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See Dubya Warns Readers About McCain

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How excited are Republicans about their candidates?

See Dubya warns about the possible involvement of Lindsey “tell the bigots to shut up” Graham in a McCain administration. As well as a few others. He concludes:

People like McCain because he’s a war hero and he’s served a long time in the Republican Party. Just like Bob Dole. And look how well that worked out.

McCain fever. Catch it!

I have. And I’m feeling a little queasy.

8 Responses to “See Dubya Warns Readers About McCain”

  1. Yeah, his post is ten days old. What of it? I’ve been busy.

    Patterico (4bda0b)


    I realize it is a NYT column but the points about McCain are interesting, particularly regarding a Hillary-McCain match up.

    voiceofreason2 (b7f0ba)

  3. With all this enthusiasm-if Hillary is the nominee the Democrats don’t want to vote for, and McCain or Romney is the nominee the Republicans don’t want to vote for–could this be “suppose they have an election and nobody came?”

    kishnevi (6998fe)

  4. Sadly, this election has become more about defeating McCain than about any other candidate winnning for me. I’ll do almost anything to make sure that man does not win.

    chas (fb7ad4)

  5. The thought that Lindsey Graham might be AG in a McCain administration is not encouraging.

    Another Drew (a28ef4)

  6. More from the daft-doder that served in the whitehouse far too long

    krazy kagu (656fec)

  7. I seems that these folks have feelers out for this site.

    It was but a few days ago I commented on how important it is for the candidates to disclose their cabinet proposals. They are doing such. I’m not going to take credit for anything, as I still feel strongly that the choices of those that would surround a president are the ones with the greatest influence upon such. Sans a Monica, cuz that factor just plain wrong. But…..

    But it’s gotta be for more than just their proposed AG!

    Edward would be a travesty to the Obhama campaign. Sounds like this Graham might spell the same for McCain as well.

    I’m not shedding tears for either.

    I still contend that a Hillary vs. anybody will result in the greatest landslide victory in the history of the nation. And Billary don’t win it!

    “tell the bigots to shut up”

    Gotta love such a statement eh? Oh and include the Nazis, feminists, Homophobics, and lets not forget the racists either.

    Lets not forget that McCain is also near his death bed and period of senility as well. No doubt he can of course continue to use his beatings by the Viets for such. It’s time for his pity vote die off, course such is what seems to retain Teddy in power.

    Naw leave him as a senator. He seems to harm the nation quite well from that position.

    TC (1cf350)

  8. Interesting quote from National Review column:

    “But all that said, at some point there should be recognition that some are becoming so polarized-and polarizing-that we are reaching the point that should a McCain win (and there is a good chance he will), and should he grant the necessary concessions to the base (chose someone like Thompson as his VP, take firm pledges on tax cuts, closing the border, etc), go on Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. for some mea culpas, all that still seemingly would not be enough. And if that were true, the result would vastly increase the chances of the Presidents Clinton, under whom there would be a vastly different Supreme Court, some chance of forfeiting what has been achieved in Iraq, and surely greater growth in government and earmarks.”

    voiceofreason2 (10af7e)

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