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A Proud Ron Paul Endorsement from a Holocaust Denier

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Oh, Good Lord. Now the Holocaust-denying father of anti-Semite Mel Gibson is endorsing Ron Paul.

(H/t: the dirt-sniffing goblin.)

19 Responses to “A Proud Ron Paul Endorsement from a Holocaust Denier”

  1. It’s so nice to see a politician garner such widespread support in these cynical times! College students, defeatists, neo-Nazis, New World Order nutjobs, spambots, survivalists, white supremacists, the man has such a broad base of appeal. So refreshing.

    chaos (9c54c6)

  2. chaos — don’t forget African-Americans, among whom Paul does better than any other Republican candidate:

    FZappa (57e63d)

  3. Based on a single poll of 800 voters. Such a decisive sample. Good for Ron Paul! He’s unstoppable, what with his stellar still-2% average in the polls.

    chaos (2a6b46)

  4. Wait! You forgot the groundswell of support for Ron Paul by Nigerian spammers – that’s proof enough right there that he’s the darling of all America.

    steve miller (76040f)

  5. the interest in ron paul speaks to america’s dissatisfaction with business as usual and its quest for an alternative to this quadrennium’s lackluster field. i despise religious assholes, and i have never paid money to see a mel gibson movie, however…

    candidates are not responsible for the people who choose to endorse them. i’ll bet i could top this. i could initiate correspondence with charles manson, and several letters and several hundred bucks later, i could get him to endorse rudy giuliani. imagine what a blogpost that would make. if he has any brains at all, rudy would decline comment on such a development.

    assistant devil's advocate (b2af4d)

  6. ADA, you are correct that candidates are not responsible for how endorses them. There does come a point when one has to wonder what it is that attracts holocaust deniers, 9/11 Truthers etc. to Ron Paul.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  7. candidates are not responsible for the people who choose to endorse them

    While strictly true, imagine the political hay that would be made if the KKK endorsed a major Republican candidate. Or if the Chinese Communist Party were to donate funds to Hillary. Oh, wait….

    Steverino (e00589)

  8. “There does come a point when one has to wonder what it is that attracts holocaust deniers, 9/11 Truthers etc. to Ron Paul.”

    Probably for the same reasons he attracts “religious assholes” like me whom ADA so despises–a return to Constitutional Government. There are many of us “religious assholes” out there such as Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Rev. Chris Ortiz and others who recognize that our Constitution lays out a blueprint for civil government which is wholly consistent with Biblical parameters within which civil government should exist for maximum religious, economic and civil liberties.

    I’m hoping that more social conservatives will recognize this about the candidacy of Ron Paul since it has become increasingly apparent to me that the Republican elites agree with ADA and think of us as “religious assholes” to be put away after the election is done.

    Jerri Lynn Ward (86312b)

  9. Well, the reason the truthers like RP is because he doesn’t believe in a lying, bloated, ever-expanding government, much like republicans used to claim. In a sense, a bit of the left has met the leftover right.
    It is clear (often incorrectly so) to republicans that they sold out their principles for feeding at the pig trough, and they often publicly remind everyone, beating themselves about the head on national TV, like before and after the last midterm election.
    The problem is, the right was already percieved to be so far gone with fattening their fed wallet, that the disillusioned and distrusting two Americas left went right, and instead of landing in standard fatso party #2’s lap, they wound up in RP’s court.
    Since they already hated “right wing religious nazis” from their left years of training, and since the republicans decided to “distance themselves” from their own fiscal roots, and add a religion light postmodern separation cover for votes and federal education for instance, where else was there for the disgruntled lefties to go, but to the guy that represents a “real republican” and shames the new world order of the bloated main mass?
    A lot of them come straight from the JFK assassination, who then found the left to be dirty, and since have had their suspicions confirmed.
    The other hidden factor, is their knowledge of the spoiler Nth party candidate from recently (’92 on) split POTUS elections, and that group hopes RP takes up a spoiler position and blows it for the right. A good portion appears to be revenge motivated.
    There already is a large group of holocaust deniers on the left, and 911 truthers, and with the globalism and techomodernity taking away job security, some have fled right toward Buchannen, but found instead, the more palatable for them, Ron Paul peacenik, who reveals the “unspoken truths” under a republican spoiler label.

