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ICED, The Game

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Here’s something new:

“A human rights organization today unveiled a new video game called “ICED!,” which stands for “I Can End Deportation.” The game is free for download at The creators of ICED! said it is “designed to spark dialogue and create awareness of unfair U.S. immigration policies.”

In the videogame, players can choose from five characters — including an undocumented immigrant and lawful permanent resident. The ultimate goal is to become a U.S. citizen. The players make moral choices, like whether to hop a subway turnstile or shoplift. The characters are pursued by immigration officials, who try to detain and deport them. Players earn points to help avoid deportation by doing positive things.

The game was created by Breakthrough, a New York-based human rights organization, along with community organizations and high school teachers and students.”

There’s an update at the link with a description of how the game works but the initial commenters were not impressed. Here’s my favorite:

“That’s awesome. Maybe next, the game makers can make a game to help Drug Dealers avoid stings. Or how Prostitutes and Pimps can avoid being ripped off or busted by the cops.

Oooh, then they could make one to teach Registered Sex Offenders how to get around those horribly restrictive and oppressive sex register lists.”


Stashiu’s Space

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Our old friend Stashiu3 has a blog. As regular readers will remember, Stashiu3 was a psych nurse at GTMO, whom I interviewed in 2006. His blog is Stashiu’s Space. Check it out.

Bill Clinton Takes on Pro-Life Students (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

YouTube has video of Bill Clinton responding to pro-life student demonstrators in Ohio:

I think it hurts Hillary’s campaign when Bill Clinton becomes the story but it’s possible a strong pro-choice advocacy could help with some voters.

So does this help or hurt Hillary?

UPDATE 1: Apparently Fox News also wonders if Bill is helping or hurting.

UPDATE 2: Rand Simberg notes the irony of Democrats and former Clinton supporters who now see Bill as selfish and petty.


West Texas in the News (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

There’s breaking news in my part of the world:

A thunderous explosion rocked the Alon Refinery in Big Spring, Texas, around 8:20 AM CST and was felt up to 30 miles away. Subsequent explosions were reported and local media broadcasts show the refinery still on fire over an hour later. The refinery sits next to Interstate 20, which has been shut down. Nearby schools have been evacuated.

The refinery employs 170 and was reportedly working at half staff due to the President’s Day Holiday. CareFlight helicopters were sent from area cities and local hospitals activated their emergency response plans but, miraculously, initial reports say that all personnel have been accounted for and there was only one injury. An unverified report said there had been one fatality, a 75-year-old woman. (EDIT: Later reports state that 4 people were hurt and there were no fatalities. A woman was injured – not killed – when the windows in her car shattered as she drove past the refinery.)

The Alon Refinery, previously known as and still called by many locals as the Cosden Refinery, refines 70,000 barrels of oil a day and supplies gasoline to a large area of the Southwest. Gasoline prices in those areas will likely spike as a result of this explosion.

UPDATE 1: It even made the national news, including a picture of the mushroom cloud.

UPDATE 2: Officials already know what happened — a minor propane leak caused a flammable mist that an alert employee spotted and warned about so the plant could be evacuated. Amazing. Photos and more info here.


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