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And the backstory from the always-reliable Wikipedia:

Gilbert continued to work in television and movie soundtrack work as well as studio work and producing and eventually released his first solo album Thud (1995) as well as partially reforming Giraffe to perform the Genesis masterpiece The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway at Progfest ’94. Gilbert’s manager sent a copy of the recording to Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford who were searching for a new Genesis front man to replace Phil Collins. His manager, Jon Rubin, had come to Gilbert’s home to tell him that he had managed to get him an audition and discovered his dead body.

If it’s true, it’s a terrible shame . . . that is, assuming Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford a) never saw the beginning of that video or b) had a really good sense of humor.

4 Responses to “Genius”

  1. This lifelong Genesis fan thanks you for finding that video. He would have been a perfect replacement for Peter Gabriel (albeit 20 years later) and would have brought Genesis back to prog-rock instead of the AOR stylings of Phil Collins.

    Now all I need to do is to find a complete video of that performance. I’ve seen the Lamb show (complete with all of the original stage show courtesy of Peter Gabriel) as presented by the Quebecois tribute band “The Musical Box”, but their show tried too hard to be an exact duplicate of something that couldn’t be duplicated.

    Captain Ned (0dd5e9)

  2. This is one of the guys who got ripped off by Sheryl “One Square” Crow.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  3. I have it on video, Captain Ned. Ordered it years ago and can’t remember where I got it.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  4. I suppose there are people who pine away for Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac of “Green Manalishi” and “Oh Well,” with its excruciating acoustic guitar/penny whistle coda. Personally, I miss the new Fleetwood Mac after the merger with Buckingham Nicks, which marked the end of its prog-rock days for good with a self-titled album (as Genesis subsequently did).

    The late 70’s FM is something that may never happen again; Five indisputable talents, each with their own personalities, who bonded together (however tangled their personal lives were) to make excellent music that was unpredictable from cut to cut. Can anyone imagine Rumours being recorded by any group currently on the chart? If you played “Go Your Own Way,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Daddy,” and “The Chain” for an unsuspecting and uninitiated listener, s/he would be hard pressed to believe that the same group recorded all four, and on the same album, no less.

    That being said, Bill Clinton ruined “Don’t Stop” for me. And I didn’t bother getting the last Mac CD. I can’t imagine them without the lilting voice of Christine McVie.

    L.N. Smithee (d17dc3)

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