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What About the Subliminal Jewish References in Hillary’s Commercial?!?!?!?!

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Once the subliminal analysis starts, my friends, it never stops. This post assumes familiarity with the post immediately below, which addresses the silly notion that Hillary Clinton deliberately included a shot of the letters “NIG” on a child’s pajamas in a campaign commercial, as part of a racial dig at Barack Obama. As you will see if you read the post below, I think this is ridiculous.

But that’s not all she did! The conspiracy theorists are out in force — and when that happens, all sorts of things “come to light.”

I have received an e-mail from Phil A. (copied to numerous other people, so expect to see this elsewhere) claiming to note multiple Jewish references in the Hillary commercial. I’ll embed it again so you can easily see them:

:04 — six-pointed stars on the girl’s pajamas.

[:12 — the NIG reference discussed in my earlier post.]

:19 — design of sheets resembles, in Phil’s mind, a tallit or an Israel flag. Phil says this is “BLATANT.”

Phil also notes a blue and white tinge to the opening scenes, which is, in his mind, a reference to the blue and white flag of Israel.

Finally, Phil says: “The very first scene, of the front of the house…check out the shape of the porch-lamp on the left…” I put this full-screen and watched it 3 times and I don’t know what he’s talking about. At least I kinda-sorta see the other stuff he’s talking about.

I remember reading the book Subliminal Seduction in college, and being briefly taken in. The author had numerous examples of allegedly subliminal ads, some of which might have been legitimate attempts to manipulate, and many of which probably weren’t. What destroyed the illusion for me was the author’s claim that the word “sex” was everywhere. He provided numerous visual examples of the word appearing in all sorts of commercials.

Thing is, I started seeing the word everywhere I went, in regular day-to-day life. Sure, I had sex on the brain, partially because I was a college student, and partially because I was reading this book about how “sex” is everywhere. If you try hard enough, you’ll see it too. Just look for the cross-hairs of the letter “x” in any interesting pattern you see. Once you find it, then with enough imagination you can often find an “s” and an “e” in front of it. (The “e” can be upper-case or lower-case. THE SUBLIMINALISTS DON’T CARE!!!!!)

I am now very skeptical of any claim of subliminal message placement. But it’s fun to discuss. And if it makes into the Big Media bloodstream, it’ll be fun to watch Hillary deal with it.

UPDATE: I summarize these two posts over at Hot Air.

19 Responses to “What About the Subliminal Jewish References in Hillary’s Commercial?!?!?!?!”

  1. As usual, embedded videos don’t download properly for me, so all I could see was the opening shot. The porchlight does seem to suggest the shape of a Star of David.

    Subliminal appeals might work if you don’t know about the product, or don’t have an opinion about it already. But no ad is going to make me vote for Hillary, no matter how many references to K’lal Yisrael it contains. (I am Jewish, btw.)

    kishnevi (7c6574)

  2. Weird. I can’t get the porchlight to resemble the Star of David no matter how many times I look at it.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  3. This subliminal stuff (send me your money) is a (send me your money) crock. No (send me your money) one believes (send me your money) it anymore.

    huey (9558ff)

  4. It would be informative to know when this advertisement was shot. Was it throw together on the spur on the moment. In which case all these symbols can be attributed to an over active imagination. If on the other hand, the commericial has seen on Mrs. Clinton’s shelf for weeks if not months, the various symbol may indeed be deliberate.

    Mrs. Clinton is a desperate woman and her campaign has not been above staging or planting as she deemed apppropriate. I mean you simply can’t dismiss the allegations simply based on the theory that Mrs. Clinton is ethical, honest and above board.

    So when did Mrs. Clinton shoot her daisy ad?

    DavidL (0d999a)

  5. Apparently the subliminal message worked in reverse on me because I thought the porchlight looked like a black cross over a white light.

