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Kangaroo Post

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[Guest post by DRJ]

There’s no point to this post other than I like kangaroos and happy endings:

“Veterinarian B. Kyle Jones was busy hanging Christmas lights at his west Lewisville home when Maynard the kangaroo made his escape. When a strong gust of wind blew open a gate to the yard Sunday, the kangaroo hopped out to the street and into the media spotlight.
Maynard’s suburban escapade began shortly after 4 p.m. Sunday. David Dee, of Argyle, and his friend were at a home near Fox Avenue and Sylvan Creek Drive tinkering with dirt bikes. “Hey man,” Mr. Dee recalled his friend asking him. “Why would a kangaroo be standing on a street?”

Mr. Dee thought his friend had seen a jack rabbit. But when he saw the 60-pound creature about 10 feet away, he realized it was no bunny and called 911. As the dispatcher took his call, Mr. Dee realized how silly he sounded. The dispatcher probably thought, “I got some drunk guy on the phone,” he said.

Officer Hayney was among those who responded to the call. He arrived in the neighborhood to find residents and children outside taking pictures as police tried to capture the animal. “It was crazy,” he said.

Maynard seemed to know where he lived and circled the area, apparently trying to get back home, Officer Hayney said. Police tried to keep the animal off the busy roads so he wouldn’t get hurt. At one point, Maynard led police on a chase that reached speeds up to 25 mph, said Officer Hayney, who followed the animal on his motorcycle.

After about 20 minutes of freedom, Maynard was cornered. Officer Hayney said the animal came at him and he grabbed him by the tail, as he was told to do by the veterinarian. The animal did not resist arrest. “It was like he knew it was over,” Officer Hayney said.”

There is a video here.


2 Responses to “Kangaroo Post”

  1. I was all geared up to say “Lol, oh man, kangaroo escapes are to Australia what high speed chases are to California!”, but this happened in Texas? Who in Texas has a kangaroo in a residential neighborhood? HAha.

    Did you happen to see the video of that one that made it in to a residential area in Australia a few weeks ago. I remember seeing the video on Red Eye. Anyway, the video was probably the best demonstration I’d seen, of how powerfully they jump.

    Also, kangaroo boxing? AMAZING. I’ve never seen it in person, and hadn’t though much about it until I actually saw them throw down on some discovery channel show last year. I can’t even describe how nasty those things can be, and how weird it is when they do it, almost balancing on their tails.

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  2. This story absolutely MADE my afternoon today!

    Gayle Miller (187b6e)

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