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America’s Ethanol Mistake

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to introduce legislation that will freeze US biofuel mandates at current levels. She claims artificially inflating ethanol production was an energy and farming mistake that has resulted in rising food prices and starvation in some parts of the world.


13 Responses to “America’s Ethanol Mistake”

  1. It’s the cynicism, shortsightedness and selfishness of the farmers agribusiness which bothers me. They know exactly about soil depletion, the cost of fertilizers, and that fertilizers themselves are not an easily renewable resource.

    nk (1e7806)

  2. Better late…. as they say.

    Chris (8270f7)

  3. Its time to reject all this fragile earth bull kaka drilled in the ANWR and fed the greens to the polarbears killer whales and skuas and voted those worthless politcal hacks out of office

    krazy kagu (841818)

  4. Good for her! While I am not a foe of agribu farmers, our farmers are capable of finding the best return in a market by themselves…we don’t need to reduce oil consumption so badly that its worth starving millions for it, no matter what the wackos say.

    EW1(SG) (84e813)

  5. Let’s drill in the US. Now. Regardless of how angry that makes the House of Saud. It might improve their genetic stock if they had to actually work for a living.

    Patricia (f56a97)

  6. The sad fact is that our energy policy is hostage to politicians who have no real interest in doing anything other than pandering to interests that do not have the US’ economic wellbeing as a goal.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  7. A question remains regarding this matter – how many politicians who advocate and champion E-85 are making money from it at the expense of the American tapxayer?

    Thank you for your time.

    The Outlander (1960ac)

  8. End all farm subsidies, now!
    End all restrictions on exploration and drilling too!
    Otherwise, kiss your ass good-bye while you still have the strength to pucker-up.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  9. Amen to Drew. If we would develop known petrol reserves, the shale oil in Utah, Nuclear tech, and aggressively pursue biofuels that are not a staple food we would be much better off

    Dr T (340565)

  10. Good for Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She has stood up for regular people many times before. A good person with a lot of class.

    EdWood (02193b)

  11. *sigh*

    It would be nice if blogs did what they used to do and vetted claims instead of echoing them.

    jpm100 (b48b29)

  12. I’m taken back that it is Sen. Hutchinson who is proposing the legislation. Then again, maybe all the midWest Senators are getting all their information about the subsidies effect from Big Agra.

    seaPea (3c8938)

  13. gasoline is for driving. ethanol is for drinking.

    assistant devil's advocate (590de8)

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