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Yagman Update

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Yagman fan Alan Mittelstaedt at L.A. City Beat gives us an update on our favorite civil rights lawyer and convicted felon. The conceit of Mitterstaedt’s entry is that he is giving out presents to a list of L.A. dignitaries. Among the recipients is the “ACLU and L.A.’s civil-rights bar,” to whom Mitterstaedt would like to give:

An endless tape of the indecipherable meaningless words of a Pentecostal church gathering are what these dozens of well-fed, well-paid lawyers deserve for letting down L.A.’s most accomplished civil-rights lawyer, Stephen Yagman, in his greatest hour of need. The exception: Erwin Chemerinsky, who represented Yagman on Wednesday in a hearing to try to keep his license to practice law from being suspended. The rest of you should have been fighting to take his case. Yagman’s racked up more victories in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals than anybody on this planet. And now he could be off to the slammer because none of you came forward.

A couple of corrections.

First, the hearing Chemerinsky litigated was not “to try to keep [Yagman’s] license to practice law from being suspended.” It was already suspended, in August. The issue now is whether Yagman faces further sanctions. And given that he was convicted of over a dozen felonies, he looks well on the way to disbarment.

Second, Yagman will — not could — be off to the slammer next year. And it won’t be because civil rights lawyers didn’t attend his bar disciplinary hearing. It will be because he was convicted of tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, and money laundering.

Speaking of Yagman going to the slammer, Mittelstadt has this:

What a great show Judge Stephen Wilson puts on in Division 6 at the federal courthouse downtown. On Monday, December 17, there stood Stephen Yagman’s lousy and whiny attorney, Barry Tarlow, pleading for more time to submit another brief in what sure looks to be a losing effort to keep Yagman out of prison while he appeals his tax-fraud conviction.

Tarlow’s reason: His brief was only 19 pages and prosecutors filed 62 pages of reasons why Yagman should start serving his three-year term on January 15. Mercifully, the judge didn’t find Tarlow in contempt, the way we did, and granted him until Monday to file more paper. For god-only-knows-why, Tarlow told the judge he wishes that a decision on bail could have been made at the time of Yagman’s sentencing last month. Did Tarlow forget his pointed exchange that ended that day with the judge telling the bad lawyer he should have filed a formal motion, setting out his 8 arguments, and not tried to fly by the seat of his pants?

So, on Monday, Wilson again slipped into preachy mode, and shared his unhappiness about Tarlow’s conduct three weeks ago. “It was somewhat insulting to me in the sense you wanted me to make a decision without carefully considering the matter. And that I couldn’t do.”

Responded Tarlow: “You came awfully close, your honor.”

Wilson: “I didn’t see any basis for granting the motion. Having said that, I’ll give you until next Monday to file some kind of responsive pleading, and that will be it.”

The sound you hear is not a bell jingling. It’s the cell door slamming shut.

It’s music to my ears.

3 Responses to “Yagman Update”

  1. A better argument could be made that Chermerinsky was doing a disservice to the public and bar by arguing that Yagman, who is so clearly in capable of practicing law, not be disbarred.

    tired (72c57c)

  2. I have heard judges sometimes require written briefs to increase the cost of making ridiculous arguments.

    James B. Shearer (fc887e)

  3. What a pathetic waste of band-width.
    If Yagman ever comes out of the slam, it will be to the detriment of society.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

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