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A Blog Post That Made Me Tear Up a Little Just Writing It

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In light of this and this, I just want to reveal that the most common e-mail I receive asks me: “Patterico, how do you do it? How do you keep it together? How do you manage?”

It’s not easy, readers — and yet, I have a shocking pronouncement for you. There are those out there who have it even rougher than I do. No, it’s true.

It’s just a constant sense of guilt, all the time. I just hope the American people will be OK. I just tell people: don’t cry for me, Argentina.

12 Responses to “A Blog Post That Made Me Tear Up a Little Just Writing It”

  1. I just want to know one thing… who does your hair? šŸ˜‰

    Stashiu3 (c8e98a)

  2. we missed out. it was our collective misfortune not to be born on the planet of perpetual ease, unremitting goodwill and uniformly friendly animals. just a few light-years away is a verdant, pristine world where coffee is always perfectly brewed at the right temperature, everyone graduates with honors and every car on the dealer’s lot will give you at least 6-7 years of reliable service with no major maintenance needed. everybody either sings, paints or sculpts surprisingly well in this world, and an off-balance 18-foot jump shot always goes in.

    my fellow americans, if you elect me your president, i will spend as much federal money as it takes to develop dishes, utensils, countertops, floors and bathrooms that clean themselves using nanotechnology, thus liberating you from the bane of housework. i promise to return to you the time you never knew you had, thereby enabling the artist, the poet, the philosopher inside every one of you to emerge from its confining drudgery as a butterfly from a chrysalis. my opponent says he’ll bring more jobs to our country, thus exhibiting his limited vision and hopelessly outdated perspective; in my administration, jobs, paychecks, bank accounts and credit cards will all be eliminated, and all affairs will henceforth be conducted on a broad smile and a firm handshake.

    assistant devil's advocate (c7668a)

  3. Heh. You do snark quite well.

    Fritz (0c2594)

  4. Patterico,
    I wept upon reading your post, and immediately hoped that Tammi Jo Pearsall would be reaching out to you soon.

    driver (faae10)

  5. Oh, a care package of Dixie Hellfire Spicy Beef Jerky is on the way.Dixie Hellfire Spicy Beef Jerky

    driver (faae10)

  6. You people just don’t understand the Immense Burden of being a woman. Sniff.

    Dana (b4a26c)

  7. Do you swear that you will be immortal?

    nk (7b0075)

  8. YUK!! Females one and all. Women get it together and keep it together not whine about it.

    Sue (4177f3)

  9. If we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, why weren’t we more considerate and get here sooner?

    navyvet (0bcc0f)

  10. A Blog Post that Made Me Throw up (in my mouth) a Little, Just Reading it.

    It’s hard out there, earning (separately from one’s husbands gold-plated Senate perks), $312K a year as a Hospital PR Vice President, plus undlisclosed Directors’ Fees from corp. boards.

    Wait a minute, I though Michelle Omarosa Obama was telling downmarket white women in Ohio to eschew corp. work. To go into low-paid caring work, like she didn’t.

    Mehears the sound of a drawbridge clanking up behind MOO.

    furious (b6aff2)

  11. nk, do you mean immortal through my work, or immortal by not dying?

    assistant devil's advocate (314967)

  12. I shudder to think how tough those Obama’s would have it without those Bush tax cuts targeted at the rich!

    daleyrocks (906622)

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