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One Month Waiting for a Correction

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It’s now one entire month since I told the L.A. Times about an error made by an op-ed contributor, who claimed that George W. Bush had “[e]rroneously said Nelson Mandela was dead.”

One month. I wrote the Readers’ Representative on New Year’s Day.

9 Responses to “One Month Waiting for a Correction”

  1. Oh you bloggers! You just have an agenda.

    Alta Bob (4daddd)

  2. Again: LAT cringing in embarrassment behind the facade of incorrectability, or just obtusely arrogant? [Bloggers] report, you decide.

    no one you know (1f5ddb)

  3. Paging Mr. Zell!

    [NOTE: I found this comment in moderation. I’ve decided WordPress has it in for Bradley J. Fikes but at least his comments get posted faster than an LA Times’ correction. — DRJ]

    Bradley J. Fikes (88e14e)

  4. keep waiting…………

    (just don’t hold your breath. %-)

    redc1c4 (48a20b)

  5. You might want to count your blessings. At least she hasn’t buried the correction in a column where she attacks you personally as a partisan hater.

    Hoystory (b5e448)

  6. No surprise. For nearly three weeks the Times has failed to make a simple correction of an obvious mistake — the spelling of Jonah Goldberg’s last name as “Goldman.” The readers’ representative acknowledged may e-mail, but, just like Patterico, I got no replay two weeks later when I asked why no correction to a mistake that was plain for all to see. Arrogance rules.

    james fulton (c05b9b)

  7. There should be a Pulizter for dogged doughtiness in seeking corrections.

    Bradley J Fikes (07666c)

  8. There’s more likely to be a Pulitzer Prize for dogged doughtiness in avoiding making a correction.

    Merovign (4744a2)

  9. There should be a Pulizter for dogged doughtiness in seeking corrections.

    Yeah, you could make it a special Pulitzer in memory of Walter Duranty.

    j.pickens (53ee7a)

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