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Yagman Sentencing Delayed Until Wednesday

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Today was the day Stephen Yagman was supposed to be sentenced.

It didn’t happen . . . again.

But it should be soon.

As usual, I contacted the one person in Los Angeles who seems to be following this: L.A. Weekly staff writer Patrick Range McDonald. Patrick told me that the sentence was delayed until Wednesday, November 21, so the judge could consider Yagman’s “medical” needs in custody.

This makes it sound like Yagman assumes he will be going into custody — hardly surprising given the losses involved, but still, nice to know.

With any luck he will be locked up in time for Thanksgiving, giving the rest of us something new to be thankful for.

5 Responses to “Yagman Sentencing Delayed Until Wednesday”

  1. Three years. WLS?

    nk (09a321)

  2. The “medical needs” comment makes me think he’s pre-emptively pleading for mercy.

    DRJ (973069)

  3. Or better placement. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons is one weird system. The prison you go to is negotiable. WLS?

    nk (09a321)

  4. I’ve got no idea on the length of the sentence.

    As for the medical issues, all BOP facilities have clinics for routine medical needs. But if there is a serious medical condition that needs monitoring, he would likely be sent to Springfield, Missouri.

    In my experience, the BOP doesn’t like for Judges to recommend (all they can do) Springfield as part of the sentence. BOP prefers for the Courts to allow the BOP medical staff to conduct a history, examination, and review of medical records, and they make the placement accordingly.

    This delay might have been only to allow further medical records to be delivered to the Court.

    But, most defendants in Yagman’s position don’t head off the prison directly from the Courthouse. Depending on the judge’s normal practice, he might be given anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to report either to the facility to which he is designated, or to the US Marshall in LA.

    Final placement is ALWAYS a matter of BOP determination. Once he’s sentenced, the Court no longer has jurisdiction.

    WLS (bafbcb)

  5. Even if he is sentenced on the day before Thanksgiving (will his sentence be one for which he should give thanks?), being a federal case isn’t it more probable than not that he’ll be given X number of days to report for custody?

    If he’s given five weeks to reoprt, he could still be out on Christmas.

    Dana (3e4784)

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