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Top Orange County [California] Court Stories of 2007

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3 Responses to “Top Orange County [California] Court Stories of 2007”

  1. OT but kind of interesting.

    Laura and Scott Bell took on their school district’s new dress code, but their lawsuit was booted from court after they missed critical deadlines and pressed claims that a judge deemed frivolous.

    Four months later, the judge has ordered them to pay up for the trouble.

    The Bells now are on the hook for $40,931.50, the amount Anderson Community Schools said its law firm charged for fending off the couple’s lawsuit in July and August. The couple represented themselves in court.

    U.S. District Judge John D. Tinder’s decision underlines the risk of wading into legal waters without a lawyer. The danger is higher in litigation, where paying the winning side’s attorney fees is common.

    hazy (d671ab)

  2. You don’t need to to specify California when mentioning Orange County (unless you mean some other OC).

    It is, after all, THE Orange County. It should be assumed.

    Nessuno (e8dfda)

  3. 2, Nessuno, Um, there is Orange County Florida that gets in the news, and Orange County New York, home of Orange County Choppers.

    PCD (09d6a8)

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