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Salon’s Joan Walsh: Most Media Hate Hillary

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard was impressed with Salon Editor-in-chief Joan Walsh’s candor and impartiality in today’s CNN interview:

I was struck when I got to Iowa and New Hampshire in January by how our media colleagues were just swooning over Barack Obama. That is not too strong a word. They were swooning. I was at a speech, I remember it, I will write about it some day, in Manchester, and every, the biggest names in our business were there, and they were, they could repeat some of his speech lines to one another. It was like a Bruce Springsteen concert where the fans sing along. And, you know, I respected it to some extent. He’s a towering political figure. Of our generation, he’s probably the best politician, he’s inspiring. And, reporters, white reporters, black reporters, reporters of every race, we want to get beyond racism in America. So, he was, he was inspiring, I understood it, they’re humans, they responded. The downside though is that they hate, hate Hillary Clinton, most of them. Hate is not too strong a word.”

Walsh also criticized McCain for accepting Hagee’s endorsement but said that since Hagee wasn’t McCain’s pastor, it wasn’t the same as the Obama-Wright relationship.

It’s refreshing to hear a liberal say these things. It will be more refreshing if she’s still saying them in October.


3 Responses to “Salon’s Joan Walsh: Most Media Hate Hillary”

  1. And, reporters, white reporters, black reporters, reporters of every race, we want to get beyond racism in America.

    So we are throwing our weight behind someone who listened to the sermons of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years without bothering to say a word? So we are just going to sit idly by while Obama’s people cry racism every time their candidate fields anything but the most softball questions? So we are going to openly speculate that if white moderates are reluctant to vote for the most liberal presidential (potential) candidate since George McGovern then it must be a sign on latent hostility towards Blacks?

    I agree that it’s refreshing to hear Joan Walsh own up to the media slavering over Obama, but it would be nice if she at least intimated that she would be more willing to call out some of her colleagues when they went into full swoon.

    JVW (835f28)

  2. “…the biggest names in our business were there, and they were, they could repeat some of his speech lines to one another.”

    Isn’t Springsteen a little sophisticated for what these big names were doing? Wouldn’t Madonna have been more apropos?

    “Like a virgin, fu**ed for the very first time…”

    One day you’re a virgin; the next day you’re a whore; all it takes is a good-looking god and the media bend over…!

    elixelx (6f6aee)

  3. MSM loved Hillary Clinton when she served their purpose now they hate her because Obama serves their purpose.

    I am an admitted former ‘brain-dead’ liberal narcissist who did not pay attention much to politics prior to 9/11/2001. What I have observed over the last several years as a convert to sanity is just how noxious is the MSM.

    Those whom I have true empathy are the Conservative/Republicans who throughout the 1990’s were paying close attention to the CLintons, warning everyone about just how corrupt they were yet were bashed as hateful, stupid people.

    Now Conservative/Republicans are forced to hear all over again about the corrupt Clintons only now they are hearing it from the MSM all the things about the Clinton that MSM once bashed COnservatives/Republicans for pointing out about the CLintons.

    Now that MSM wants Obama the Clintons are not so mighty.

    Since MSM is in the tank for Obama and I now know MSM has a history of deception, I would NEVER vote for whomever the MSM is pushing.

    Having once been on the other side I will say this, Leftist Liberals will stab their own mothers in the back if it means gaining one step closer to the VIP room.

    After all the MSM deception and manipulation, the horrid reporting, the distortions, the cover-ups, the obvious bias America has had to deal with over the last couple of decade I cannot understand how any decent Moderate could even think of embracing Democrat Party.

    What is even stranger to me is clearly Obama is the candidate representing the extremely wealthy and the elite upper class yet MSM portrays him as ‘man of the people’ except he is the exact opposite of what they are portraying.

    Come now Centrist America, can you not see the obvious?

    syn (1017f1)

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