    SiliconDoc (da9276)


    An article of possible interest.

    I think it’s a bit disingenuous to label someone as a denier as opposed to one that has some possible valid questions about the tale.

    Would it be correct to claim that 50k died in the WTC collapse just because they normally held that many? No it would not.

    But this is a tough subject to have any worthwhile discussion about as if one dares to raise a question, they are immediately pummeled into oblivion and labeled a Nazi or some other such convenient title easily disposed of.

    TC (1cf350)

  11. Yes people are initialy interested in RP because the rest for the field running is so much the usual suspects. The problem is the shinny thing you saw from a distance becomes a rotting fish up close. Face it RP is an out of touch isolationist nutjob moonbat.

    Sotiredofitall (898041)

  12. It surprises me not one little bit that SiliconeDoc is a aPAULstle.

    JD (49efd3)

  13. Has Rosie O’Donnell publicly climbed on board the Ron Paul bandwagon yet?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  14. TC, it is not disingenuous until you actually find someone with “possible valid questions” who isn’t trying to undermine the fundamental history. And that hasn’t happened yet. While it is a theoretical possibility, when you find someone with “possible valid questions” who is not also an anti-semite, it will be the first.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  15. The idea that the looney supporters like the Truthers are attracted to Ron Paul because of his limited government positions, and not because they feel a kindred loon, is pretty unconvincing to me because many of the Truthers at issue are not limited government types.

    Just Conspiracy nuts.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  16. How about going to the horse’s mouth before coming to your own conclusions for a change? The reason why RP appeals to such types is because his form of government does best to protect the Constitution. Remember that piece of paper? The Neo-Cons have spent the last eight years pissing on its ashes; horrifying the public with fear-mongering, destroying our national security they touted as their calling card and inflating the budget 10x worse than any liberal democrat ever could while traditional republicans like myself were forced out. Unfortunately, one of the problems with a government strong in personal rights is that it attracts your lunatics–Neo-Nazis and KKK members, all of whom have contributed to RP’s campaign with religious fervor (easy to see why–he’s most likely to not bother them). But the part of the story you aren’t telling to put up your witty jabs is that RP is not refusing one red dime from any of these types. Why? Because he knows that a donation from a KKK member goes just as far as a donation from a family of four. To wit: In 2000, the singer Moby bucked the convention of the time to sell one of his songs to be used on a commercial. Why? So he could use that money to fight the corporations who made those commercials. Their dollar is the same value as anyone else’s. It may be unconventional, but RP makes more sense than anyone else. I am a student of history and political science and TRADITIONAL republican beliefs, and as such, that is why I agree with RP and his ideas. So consider me the “limited government type” you speak so poorly of.

    djr (2363c0)

  17. DJR, I for one have read the Constitution and, unlike your lord and savior, actually understood the damned thing. These racist punks don’t care about the Constitution any more than Ron Paul does. They care about pushing their screwball agenda, and so they back the guy who has done the most to legitimize it. Maybe you haven’t read all the racist tripe Ron Paul allowed to be published in his name over the years, but rest assured, they have.

    Xrlq (b65a72)

  18. One thing about Ross Perot. He also attracted a lot of kooks. But he said, straight out: “If you hate, I don’t want you.”

    nk (eeb240)

  19. djr, you are simply wrong, RP appeals to the nuts because he lets them believe he shares their beliefs.

    And spare us the references to “neo-cons”, as it shows that instead of being a student of political science, you are just in possession of ignorance.

    SPQR (26be8b)

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