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More on the Yagman Sentencing

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The L.A. Times provides more detail on the Yagman sentencing hearing, which began last Wednesday, and continued yesterday. Apparently yesterday’s hearing ran 4 1/2 hours — in addition to the hours-long hearing from last Wednesday — and featured Yagman speaking at great length:

Wilson cut short Yagman’s testimony after the lawyer had been speaking for about two hours and indicated he had several more points to cover.

Yagman began his comments by saying that the worst thing that could happen to a lawyer is to be convicted of breaking the law, “and that has happened to me. I am responsible. I stand convicted.”

Yagman then went into great detail seeking to explain his conduct before Wilson was to impose his sentence. He is expected to resume his remarks to the judge today.

I wonder if he thinks he can filibuster his way into never being sentenced.

In any event, it’s interesting that he testified in his own defense, and is now speaking at length and purporting to accept responsibility. That may technically gain him points under the sentencing guidelines — something he knows, of course — but it makes you wonder whether he is saying anything inconsistent with his testimony.

There’s an outside chance we’ll have a firsthand account of today’s imposition of sentence from a correspondent (not me). My completely uneducated guess is 4-6 years, with a surrender date in 2008.

4 Responses to “More on the Yagman Sentencing”

  1. captain ahab, are you blogging about the white whale again?

    assistant devil's advocate (8ee4c8)

  2. 4-6 (with the AUSA asking for 9) at 85% time.

    MOG (f57a20)

  3. # 1 ADA …
    No, Yagnman ain’t the great white whale. That honor belongs to Balko …. unless there are two of them!?!

    quasimodo (edc74e)

  4. Maybe he gets time off for each hour he spends yakking?

    Arthur (73b625)

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