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If You Take Your Investment Advice from TV Talking Heads, You Are an Idiot

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As Jim Cramer proves here.

7 Responses to “If You Take Your Investment Advice from TV Talking Heads, You Are an Idiot”

  1. If the TV talking heads mention an fluctuating investment (like stocks), the time to get in has already passed.

    Paul (249390)

  2. Cramer is entertainment.
    That said, the principles he propounds are the right ones; but his extreme hyperactivity makes him more of a clown than an advisor.

    kishnevi (3cf898)

  3. Just have to play the game. (2a37f8)

  4. The principles he propounds didn’t work out too well with Bear Stearns.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  5. Well wait a minute: I always thought that the louder you spoke into the TV monitor, the more you knew what you were talking about. You mean I have been wrong all this time?

    And please don’t tell me that I am wrong in assuming that the more likely you are to use the word “fuck” in a blog comment, the more likely you are to have a really interesting opinion.

    JVW (85f15c)

  6. As I understand Cramer’s comments, he is responding to a question about moving an account from Bear not commenting on the stock. Bear was taken over and the accounts are still whole. I understand the equity holders are not, but that wasn’t the question he was answering.


    Rick Caird (7959ef)

  7. Agreed, but I am not at all sure that you are any better off following the research advice from any of the major wire houses.

    Bar Sinister (3b1790)

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