    DRJ (d8934e)

  6. Wow. Is the blogosphere descending into self-referential madness or what?

    Lets see now. One commenter on Althouse’s site make some stupid comment. Althouse uses that as a springboard to discuss some more general points. Suddenly everyone has to chime in talking about how random people out there – I think we might be up to a half dozen or so in a country of 300 million – are similarly stupid.

    I mean – thank goodness we have more than just cable and their OJ-type fixations, right? Ah progress.

    JoeCitizen (d2928e)

  7. DRJ–no, you’re confusing that with a Huckabee commercial.

    You’re in Texas. You must be SO ready for March 4.

    kishnevi (7c6574)

  8. This is pretty whacky stuff.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  9. I can’t keep my attention on this debate. My mind keeps wandering, and I keep redirecting my browser to … liquor company advertisements that include pictures of ice cubes.

    Beldar (098090)

  10. Assuming for a moment that the alleged Jewish symbols are really there and were put there intentionally, what would be the purpose of them? Are there any remaining Democratic primaries where the Jewish vote will be crucial? Could HRC’s campaign be reminding Israel-friendly Democrats that Obama is willing to talk to international leaders who want to see Israel destroyed? What (subliminal) bell would they be trying to ring with this stuff?

    M. Scott Eiland (b66190)

  11. I don’t see anything about the front porch light, though it is sending me the subliminal message I need to replace the bulb in mine.

    As a Christian, however, I do feel a huge tug now to vote Hillary because of the subliminal crosses on the bedroom door. Seriously, though, who has glass in their bedroom doors?

    Dusty (e28a9f)

  12. Has anyone picked up on the fact that if the video is played in reverse, it sounds like they are speaking a foreign language? A not too subtle attempt to subliminally remind people of Obama’s middle name which may not be spoken.

    It’s right before the part that sounds like “I buried Vince”.

    DaMav (e84050)

  13. “if the video is played in reverse, it sounds like they are speaking a foreign language?”

    Backward masking??? Oh dear! First Stairway to Heaven, now this!

    But wait, is it okay to use the word ‘masking’ considering Obama is not white enough…and Hillary is white enough but then Al Jolson made his fame off blackfacing aka a mask…yikes….and what language is it backwards…Arabic, Spanish??? Does this too mean something…?

    Where. Does. This. Madness. End?!

    Dana (060f0c)

  14. The thing I remember most from Subliminal Seduction (communications class in High School) – was the Benson and Hedges ad with the old guy painting a sign in a window and there was the word S E X right there for all to see!

    kimsch (2ce939)

  15. Patterico:

    From the Principia Discordia, “the magnum opiate of Malaclypse the Younger” (Mal-2):

    The Law of Fives

    All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5.

    (An old memo from Omar Kayyam Ravenhurst to Mal-2 clarifies: “I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.”)


    Dafydd ab Hugh (db2ea4)

  16. Hillary is wearing a brown coat at the end which is a Nazi symbol to Jews. Nice try guys!

    Malka (054f8d)

  17. I saw this and wondered about that. I thought it was just me. I didn’t get the stars on the pajamas, but the tallot stripes leapt out at me, as did the blue and white tinge. What is up with that? By the way, this ad totally creeps me out with it’s blatant play on emotionality and fearmongering.

    Rix (f92bc2)

  18. #

    (An old memo from Omar Kayyam Ravenhurst to Mal-2 clarifies: “I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.”)


    Comment by Dafydd ab Hugh — 3/1/2008 @ 5:55 pm

    Okay, I’m impressed. To get that comment to print at exactly 5:55 was genius in action. Too bad it wasn’t May 5, as well.

    allan (d113bd)

  19. Its fun to go over-board with all of this but the Clinton campaign is using many verbal and visual tricks in a subliminal fashion.

    Does anyone remember her use of the Nazi salute as emphasis when referring to Obama? “Enough of you big RALLYS and SPEECHES.”

    Bill is a master at these little things using inference and inuendo, even using homophonics to lead from the spoken word to another implied.

    Its a great craft and they are great manipulators.

    matt C. (351fc7)

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