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Ohio Hospital Challenges Hillary Clinton’s Heartless Health Care Story

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The New York Times reports more bad news for the Clinton campaign:

“Over the last five weeks, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has featured in her campaign stump speeches the story of a health care horror: an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby and died herself after being denied care by an Ohio hospital because she could not come up with a $100 fee.

The woman, Trina Bachtel, did die last August, two weeks after her baby boy was stillborn at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio. But hospital administrators said Friday that Ms. Bachtel was under the care of an obstetrics practice affiliated with the hospital, that she was never refused treatment and that she was, in fact, insured.

“We implore the Clinton campaign to immediately desist from repeating this story,” said Rick Castrop, chief executive officer of the O’Bleness Health System.”

I don’t think reporters would have waited 5 weeks to track down and report this story if it had been McCain. In any event, the New York Times puts another nail in Hillary’s *Presidential hopes* coffin.


23 Responses to “Ohio Hospital Challenges Hillary Clinton’s Heartless Health Care Story”

  1. Actually, I misspoke. I meant to say that Ms. Bachtel and her baby were killed by sniper fire as we were landing in Bosnia.

    It’s just so hard, sometimes, that it brings me to tears. You try to convince the rubes that their President should be the lying, manipulative, mediocre enabler of a lying, manipulative, skirt-chasing, Arkansas snake-oil salesman and what do you get for it? Nothing but grief!

    Hillary [Not Rodham] Clinton

    nk (34c5da)

  2. I really wish I’d cornered the popcorn market months ago, like I thought I should. Nothing but regret, now.

    ras (fc54bb)

  3. It’s interesting that the Progs can’t come up with even one valid case of the “Health Care Crisis”, at least as it concerns the poor or uninsured not having access to care.

    The case Ms. Clinton alleges would be illegal as well as malpractice. Clinton apparently doesn’t know even that.

    J. Peden (094956)

  4. J. Peden – She knows it, she’s just betting on constituents that never fact check anything.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  5. from swimming freestyle:

    “Senator Clinton, in voting to authorize the war, displayed a tragic recklessness. A more complete picture, in fact the “real” truth was available, and the Senator didn’t make the effort to seek it out. The logical question given the gravity and ramifications of that vote: Was it just carelessness or a willingness to select the data set that provided an advantageous political position?

    And so we come to Trina Brachtel, her baby boy, and O’Bleness Memorial Hospital.”

    Jay McDonough (d352ad)

  6. “Senator Clinton, in voting to authorize the war, displayed a tragic recklessness.”

    Well I for one am quite fond of the kind of “tragic recklessness” which has resulted in a perfect record concerning further 911-like attacks upon our Country.

    And the recklessness I do not find too appealing is that which would make a bet against a policy’s perfect record by drastically altering that policy’s strategy – and altering it in fact back to the pre-911 policy which had a zero success rate.

    That would not be rational.

    J. Peden (094956)

  7. this is beyond disgusting. legally a hospital/clinic/doctor cant deny medical care to someone just because they cant pay. obviously the hildabeast knows this and she still put this ad out. if the media doesnt slap her w/ this really hard maybe obama will.

    chas (536ceb)

  8. Micheal Obama is a horrible woman, and Racist,
    She said if Her husband does not win she will not back the democratic Party,,,
    that is why so many Hilary Voter will not even back Obama if he wins the primary, There not going to vote or Vote for McCain,,, Just like the Obama supports say if Hilary wins the Primary,,Obama supporter will Vote for McCain,,, I do think America is Ready for a Black President, it would be good for the country,, Not Barack Obama,,He has No agenda, Anything he says He going to do came from Hilary,, Or the Media tell him what he should do..If Barack Obama Became president,,,Cancel Christmas, we don’t need a liar & closest Racist in the white house, Thanks to CNN & Msnbc or trying to Propaganda this race and make it one sided,,, Obama gets all positive press. Hilary gets all negative press,, but Hilary Voter will never back Obama

    Paul V (dce39d)

  9. A Clinton spokesman, Mo Elleithee, said candidates would frequently retell stories relayed to them, vetting them when possible. “In this case, we did try but were not able to fully vet it,” Mr. Elleithee said. “If the hospital claims it did not happen that way, we respect that.”

    Democratic candidates frequently retell stories they’ve heard, often with no vetting? They could only have gotten so lax in the total absence of investigative journalism on their claims, for years on end. My, how the Net has changed things.

    ras (fc54bb)

  10. Maybe an easier question to ask would be what stories has Hillary told that have turned out to be true as opposed to false. Once you start knocking off the discredited stories, you wind up with a small list pretty quickly.

    I want her to bring back Mr. Ghandi.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  11. “we did try but were not able to fully vet it,”

    They don’t have time to vet stories by third parties, they’re too busy vetting stories from the candidate herself.

    Apogee (366e8b)


    krazy kagu (5e1710)

  13. The fact Hillary is still running, just shows the problems you have in america. She must know that even if she were the candidate,the right wing would come out in droves, because of the dislike they have for the clintons. To say MCcain is better than Barak in so many ways, as she has stated over the last 3 weeks, is just crazy and to invite Barak as your vice-president, while she is in distant second is insane. Add to that the fictional stories that are coming out everyday. HHmmmm?? Rick, Canada.

    Rick Groot (63401f)

  14. If you dont have integrity you dont have anything. Integrity builds trust, trust is vital for unity and corporate success. When a leader gets to the point where his or her followers cant believe their words, they lose the ability to influence them. It is time to bow out.

    love2008 (6e616b)

  15. The reason Hilary gets negative press from most of the news stations is because that is all she generates. She lies about Bosnia and Ieland. She lies about a pregnat woman and her baby, she then accuses Obama of double talk on NAFTA and then we learn that her own people stand to profit from NAFTA. Lies, lies and more lies. Also, to the person who commented that America isnt ready for a black president. I honestly believe that the majority of the American people are capable above seeing everything in balck and white.

    Xavier (bcb0f9)

  16. Another Hillary “miss-speak.” Why am I not so surprised? Hmmm…wonder how many more “miss-speaks” she has in store. Hillary, get out of this race before you do irrepairable damage to your husbands legacy. Think about Chelsea’s political future.

    love2008 (6e616b)

  17. Love2008,

    We can tell who you are against. Who are you for?

    DRJ (a431ca)

  18. It sounds like Hillary’s campaign tried as hard to vet this story as they did her Hillraisers.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  19. Temple Snark is a big Hillary supporter. I wanted her/him to hang around for a discussion instead of just drive by commenting.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  20. It’s 3am and a call to the White House, comes from a pregnant woman, in rural Ohio, saying she can’t get medical care at her hospital and Hillary responds, “Bill it’s for you again.”

    Sputnick (bc14b8)

  21. “We can tell who you are against. Who are you for?

    Comment by DRJ — 4/6/2008″
    It ought to be obvious by now who I am for. Let the best man win!
    He he he he he he he….I am loving this.

    love2008 (1b760a)

  22. I honestly believe that the majority of the American people are capable above seeing everything in balck and white.

    I agree, since the LeftLibs do not compose a majority of the country.

    JD (75f5c3)

  23. I am sure that her inability to tell an accurate story is an example of her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the Tuzla sniper fire.

    Seriously though, if Hilary is going to accuse Bush of not doing his homework on Iraq, shouldn’t she demonstrate a greater capacity for finding out the facts BEFORE she sets policy?

    She lies about her past, she repeats gossip as fact, and she has no clue what her own campaign is lobbying for policies she claims to reject.

    Not exactly a stellar record of competence!

    Joe Miller (e4b43d)

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