most folks, outside of the FLDS kids, do have legal certificates.

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  27. They’re a couple, married or un-married, which scarcely affects the criminal case. News stories haven’t confirmed this or their immigration status. I don’t consider it “probable” the accused and the victim are unrelated because a TV station in Idaho hasn’t found out.

    Why are you assuming there isn’t a legal record of her birth and thus her age?

    Perhaps there is, but 10-year-olds don’t necessarily carry state IDs. Documents presented to enroll at the school may or may not be verified. Her age will be questioned at some point.

    It wouldn’t take much time to determine if he’s the father. St. Anthony police or the DA may not to reveal that before trial.

    steve (1ada22)

  28. steve –
    Why do you keep assuming complications where there are none?

    I’m starting to wonder if you read anything about the case at all, beyond “ten year old pregnant.”

    Foxfier (74f1c8)

  29. The girl was actually nine (!) when she conceived:

    Channel 3 has learned the girl was 9-years-old when she got pregnant. Sources close to the case say she may have had a medical condition that made her hit puberty early. She was also a little overweight so that may have concealed the pregnancy. Right now both she and her baby girl, who weighed about six pounds at birth, are in state custody.

    More on that medical condition in a companion story:

    For the most part, girls haven’t hit puberty until they’re about 14, but clearly, in rare cases, it can happen. And if the girl has already hit puberty, the doctor I talked with, said her body probably can deal with a full term pregnancy.

    “Less than 10 percent of girls will start their periods before age 11,” says Dr. Barbara Nelson.

    Dr. Barbara Nelson from Rosemark Women’s Care tells me she’s never worked a case with a girl this young. And the only data she’s been able to study about young pregnancies, is with teens.

    “We have a lot of data about teen pregnancy and not a lot about children, obviously the numbers are quite low,” says Dr. Nelson.

    We know teen pregnancy isn’t all that uncommon, but its not without risks.

    “Including pre-term labor, high risk of c-section, higher risks of complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes,” says Dr. Nelson.

    In this case, the baby was reported to weigh about 6 lbs and was full term. As we reported earlier, the girl may have had a condition called precocious puberty, which means the gland controlling puberty activates early. But if she was seeing a doctor for the pregnancy, it should have been reported.

    “Anybody under the age of 18 that’s pregnant is reportable because there’s issues about statutory rape,” says Dr. Nelson.

    Check out this interesting fact, discovered by the reporter:

    We did some searching and found out that in Mexico, where Gutierrez-Juarez is from, the age of consent varies between 12 and 18.

    Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D. from the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta provides some cultural background:

    Over the past several years, the U.S. has seen a large influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, from countries whose values are opposed to the rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. Specifically, there are large numbers of immigrants coming from countries that are misogynistic. These societies accord women little to no rights, and the idea of violence committed by men against women and children is not unusual.

    First, take the concept of ‘rapto.’ This comes from Mexico where in some areas, it is socially acceptable for a man of any age to abduct a female of any age as long as long as he intends to marry her. That is right. Men can kidnap and rape females. This is acceptable in Oaxaca where the government continues to view rapto as a minor crime. One legislator even referred to this horrid violation as “romantic.” Lest anyone believe such garbage, note that 24 year old Mexican immigrant Eliseo Nunez snatched a 12 year old girl and took her to Mexico to fulfill his erotic desires. Isn’t that romantic?

    I quoted the part that may apply to this story. Read the link to find more bizzare and disgusting examples from other countries south of the border.

    Now, such may not be the case here, as steve suggested; but informstion to keep in mind as we learn more about this story.

    Paul (cf2458)

  30. DRJ? The spam filter ate my lengthy, informative, linked comment.

    Paul (cf2458)

  31. I think the work of Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin should not be ignored and I worry that similar maltreatment of women is being imported into the UK, similarly.
    Equally, I would hate to think that all immigrants would be tarred with the same brush.
    It’s very important that immigrants understand and respect the prevailing standards of the country they want to live in.

    uk immigration serf (e15afb)

  32. Not all the Illegals are The same there are Millions of Imigrants that are Honest and hard working people and if you read this. Think about were would we be with out them. This people do all the work tha you or me don’t want to do.
    There is good people and bad people in all culture.
    In Fact we are all Immigrants other that Native People Are you Native? Or make your family tree and you will understand what Immigrants mean……

    edith buchholz (f99116)

  33. You are wright this Illigal man has to pay for what he did. But we don’t have to think that all immigrants (Illigals) are the same.

    mayde (f99116)

  34. But we don’t have to think that all immigrants (Illigals) are the same.

    Well, aside from the whole “broke the law in coming here and thus shouldn’t be rewarded for that illegal behavior in any way”…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

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