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Easier Quote Quiz

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OK, due to the negative feedback from the quote quiz earlier this morning, here is a newer quote quiz. It’s easier than the one immediately below. In this one, I am using better-known songs.

No Googling. No peeking at other comments.

Here’s your first subject. Go!

It could be made into a monster

Get on with the fascination

Somebody told me
This is the place
Where everything’s better

Remember I’ll always be true

When I feel blue in the night
And I need you to hold me tight

They say the point demons guard is
An ocean grave, for all the brave

‘Cause you need to
Be back in the arms of a good friend

Drunk in the gardens and the graves

There’s a small boat made of china
Going nowhere on the mantelpiece

Listen you
Take your hands from her head

Good luck. You should do better on this one.

25 Responses to “Easier Quote Quiz”

  1. #3: Walk on the Ocean.

    #8: a Gin Blossoms song whose name I can’t remember because, to be honest, the entire album is blurred together in my memory.

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  2. #1: Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd)
    #2: Limelight (Rush)

    Steve (45336c)

  3. #4 is The Beatles, “All My Loving”

    Steverino (e00589)

  4. #4: Beatles: “My Loving” (or something like that)

    …shit, Steverino beat me to it.

    Russell (5ecf4a)

  5. Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend”?

    Brian (fcf819)

  6. #9 “Weather With You” by Crowded House.

    I was singing it in the car on my way to work today.

    Rich Horton (b106f7)

  7. #2 Rush – Limelight

    G (722480)

  8. #10- Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out with Him?”

    SeeKay (c039bf)

  9. #5 is Everly Brothers “All I have to do is dream”

    Rich Horton (b106f7)

  10. Dammit…I should have gotten the Joe Jackson song.

    Rich Horton (b106f7)

  11. #6 Kansas – Point of Know Return?

    kaz (cad490)

  12. #4: “Close your eyes” (Beatles)
    #7: “Girlfriend” (Matthew Sweet)
    #10:”Is she really going out w/him?” (Joe Jackson)

    Still pretty tough, but I’m feeling a little better about myself, thanks.

    driver (faae10)

  13. Bah! “All my Lovin'”
    Now I feel like one of my parents or something. Jeez. How could I have said “Close Your Eyes”???

    driver (faae10)

  14. #1 Have a Cigar – Pink Floyd

    #2 Rush – Limelight

    #4 Beatles – All My Lovin

    #10 Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him?

    Pablo (99243e)

  15. #6 Kansas – Point of Know Return?

    Yep. I shoulda got that one.

    Pablo (99243e)

  16. Actually, #1 is Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar”

    Dr. K (5139b5)

  17. Now zero for 20 and I broke my CD rewinder.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  18. Man, with a Floyd/Rush intro Im thinking “I so own this quiz”…..sadly I dont, Damn

    D-lo (550f98)

  19. I knew #1 was PF’s Have a Cigar, but that was it.

    #10’s lyric sounds intriguing.

    Psyberian (d18acc)

  20. #10:”Is she really going out w/him?” (Joe Jackson)

    One of the most underrated musicians of the past thirty years. Couldn’t be categorized, always creative, always thoughtful, frequently hilarious. I wish I had gotten a recording contract and then cut “On Your Radio”:

    Ex-friends, ex-lovers and enemies
    I’ve got your cases in front of me today
    All sewn up
    Ex-bosses you never let me be
    I’ve got your names and your numbers filed away
    I’ve grown up

    See me, hear me
    Don’t you know you can’t get near me
    You can only hope to hear me
    On your radio, on your radio, yeah
    You’re gonna hear me on your radio

    L.N. Smithee (c90835)

  21. No better 2nd time around. I only got the first one, “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd.

    otcconan (051cba)

  22. Ha! Steve is wrong!

    otcconan (051cba)

  23. And I should have known #2 since I used to play that song in a band.

    otcconan (051cba)

  24. Now…post sound clips of the songs’ main guitar riff, and I’ll own you ALL.

    otcconan (051cba)

  25. I challenge you to a game of trivia! Click here to battle against me online at ConQUIZtador. Let’s see who’s the winner…

    JOHN (313ea9)

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