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Here She Is, Ms. Second-Runner-Up California

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[Guest post by DRJ]

We’ve all seen beauty pageants where the accounting folks come on stage to deliver the sealed and verified results. Here’s one case where the results weren’t that reliable:

“An accounting mix-up led to the wrong woman being crowned Miss California USA, and she’s relinquished her crown to the rightful winner, organizers said Monday.

Christina Silva, 24, was declared the winner of the annual state beauty pageant, but she gave up the title to Raquel Beezley, who was originally named the second runner-up. Beezely, 21, will represent the state at the Miss USA pageant next April.

The pageant’s state director, Keith Lewis, said several judges questioned the results of the Nov. 25 competition at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Lewis said the error was discovered the next day after the ballots were opened and recounted. “It was a simple human error,” Lewis said.

Silva has hired an attorney and is weighing her legal options, according to her manager, Tony Brewster. In a news release, Silva said she felt pressured to step down.

“They never could explain their accounting error, but told me that if I didn’t give up my crown to Miss Barstow, my personal integrity could be questioned, and my career could potentially suffer,” she said.

The contestants were scored by five celebrity judges who independently ranked them. The mix-up occurred when the points were reversed, with the lowest point given to the winner and the highest to the fourth runner-up, Lewis said.”

To be fair, it’s not clear if this was an error by the accountants or the judges. However it happened, I feel sorry for Ms. Silva.


12 Responses to “Here She Is, Ms. Second-Runner-Up California”

  1. she got to keep her “crown, sash and necklace” (think rhinestones and rayon) and her $1500 entry fee (whoa!) was refunded, but i think she could have done even better than that. imagine the awesome queenzilla regal shitstink she could have generated if she went full-bore negative. she alleged that they threatened her career – am having difficult time imagining a career at this risk, certainly the world of adult entertainment would still welcome her. pageant girls don’t hold up well against corporate intimidation.

    assistant devil's advocate (f1d723)

  2. You need to link to actual pictures,not video. How can we weigh the merits of the competing claims if we can’t see the women involved.

    Shessh, What kind of a blog are you running here?

    headhunt23 (9e1243)

  3. Reminds me of the 1950’s tv show “Queen for a Day”

    rab (7a9e13)

  4. headhunt23,

    Point taken. Here’s your photo link.

    DRJ (a6fcd2)

  5. When I was in high school we accidentally crowned the wrong Prom King due to a mix-up. I was at the center of the problem, so I have a certain amount of empathy for the pageant organizers. I remember feeling really bad for the guy we crowned, only to tell him later that he hadn’t really been the one who won.

    JVW (3a110b)

  6. The 4th Runner-up, Nicole Chiu, is more beautiful than the other 4 combined. Man, those judges were dense.

    JD (2c9284)

  7. Christina gets my vote.

    nk (19e0fd)

  8. I would go with Raquel, but there aint a dog in the bunch. They are all better looking than all but one of the teens at the bottom of the page. At $1500 to enter it kind of sounds like a racket anyhoo.

    hazy (d671ab)

  9. What you really need to see are photos of the swimsuit competition. I dont like to say post any negative comments about competitors, but Christina was very lacking in muscle tone. Raquel will do much better at Miss USA in the spring.

    RT (d1d1b4)

  10. Lecherous old dogs!

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  11. Borrowing a page from Power Line, DRJ?

    Paul (2ca51d)

  12. How To Become A Contestant For Miss USA 2008…
    1. Invest Millions of your mommy and daddies dollars to K2 Productions
    2. Become personal friends with Keith Lewis ($$$$$) Sign up as one of his models at the The Moron Agency, I mean The Morgan Agency
    3. Compete 4 years in a row in the Miss California USA Competition as Miss Barstow with mommy and daddy prancing you around like a puppet
    4. Cry and complain to the higher ups that you did not win and make it clear how much money you put into Keith Lewis’s mansion
    5. Clearly fashion and style was not what the “judges” wanted in the winner. Hello have you seen pictures of Raquel’s wardrobe. Talk about What Not To Wear!
    6. Be mean and unkind to other contestants. Yes Raquel we all knew how unfriendly and cold you were not just this year but the years past
    7.Go on Fox News, a nationally syndicated show, and answer questions in the dumbest way possible
    (Please everyone go on You Tube and watch her interview, it really proves to me and many others that the competition was fixed!!!)
    8. Work at a pizza joint
    9. Have no sense of self -worth and lack in higher-education “I am a beauty queen, I am pretty, Save the Whales and Free Willie”
    10. Do not have any future ambitions, goals, or education. Who needs it when all she has strived for and I quote
    “It has been my dream my whole life to be Miss USA now I will. That’s all I ever wanted”

    You Just have to be stupid, make love to Keith Lewis (financially), look like a wannabe Barbie Doll and oh yes have one of the worst sense of style one has seen in ages. Who is your stylist? I realize Keith appeared on the oh so “classy” show Charm School but did he really need “Hottie” or “Buckwild” to dress you? Did you really think your evening gown was even appropriate? I mean yes it was for Prom 1994, it was hideous!

    I end this by saying..
    I support Obama for President because I believe he is the vision for change that the country needs and not the status quo.
    I support Christina Silva as Miss California and Miss USA 2008 because I also believed she was the vision for change in the pageant institute and not the status quo.
    But like everything in this world politics overrule.
    Obama will lose to Hillary. Christina “lost” to Raquel. Need I say more.

    Thank You! To all who will bombard me with your mindless commentary. This is America and I have the freedom to share my opinion.

    P.S. Raquel, Obama is not a special pizza sauce topping, I just wanted you to know that. Also I would love to hear what you opinions are regarding this years election. Oh, what was that, you had know idea there was an election going on!?! Because your to busy training in Los Angeles. Well don’t worry call Christina she can most definitely teach you. After all she did win Miss Congeniality 2008, something you couldn’t achieve the four years you competed and she is a leader and not a follower!

    No longer a supporter of the pageant institution

    Bada (563f0b)

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