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Beldar on the Debate

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John McCain is a grumpy, grumpy old man. He is mean. And he rambles.

. . . .

I became gloomy tonight trying to imagine John McCain debating [Barack] Obama in the general election.


Mitt Romney is improving dramatically as a debater, and tonight he was better, by far, than I’ve ever seen him.


2 Responses to “Beldar on the Debate”

  1. Romney’s concession speech showed a little passion which he needs to show because of his Ward Cleaver persona. It was a little hurried, but if he was at that point a few months ago, things might be different. Personally I think McCain’s last minute deception about Romney and Iraq ticked Romney off immensely and gave him that passion.

    Its alright if Romney gets a little angry about it. That will work for him if it focuses him. He just can’t get bitter about it.

    jpm100 (b48b29)

  2. Just picture a side by side comparison of a smiling Obama and a snarling McCain.

    davod (5bdbd3)

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