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Aceapalooza West Update

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By popular demand, here is an Aceapalooza West update.

I hung out with Ace and other bloggers and blog readers last night. I didn’t get to talk to Ace much, but that was okay, because I got to talk to him extensively Friday night, at a Yamashiro event that Ace seemed to enjoy, if this post is any indication.

I spent more time last night talking to Dafydd ab Hugh, Baldilocks, my occasional guest blogger Justin Levine, Clark Baker, and Andrew Breitbart. Also present was my friend Alex — who is the father of one of my daughter’s friends. He is a libertarian, and played the role of token Devil’s Advocate at the get-together, enraging people with his (somewhat exaggerated) tolerance for social engineering and his (very real) disdain for religion. Also present were several readers and commenters, both of Ace’s blog and mine. I had better not try to name any of them, because if I forget anyone, they will be offended. (OK, I saw Bradley J. Fikes, but didn’t get to talk to him at all.)

Aside from the hookers, the midgets, the ever-flowing booze, and the mud wrestling, it was a pretty tame evening.

UPDATE: I saw Little Miss Attila as well, of course. I forgot because I didn’t get to talk to her much.

15 Responses to “Aceapalooza West Update”

  1. Yeah, of course you didn’t talk to Ace much. His time was probably monopolized by Latina tranny hookers.

    Nordbuster (ec9e0f)

  2. Midgets? What is this world coming too ?

    JD (49efd3)

  3. It was a truly marvelous time. I found it impossible to chat with everyone, but found a convivial table and for the most part listened raptly about the tales of conservatives in Hollywood, cops, cultural mores and all the rest.

    That kind of meatspace experience has yet to translate to blogging.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  4. I had a great time, too. I was the idiot kid wearing the Indians ballcap. Quite a fun group of folks. These kinda events should be held more often.

    H2U (090516)

  5. It was good to meet you folk face-to-face. The lively conversations made the time fly by…for some reason I expected Ace to be taller, though. And where were the Thai tranny hookers?

    Mr. Matamoros (a28b33)

  6. Midget hookers? LA is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern Age.

    JD (49efd3)

  7. Good meeting you, H2U and Mr. Matamoros. Keep on speaking truth to power!

    And, yes, let’s have these more often. I can invite some of my Swamp Bunnies (as I call Festering Swamp commenters). My blog is discussing having one in San Diego County, perhaps in Solana Beach.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  8. Paterico — Bad news. Ace has the pictures. Photoshop is not your friend… but it could be, for a reasonable consideration…

    richard mcenroe (9c25d2)

  9. Dang, sounds fun. I didn’t know Ace was from LA. I have met Bradley (Hi, Bradley) at the roast for dear Cathy Seipp.

    Patricia (f56a97)

  10. for some reason I expected Ace to be taller, though

    Well, he’s taller than the midget hookers. These things are relative, you see.

    Robert Stacy McCain (ec9e0f)

  11. Dang. You guys couldn’t wait one week. I’ll be there on the 11th. I would have loved it!

    Rightwingsparkle (f8fdab)

  12. For a second there, it looked like you said, “Also present was my friend Alex — who is the father of one of my daughter’s.”


    Kevin (4890ef)

  13. It was a pleasure to spend an evening with these patriots. I look forward to the next one!

    Clark Baker (68ef14)

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