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Bill Clinton, Again

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Bill Clinton made an appearance this evening just up the road in Lubbock, Texas, where he spoke in support of his wife, Hillary, before a crowd of 1,500 plus (including the overflow) at the high school Buddy Holly once attended. As usual, the evening was as much about Bill as Hillary.

First, the Hillary part:

“All Marjorie Reynolds had to say was “William Jefferson ‘Bill’ Clinton” to get most of the 1,500 people in Westerner Arena to start cheering. But it turned to a high pitch scream when the 42nd president stuck his head through the black curtains behind a makeshift stage at Lubbock High School. “I’ve got some more good things to say than just his name,” said Reynolds, one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign leaders in Lubbock.

The crowd was still cheering an hour and 12 minutes later as former President Bill Clinton wrapped up his speech, touting the presidential bid of his wife and her plans for health care, Iraq and boosting the nation’s economy. “You should be for her, because she’s got the best solutions and she’s the best change-maker,” he said.”

Second, the Bill part:

“Clinton’s speech often mingled anecdotes of his time in office, and at times seemed more about him than his wife, said T.J. Roberts, a law school student at Texas Tech who has voted Republican in the past but is considering a vote in the Democratic Primary.

“It seems like he’s running, not her,” Roberts said, adding he’s leaning toward Obama.”

Obama is scheduled to speak at Lubbock’s United Spirit Arena later this month so, if you are keeping score: That’s 1,500+ at a Lubbock high school gymnasium for Bill Clinton. Obama’s venue, Texas Tech’s United Spirit Arena, holds 15,000.


9 Responses to “Bill Clinton, Again”

  1. Still lying like he has always done

    krazy kagu (fbcc60)

  2. This reminds of the Onion’s hilarious sendup on Bill Clinton running for prez again because he simply can no longer bear being out of office and being center of attention…

    “And the applause,” Clinton added. “I look forward to the endless roar of applause perhaps most of all.”

    Dana (8d6dc2)

  3. That is hilarious, Dana, and the similarities would be spooky if they weren’t so funny.

    DRJ (3eda28)


    (on a t-shirt I saw in Colorado.)

    Psyberian (d18acc)

  5. As usual, the evening was as much about Bill as Hillary.

    I heard an audio clip last week of Bill Clinton “inadvertently” revealing exactly that when he wrapped up a speech for Hillary by saying:

    I know you have a choice in the election, but I hope you’ll vote for me.

    capitano (03e5ec)

  6. Damned windy, even for early spring, up on the Caprock, eh?

    Beldar (3df1f4)

  7. And keep this in mind — under the Texas Democratic allocation rules, Lubbock contributes three and Amarillo just two delegates (out of 126 “popular vote” seats.) The Clintons seem to be VERY closely counting the delegate totals.

    From West Texas 2 (f28dac)

  8. Welcome, West Texas 2.

    Beldar, we had the blue Norther until today. You should be getting it soon – but hopefully just the wind and not the dirt.

    DRJ (3eda28)

  9. They could fill these events faster with an even simpler slogan: Free Beer.

    Considering some of their policies that would, actually, fit right in…

    ajacksonian (87eccd)

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