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Final Four Tip-Off (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

We’re just hours away from tip-off in the battle of the No. 1 seeds. Time to make your picks:

6:07 PM EST – UCLA-Memphis.

8:47 PM EST – Kansas-UNC.

UPDATE 1: Memphis won the first game 78-63.

UPDATE 2: Kansas beat North Carolina 84-66.


9 Responses to “Final Four Tip-Off (Updated)”

  1. UCLA and UNC. My choice from the trenches, where we don’t follow sports… here, where we leave that stuff to you, the experts.

    Vermont Neighbor (e7ed47)

  2. UCLA and UNC.

    I second that motion.

    Paul (4e4a20)

  3. I know the first game is over, but I had Memphis and UNC in the finals….I can’t believe that you all picked UCLA…they should have lost at least 4 games in the last month, and shouldn’t be where they are….

    Half way to winning my sheet…

    reff (59b2ad)

  4. The crackling sound you hear…

    My sheet burning….

    Congrats to Kansas and Memphis…it will be a great final…

    reff (59b2ad)

  5. I really think it will be a great game, Reff. Both teams play up-tempo, are well-coached, and talented. They’ve had demanding schedules and should bring their A games. But it probably kills CBS. They must have been salivating at an East Coast ACC/West Coast PAC-10 matchup and now they get C-USA and the Big 12.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  6. Fuck a bunch of ducks. God damn KU…

    GO MEMPHIS!!!!

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  7. No remorse for CBS, at all….I was amazed at how both teams jumped so hard on really good teams early, taking both out of their games….UCLA never got any rhythm on offense, and UNC couldn’t do ANYTHING. If Kansas hadn’t gone braindead for about 7-8 minutes at the end of the first/beginning of the second half, it might have won by 40….Self deserves the best, and Calipari is as good as they come….both are great to officiate too…

    reff (59b2ad)

  8. Are you complimenting KU?

    I’m afraid I must shun you now…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  9. Finally Scott, there is something we can agree on. I am a University of Memphis alumni and live in Memphis now. Yes, I’m lovin’ every minute of this!

    Go Memphis! You got it, go Memphis…

    Psyberian (d18acc)

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