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Suspected Money Launderer Donated to . . .

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See Dubya has what appears to be a pretty major scoop in this post. See Dubya quotes a Corpus Christi, Texas newspaper as saying:

Mauricio Celis is linked to the Mexican drug trade in a search warrant the state used Friday to raid his law offices and gather computer files, according to financial documents and other business records. The warrant includes a sworn statement by a Texas Attorney General’s official accusing Celis of money laundering.

Celis’ attorney Tony Canales issued a statement accusing Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott of targeting Celis because he is a major Democratic donor.

See Dubya’s revelation: one of the beneficiaries of Mr. Celis’s generosity is one Hillary Clinton.

Looks like she may be giving some more money back.

Any media outlets interested in this? I’ll send it to the L.A. Times and see if they bite. They’ve done good work on the Hsu story.

UPDATE: More background on Celis is available in this DRJ-authored post from November.

13 Responses to “Suspected Money Launderer Donated to . . .”

  1. I posted on Celis in mid-November, although at that time there wasn’t anything published that linked him to Hillary.

    DRJ (517d26)

  2. When you follow SeeDubya’s links, the screen that (I think) shows Celis’ donations to Hillary Clinton has apparently been removed.

    DRJ (517d26)

  3. No, it hasn’t been removed. I know See Dubya’s link doesn’t work because I tried it before posting — and when it didn’t, I tried my own search, which showed the same thing as his screenshot.

    I wonder if their links are temporary and assigned to the specific search. It was that concern that caused me not to post my own link; I figured it would break just like See Dub’s did.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  4. “… one of the beneficiaries of Mr. Celis’s generosity is one Hillary Clinton…”

    Why are we not surprised?

    Or, is this story a plant by the VRWC?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  5. More money luandering by illegal aleins entering this country everyday

    krazy kagu (f24007)

  6. Whoo. Man… those DemocRATS and their ethics problems. You know who’s got an impeccable record on ethics? The Republicans.

    I’m gonna go out and canvas the neighborhood for Giuliani, now. Let me know if they find those city funds in his mistress’ mattress.

    Leviticus (0eace0)

  7. Let me know if they find those city funds in his mistress’ mattress.

    That makes a good throw-away line, doesn’t it. Course he doesn’t seem to have a mistress right now and the city funds don’t seem to be missing and there certainly doesn’t seem to have been anything illegal going on; but, hey, why not use it to threadjack.

    Because it sounds salacious and unseemly.

    As opposed to that oh-so-clean campaign pelf that HRC swims in.

    Uncle Pinky (c3d832)

  8. “… raid his law offices …”

    Nuff said aint it?

    Lawyers; you need to learn how to use a mop, and other means, and clean up your industry!

    TC (1cf350)

  9. Attorney Thomas J. Henry, who initiated the attack against Celis by exposing that he was not an attorney here “nor anywhere inthe world” through Television advertisements, pointed out to El Defenzor some very interesting observations that confirm the cited suspicions. “Mauricio Celis was doing okay. His mistake was to get involved in politics and then start to make political contributions to candidates running within the Democratic Party. I think he was trying to legitimize himself. He should have stayed sequestered in his nice office and everything would have been alright.” It seems like a simplistic explanation is being executed to demonize Celis. It seems plausible when applied to him even though there is no evidence that he has connections with the underworld in Mexico or Latin America. But one Republican insider (who is consciously aware of this element of attack) who is involved in structuring campaigns explained: “The reason it seems plausible to many is because they want to believe it. Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong.Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong. The truth is that the “allegations without proof” introduced have been timed perfected; in fact right before election time. The Rest of the Story

    Kenedeno Media (0f6f11)

  10. Jaime – When are the elections reference in #9? Are the allegations without evidence similar to the strategy Ronnie Earle publicly used against Tom DeLay and eventually took five grand juries before he could get one to return an indictment for crimes that weren’t even on the books when the conduct occurred, but also for the same fundraising procedures the democrats used? Is that the type of comparison you are trying to make?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  11. This story will get about as much play in the media as the last 57 Clinton fundraising “irregularities”.

    JD (3cdc37)

  12. Daleyrocks

    The AG has a pattern of targeting Nueces County Politicos and Politiqueras in an attempt to intimidate the Democratic Vote.

    It seems there is a political element in both Fort Bend & Nueces County poised and ready to assume the ready made party structure.

    Why only Celis when there are a plethora of “ambulance chasing,Adidas wearing,two-bit shysters” in this town doing the same thing? They are called runners.

    “This seems to be this is a case of professional bottom feeder trying to eat another bottom feeder.”

    Jaime Kenedeno (59056b)

  13. Those of you who do not dwell in the Body of Christ, are truly reaching.

    Karl Rove has gotten gifts so this chit cab will retain his fellow carpetbaggers future.

    I regret to inform you that this is an Obama and RoveChaney funeral gate spin doctor skit.

    Elle (59056b)

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