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Dan Rather’s Lawsuit Against CBS

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Part of Dan Rather’s state court lawsuit against CBS, Viacom, and various corporate officers has survived a dismissal/summary judgment motion by the defendants:

“A New York state judge threw out parts of Dan Rather’s $70 million lawsuit against CBS on Thursday, but preserved several key elements, including the former news anchor’s breach of contract claim.

State Supreme Court Judge Ira Gammerman dismissed Rather’s fraud claim, saying he was too late in filing it, and rejected Rather’s charge that CBS executives damaged his future job prospects, saying Rather could not support the claim.

The judge let stand the portion of the suit in which Rather says the network breached his contract by not giving him enough on-air assignments after he was removed as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” in March 2005, following a scandal over a report on President George W. Bush’s military record.

CBS later acknowledged that documents used in the report, which aired on September 8, 2004, could not be authenticated. CBS aired the report two months before the presidential election pitting Bush against Democratic challenger John Kerry.”

I don’t have time right now to do anything more than post this. Hopefully Justin can add a post since Patterico and WLS are currently focused on the LA Times.


4 Responses to “Dan Rather’s Lawsuit Against CBS”

  1. Let discovery begin.

    I hope this is the opening of a can of worms for both Rather and CBS.

    LarryD (feb78b)

  2. I look forward to a Patterico Pontification on this….I thought it was over. This case will be a serious popcorn-munching experience.

    driver (faae10)

  3. Rather’s suit was gutted to a common contract dispute. Too bad the Liberal MSM isn’t honest enough to say so.

    PCD (5ebd0e)

  4. Whatamatter is DAN BLATHER upset becuase his attempts to lie didnt work out? too bad for him and cBS as well

    krazy kagu (d982eb)

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