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This Is What Law School And A Clerkship With A Federal Judge Can Do To You…

Filed under: Crime,Snarkage — Justin Levine @ 8:38 pm

[posted by Justin Levine]

A beauty queen can certainly recover from kidnapping and assault charges, but she’ll never recover from a released mugshot. Ooch!

14 Responses to “This Is What Law School And A Clerkship With A Federal Judge Can Do To You…”

  1. Holy sweet mother of GOD!!!

    Beauty Queen?

    From WHERE???????

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  2. Wow, I would say she has been at the pipe a few too many times.

    chad (582404)

  3. The University of Arizona law school may never recover.

    Mike K (ae3e2a)

  4. Little girls today really do think they can get away with anything!

    (hey that astronaut beat the shit outta some chick), Get in fight with guy, throw punches at him, he is the one in jail. The list goes on.

    Women get victim class, any guy gets jail with recommendations that the key be throw away and he be castrated, face on billboards, the internet.

    All guys are pigs, proven by the recent Trojan commercial, I wonder if those commercials portrayed women as cum dumpsters, virus ridden vixen, or even more often the man traps they are, if there would be the requisite outrage!

    I’d bet the airwaves would be ringing the outrage against women in crescendo!

    So it’s nice as hell that her pic can be posted along side Nolte and Mel G. and that she probably will not become a real attorney any time soon. If she does, well we can make sure this pic is in her Wiki profile eh?

    TC (1cf350)

  5. That’s a druggie’s face in the mugshot. It’s a pity.

    nk (5221ab)

  6. Very sad. However, not an excuse for kidnapping and torture. Throw the book at her.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  7. BTW: Are siliconed lips and siliconed [breasts] on a pipestem body really a turn to you young guys, these days?

    nk (5221ab)

  8. No.

    No they are not.

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  9. Nappy Headed Ho…

    Step away from the pipe!

    thebronze (3af16b)

  10. I’ll go with the druggie face meme–something has been chewing on that face from the inside. The whole story is a pity.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  11. Boy, that one’s up there with the infamous Nick Nolte mugshot. Notice that Nick hasn’t had much work since then?

    Robert (220f5c)

  12. Then again, he’s not had much work since “The Hulk”, so that might be related… :)

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  13. Even in the cheesecake shots, I’m not seeing beauty queen. Am I not drinking enough?

    As for that mugshot, just…ouch.

    Pablo (99243e)

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